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Daily Pro Wrestling History (11/25): WWF Survivor Series 1992

Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels faced off for the WWF Championship.


Minneapolis, Minnesota:

- World Champion, Sandor Szabo beat Dick Raines

- Buddy Rogers beat Dave Levin

- Ken Fenelon drew Gino Vagnone


Minneapolis, Minnesota:

- AWA Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat The Crusher by DQ

- Larry Hennig & Harley Race beat Larry Heiniemi & Mighty Igor Vodik

- Steve Druk beat Ivan Kalmikoff

- Chris Markoff beat Gene Anderson

- Kenny Jay beat Mike Loren


St. Paul, Minnesota:

- AWA Champion Verne Gagne beat Harley Race

- Rock Rogowski & Bill Watts beat Mitsu Arakawa & Dr. Moto

- Victor the Bear beat Dr. X by DQ

- Mighty Igor Vodik beat Blackjack Daniels

- Big K beat Jack Pesek


Los Angeles, California:

- AWA Tag Team Champions Butcher Vachon & Mad Dog Vachon beat Flying Redheads Red Bastien & Billy Red Lyons 2 out of 3 falls

- AWA Champion Verne Gagne beat Crazy Luke Graham by DQ

- Edouard Carpentier beat Johnny Vander

- Pepper Gomez beat Larry Hennig

- Hard Boiled Haggerty beat El Magnifico


Miami Beach, Florida:

- Texas Death Match: Jack Brisco defeated Tarzan Tyler

- Florida Tag Titles: Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch defeated Bob Roop & Louie Tillet

- Great Mephisto & The Infernos defeated Jose Lothario & Danny Miller & Ron Fuller

- Rene Goulet defeated Ronnie Garvin

- James Wolfe defeated Lee Wong

- Frank Martinez defeated Pat Valentino


Minneapolis, Minnesota:

- Nick Bockwinkel beat AWA Champion Verne Gagne by DQ

- Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch beat Billy Robinson & Joe Scarpello

- Superstar Billy Graham beat Don Muraco

- George Scott beat Ivan Koloff by DQ

- Reggie Parks beat Big K


Chicago, Illinois:

- AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Dick The Bruiser by DQ

- Non Title: Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell beat AWA Tag Team Champions Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens

- Bobo Brazil beat Super Destroyer Mark II by DQ

- Billy Robinson beat Iron Sheik

- Wilbur Snyder & Pepper Gomez beat Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant

- King Kong Brody beat Pat O'Connor

- Moose Cholak beat Guy Mitchell by DQ

- Spike Huber drew Paul Christy


Minneapolis, Minnesota:

- Retirement Match: Verne Gagne beat Adrian Adonis

- AWA Tag Team Champions Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell beat Ken Patera & Bobby Duncum

- AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Billy Robinson

- Bodyslam challenge: Hulk Hogan beat Jerry Blackwell

- Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly beat Dick the Bruiser & Wilbur Snyder

- Tito Santana beat Ed Boulder

1982 Thanksgiving Night

New Orleans, Louisiana:

- Stagger Lee (Junkyard Dog under a mask) defeated Ted DiBiase to win the Mid South Wrestling North American Title

- Mid South Wrestling Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne defeated Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts

- Tony Atlas defeated Mid South Wrestling Louisiana Champion Hacksaw Duggan via countout

St. Paul, Minnesota:

- Tom Lintz beat Kenny “Sodbuster” Jay

- Steve Olsonoski drew Bobby Duncum

- Ken Patera beat Baron Von Raschke

- Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie beat Mad Dog Vachon & Jim Brunzell via DQ

- Nick Bockwinkel no contest Rick Martel to retain the AWA title

Greensboro, North Carolina:

- Bob Orton Jr. beat Private Jim Nelson (later to become Boris Zhukov)

- Johnny Weaver beat Ken Timbs

- Frank Monte beat Ron Ritchie

- Bad Leroy Brown won 20 man Battle Royal to become Mid Atlantic TV champion

- Abdullah the Butcher & Jimmy Valiant beat Jos LeDuc & Sir Oliver Humperdink in a cage match

