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On this day in pro wrestling history (May 26): Dick The Bruiser & Crusher beat Larry Hennig & Harley Race in nine fall death match, Tiger Mask wins WWF jr. heavyweight gold

By Brian Hoops,

1932 - At Union Pacific Ball Park in Kansas City, Kansas; Wild Red Berry defeated Bobby Novakll, Promoters Charles and
John Hatfield moved event outdoors from Memorial Hall.

1941 - In Wichita, Kansas; NWA World Heavyweight Champion Roy Dunn defeated Rube Wright and Everette Marshall defeated John Pesek.

1945 - In Wichita, Kansas; World Heavyweight Champion Orville Brown beat Lord Albert Mills in 2 straight falls, Ray Eckert beat Jack Hader and Joe Szabo defeated Pat O'Dowdy.

1950 - Gorgeous George defeated Don Eagle for the AWA (Boston) World Heavyweight Title in Chicago, Illinois.

1959 - The Corsicans (Joe and Jean) defeated Angelo Martinelli and Luis Hernandez for the vacant NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas.

1961 - Duke Keomuka & Tony Martin defeated Rito Romero & Dory Dixon for the Texas version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Houston, Texas.

1962 - At the Armory in St. Paul, Minnesota; AWA Champion Mr. M beat Tiny Mills and Pat O'Connor beat Bob Geigel in 2 out of 3 falls.

1964 - Jackie & Don Fargo defeated Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez to win the Mid-America version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Nashville, Tennessee

1966 - In Kansas City, Kansas; Pat O’Connor & Richard Moody defeated The Butcher & Dandy Jack, Bob Ellis defeated Oki Shikina and The Mongolian Stomper defeated Bob Brown; Killer Karl Kox & Joe Carrolo defeated Michiaki Yoshimura & Giant Baba to win the vacant JWA All Asia Tag Team Title in Sendai, Japan.

1967 - Michiaki Yoshimura & Antonio Inoki defeated Waldo Von Erich & Ike Eakins for the vacant JWA All Asia Tag Team Title in Sapporo, Japan.

1967 - Al Costello & Karl Von Brauner defeated Bill Miller and Bobo Brazil to win the Detroit version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Dayton, Ohio; In Milwaukee, Wisconsin; In a non Title Death Match; Dick the Bruiser & the Crusher beat AWA Tag Team Champions Larry Hennig & Harley Race after 9th fall, also Chris Markoff beat Reggie Parks and Mitsu Arakawa drew with Jack Lanza. Attendance was 3,200.

1968 - Tiger Jeet Singh & Bull Curry defeated Whipper Billy Watson & Bulldog Brower for the Toronto version of the NWA International Tag Team Title in Toronto, Ontario.

1973 - Dory Funk, Jr. & Terry Funk defeated Killer Karl Krupp and Karl Von Steiger to win the NWA International Tag Team Title in Amarillo, Texas; Black Gordman and Goliath defeated Jose Lothario and Ivan Putski to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas

1975 - Karl Von Steiger & Otto Von Heller defeated George Gulas & Jerry Jarrett for the NWA Mid-America Tag Team Title.

1976 - In Peoria, Illinois; Baron Von Raschke beat Larry Hennig

1978 - Black Gordman & Hector Guerrero defeated Ron Bass & Roddy Piper to win the NWA Americas Tag Team Title; In Denver, Colorado; Verne Gagne (sub Jim Brunzell) & Greg Gagne beat Nick Bockwinkel & Angelo Mosca (sub Bob Orton Jr), Rufus R Jones beat Pat Patterson, Jim Brunzell beat Bob Orton Jr and Ray Stevens beat Steve Olsonoski.

1982- Tiger Mask defeated the Black Tiger to win the WWF Jr. Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan

1983 - Chavo Guerrero defeated Ultra Seven in a tournament final for the vacant NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title in Tenryu, Japan; Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler won a tournament final for the vacant NWA Central States Tag Team Title in Kansas City, Kansas.

1984 - In Chicago, Illinois; Road Warriors beat AWA Tag Team Champions The Crusher & Baron Von Raschke via dq; Dick The Bruiser beat Jerry Blackwell via dq; Fabulous Ones beat Steve Regal & Steve O and Nick Bockwinkel no contest with Blackjack Lanza. Attendance was estimated at 10,000.

1989 - Eric Embry defeated Super Zodiac (Gary Young) to win the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas

1997 - Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart and The British Bulldog to win the WWF Tag Team Titles in Evansville, Indiana.

2000 - The Necro Butcher defeated Canyon for the vacant NWA Texas Hardcore Title in North Richland Hills, Texas. Also, at the same show, Rodney Begnaud (Rodney Mack) defeated Mike Fox to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title.

2011 - Eric Young defeated Gunner to win the TNA TV Title.