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Daily pro wrestling history (12/17): Frank Gotch wins American Heavyweight Title

Frank Gotch.jpg


Kansas City, Kansas:
- Frank Gotch defeated Fred Beel to win the American Heavyweight Title


St. Louis, Missouri:
- World Champion Jim Londos beat Milo Steinborn to retain the title
- Fred Grubmeier beat Ray Steele 


Dothan, Alabama:
- Chris and Ken Lucas defeated The Mysterio Medics to win the Gulf Coast version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Title


St. Paul, Minnesota:
- AWA Tag Team Champions Mitsu Arakawa & Dr Moto beat Bill Watts & Rock Rogowski (Ole Anderson)
- Dr X beat Mighty Igor Vodik
- Harley Race beat Bob Geigel
- Luke Brown beat Bill Green
- Rene Goulet beat Chris Markoff dq
- Eddie Sharkey beat Steve Druk


Dallas, Texas:
- Fritz Von Erich & Dan Miller defeated The Spoiler & Gary Hart to win the NWA American Tag Team Title (later to become the World Class World Tag Team Title)


Brisbane, Australia:
- King Curtis Iaukea defeated Billy Robinson to win the IWA title


- Kim Il and Pak Song defeated Gorgeous George, Jr. and Rufus R. Jones to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Title


- The Royal Kangaroos (Jonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles) defeated Beauregard and Dutch Savage for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title


Miami, Florida:
- Buddy Colt defeated Eddie Graham for the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title

Vancouver, British Columbia:
- Buck Ramstead and Mr. X (Guy Mitchell) defeated The Samoans (Afa and Sika) to win the Vancouver version of the NWA Canadian Tag Team Title 


San Juan, Puerto Rico:
- The Hollywood Blondes (Jack Evans and Larry Sharpe) defeated Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica for the WWC North American Tag Team Title - Jose Rivera and Invader I defeated The Samoans (Afa and Sika) for the WWC World Tag Team Title
- Joe Novak defeated Hercules Ayala for the WWC Caribbean Heavywight Title


Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
- Dino Bravo defeated Gene Kiniski to become the first holder of the Toronto version of the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title

Dallas, Texas:
- Tiger Conway, Jr. and Bull Ramos defeated Killer Karl Krupp and Mark Lewin for the NWA Texas Tag Team Title


New York City:
- Bob Backlund defeated Bobby Duncum in a Texas death match to win the vacant WWF World Heavyweight Title 


Ames, Iowa:
- Bob Brown defeated Brett Sawyer to win the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title


Acapulco, Mexico:
- El Gran Markus, Jr. defeated Super Halcon for the Mexican National Heavyweight Title


Bayamon, Puerto Rico:
- Hercules Ayala defeated Ricky Santana for the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title 


Mayaguez, Puerto Rico:
- Leo Burke defeated Carlos Colon to win the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title 


Tokyo, Japan:
- Gran Hamada defeated Villano IV to win the WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
- Tommy Dreamer & Cactus Jack defeated Tommy Cairo & The Sandman
- ECW World Champion Shane Douglas defeated Ron Simmons
- ECW World Tag Team Champions The Public Enemy defeated Sabu & Taz


Hershey, Pennsylvania:
- The Undertaker defeated King Mabel in a Casket match
- Bret Hart pinned The British Bulldog to retain the WWF Title

Mexico City, Mexico:
- Dr. Wagner, Jr. defeated Atlantis to win the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title


Nashville, Tennessee:
- Masato Tanaka defeated Mike Awesome for the ECW World Heavyweight Title


Washington, DC:
- Kevin Nash & Dallas Page defeated Shawn Stasiak & Chuck Polumbo to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles
- Goldberg defeated Lex Luger
- Scott Steiner defeated Sid Vicious to retain the WCW World Title


Edison, New Jersey:
- Austin Aries and Roderick Strong defeated Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke to win the ROH Tag Team Titles
- Bryan Danielson defeated Naomichi Marufuji to retain the ROH World Title
- KENTA defeated Low Ki to retain the GHC Junior Heavyweight Title


Richmond, Virginia:
- The Undertaker defeated Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match
- Chris Benoit defeated Chavo Guerrero to retain the US Title


1958 - Sylvia Torres won 5 woman Battle Royal (Lake Worth)

1960 - Chief Big Heart & Chief Big Eagle beat Eddie Graham & Buddy Austin via DQ (Miami Beach)

1968 - Great Malenko & Louie Tillet & Tarzan Tyler beat Rene Goulet & Jose Lothario & Wahoo McDaniel (Orlando)

1969 - Dory Funk Jr. beat Dale Lewis to retain NWA title (Tampa)

1972 - Great Malenko & Big Bad John beat Paul Jones & Buck Robley (Lakeland)

1974 - Toru Tanaka & Dick Slater retained Florida tag titles over Eddie & Mike Graham (Orlando)

1975 - Terry Funk beat Jack Brisco to retain NWA title (Tampa)

1978 - Dusty Rhodes beat Pak Song in a bullrope match (Lakeland)

1979 - Dusty Rhodes & Manny Fernandez beat Bugsy McGraw & Bad Leroy Brown in a cage match (Orlando)

1980 - Dusty Rhodes beat Dick Murdoch (Tampa)

1981 - Barry Windham beat The Spoiler via DQ in a Southern title  match (Miami Beach)

1983 - Blackjack Mulligan beat Ron Bass in a bullrope match (St. Petersburg)