- Jack Brisco defeated U.S. champion Greg Valentine in a non-title match

- Ric Flair beat Roddy Piper via DQ to retain the World title


St. Louis, Missouri:

- NWA Champion Ric Flair beat David Von Erich

- AWA Tag Team Champions Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell beat Dick the Bruiser & Bulldog Bob Brown

- Austin Idol beat Denny Brown

- Iceman Parsons beat Blackjack Lanza

- Paul Orndorff beat Steve Olsonoski (sub Rick Martel)

- Tiger Mask (sub Buck Robley) beat Angelo Mosca Jr.


Madison Square Garden:

- Fabulous Moolah defeated Wendi Richter to win the WWF Women's Title (this was a double cross as Richter was not aware of title change beforehand)

West Palm Beach, Florida:

- Jim Young pinned Rusty Brooks

- Jose Luis Rivera pinned Joe Mirto

- Scott McGhee pinned Moondog Spot

- Paul Orndorff defeated Randy Savage via disqualification

- Bob Orton Jr. pinned Mike Rotundo

- Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated Tony Atlas & Lanny Poffo

- WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Roddy Piper via count-out

Memphis, Tennessee:

- Tojo Yamamoto beat Tony Falk

- Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston beat Billy Joe Travis & Tracy Smothers

- Freedom Fighters Flash & Justice (Sting & Ultimate Warrior) beat Tom Branch & The Spoiler

- The Fabulous Ones beat Tom Pritchard & Pat Rose

- The Fantastics beat Rip Morgan & Tarras Bulba

- Jerry Lawler beat Mega Maharishi

- CWA International Champ Dutch Mantel beat Phil Hickerson

- Koko Ware beat Bill Dundee via DQ

- Bill Dundee & Tom Renesto beat Jerry Lawler & Eddie Marlin

- Jerry Lawler won a battle royal (The first wrestler eliminated, Tony Falk, was tarred and feathered)


Long Island, New York:

- Sting & Ron Simmons fought UWF TV Champion Terry Taylor & the Barbarian to a draw

- Larry Zbyszko defeated Kevin Sullivan

- Jimmy Valiant, Bugsy McGraw, & Mighty Wilbur defeated Black Bart, the Warlord, & Ivan Koloff

- Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin defeated the Jive Tones

- UWF Heavyweight Champion Steve Williams defeated Rick Steiner

- The Sheepherders defeated Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner

- NWA TV Champion Nikita Koloff defeated Eddie Gilbert

- The Road Warrior defeated Ric Flair & NWA US Champion Lex Luger via disqualification

- NWA World Champion Ron Garvin, Dusty Rhodes, NWA Western States Heritage Champion Barry Windham, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Big Bubba, NWA Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, NWA US Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in WarGames


Dallas, Texas:

- Cage match: Kerry Von Erich beat Jerry Lawler

- Samoan Swat Team beat Michael Hayes & Jeff Jarrett

- Cage Match: Eric Embry beat King Parsons by DQ

- Steve Cox beat Jimmy Jack Funk by DQ

- Eric Embry ddq Botswana Beast


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

- The New Zealand Milita defeated Trent Knight & Brad Anderson

- Tom Zenk defeated Michael Hayes

- Mike Rotundo defeated Norman

- Road Warrior Animal defeated Dan Spivey via disqualification

- Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace

- The Samoan Swat Team & Samoan Savage defeated Ranger Ross, Eddie Gilbert, & Tommy Rich

- NWA Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Doom

- NWA US Champion Lex Luger defeated Sting via count-out

- NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated NWA TV Champion the Great Muta


Greensboro, North Carolina:

- Terry Taylor pinned the Motor City Madman

- The Junkyard Dog defeated the Iron Sheik

- The Master Blasters defeated Tom Zenk & Allen Iron Eagle

- Tim Horner defeated Barry Horowitz

- Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin

- Lex Luger pinned the Big Cat

- NWA Tag Team Champion Ron Simmons pinned Ric Flair in a steel cage match


Memphis, Tennessee:

