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Chris Dickinson files defamation lawsuit against accusers

Dickinson was accused of domestic abuse by two women in April.

Chris Dickinson has filed suit against two women regarding accusations they made against him of domestic abuse. 

According to a report from PW Insider, Dickinson's lawsuit was filed on July 22 before the United States District Court of New Jersey.

His suit alleges the two women committed "blatant acts of defamation" that have hurt his professional wrestling career.

On April 27, independent wrestler Christina Von Eerie took to social media and accused Dickinson of being physically and verbally abusive to her. 

“He would push me, hold me down, block me from getting to the door, or even pulling me off the door and throwing me on the bed or the floor. He would throw and break things. He didn’t care what it was,” she wrote. 

On April 30, a second woman posted a lengthy statement on social media that never directly mentioned Dickinson by name. 

"I don’t know Christina. I’ve heard a lot about her. I am scared to share my story but I can’t sit there and watch her get called a liar when I know everything she said about him is 100% true. Reading what she posted triggered so many emotions for me," wrote @McKailaMary on Twitter. 

"I look back now and I can’t believe the vile things I let happen. That I put up with. Yeah there was some physical stuff but he makes it feel like no big deal. ‘Oh I lightly pushed you into the wall.’ ‘I just threw a water bottle at you, it’s not a big deal, not like I hit you.’ He breaks sh*t all the time. Especially things you care about. The worst thing he does is mental. His mental abuse is real. It’s traumatizing," her statement continued. 

Dickinson's suit alleges the accusations of abuse are false and that statements by the two women have had a detrimental impact on his wrestling career. He has only wrestled once for NJPW since the accusations were made. It was also noted in his suit that his contract with NJPW is now a "valueless deal" as it was a pay-per-performance agreement and he is no longer being booked by the promotion. 

Dickinson announced on April 30 that he was pulling out of GCW Life Goes On in Atlantic City in light of the accusations. He has not returned to the promotion since. 

“I have made the decision to pull myself off of Saturday’s GCW event in Atlantic City,” he wrote on Twitter. “I do not want to serve as a distraction to my peers. The accusations made about me by a former partner are false, and contain multiple defamatory allegations that will be addressed in due time. I do not wish to engage in public discourse on this matter. Instead, I will pursue all legal options afforded to me in an effort to clear my name.”

Dickinson has wrestled on just two shows since the accusations were made. He lost to Hiroshi Tanahashi on a set of Strong tapings from Philadelphia on May 15. He also wrestled on a show from Italy in June.