- The Candyman (Reggie B. Fine) beat Leatherface

- The Black Cat (JT Smith) beat Tony Falk

- The Sandman pinned Tom Pritchard

- Robert Fuller & Young Gun beat Doug Masters & Bart Sawyer to win the USWA Tag Team Titles

- Jeff Jarrett beat Grave Digger

- Eric Embry beat The Spirit of America in a "loser put in a trash can" match

- Kimala pinned Jerry Lawler to win the USWA Unified World Title

- Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Tom Pritchard, & The Spirit of America beat Eric Embry, Grave Digger, Kimala, & Tony Falk in a turkey match


WWF Survivor Series: Richfield, Ohio:

- Big Boss Man defeated Nailz in a Nightstick on a Pole match

- Tatanka defeated Rick Martel

- Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect defeated Razor Ramon and Ric Flair by disqualification

- Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) defeated Virgil

- The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) and The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) defeated Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) and The Beverly Brothers (Beau Beverly and Blake Beverly) (with Jimmy Hart and The Genius)

- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Kamala (with Kim Chee and Harvey Wippleman) in a Casket Match

- Bret Hart defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWF Championship

Baltimore, Maryland:

- Johnny Gunn & Tom Zenk fought Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazenger to a draw

- Johnny B. Badd pinned Scotty Flamingo

- Erik Watts defeated Bobby Eaton

- Brian Pillman pinned Brad Armstrong

- 2 Cold Scorpio pinned Steve Austin

- WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas defeated Tony Atlas & the Barbarian

- WCW World Champion Ron Simmons, Sting, Van Hammer, & Dustin Rhodes (sub. for Nikita Koloff) defeated Big Van Vader, Cactus Jack, WCW US Champion Rick Rude, & Barry Windham (mystery partner) in a steel cage match


SMW Thanksgiving Thunder: Hazard, Kentucky:

- Chris Candido NC Bobby Blaze in a loser gets tarred and feathered match

- Prince Kharis KO Tim Horner

- The Bullet beat Kevin Sullivan in a prince of darkness match

- The Rock-n-Roll Express NC Moondogs Rex & Spot

- SMW Champ Brian Lee beat The Dirty White Boy

- Ron & Don Harris beat The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) in a gang fight match when Del Rey couldn’t make the ten count


SMW Thanksgiving Thunder: Paintsville, Kentucky

- Lance Storm beat D-Lo Brown

- Bryant Anderson beat Tracy Smothers

- The Dirty White Boy & Ron Wright beat Bruiser Bedlam & Jim Cornette

- Brian Lee & Cactus Jack DCO Chris Candido & Boo Bradley

- Bob Armstrong pinned Bob Orton, Jr.

- SMW Tag Champs The Gangstas beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in a "ghetto street fight" match

Albany, Georgia:

- Alex Wright defeated Bobby Eaton

- WCW Tag Team Champions Marcus Alexander Bagwell & the Patriot defeated Paul Roma & Jean Paul Levesque (sub. for Paul Orndorff)

- WCW TV Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated the Honkytonk Man

- The Nasty Boys defeated Harlem Heat

- WCW US Champion Jim Duggan defeated Lord Steven Regal

- Avalanche & Kevin Sullivan defeated Sting & Dave Sullivan

- Dusty & Dustin Rhodes defeated Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck in a steel cage match;


SMW Thanksgiving Thunder: Johnson City, Tennessee:

- Flash Flanagan pinned Headbanger Thrasher

- Sgt. Rock pinned The Wolfman

- Tommy Rich pinned Brad Armstrong to win the SMW Title

- Butch Cassidy beat Jim Cornette via DQ

- Buddy Landel & The Bullet beat Tommy Rich & The Punisher

- The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) & Robert Gibson DDQ Ricky Morton, Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy