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Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao live coverage & results

Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime

It has been dubbed the "Fight Of The Century". It is the fight years in the making. It is the fight that boxing fans thought may never happen. It is the fight that is putting the world's focus to boxing. It is Floyd "Money" Mayweather taking on Manny Pacquiao. They are finally stepping into the ring for a showdown that fans are coming out of the woodworks for.

Perhaps the fight is truly a few years too late, but it hasn't felt like it yet. The buzz is there in Las Vegas and at home. This event is expected to break every record there is- at the gate, at the box office, at home on pay-per-view, and at your local bar and restaurant. It is the biggest event of the year, and the biggest event of the last several years, and perhaps boxing's last true big-time event for the foreseeable future.

Coverage provided by Dave Meltzer tonight.


First round:  Even the referee is cutting a promo.  Showtime wins the ring announcer battle.  Pacquiao with a body shot.  Mayweather wth jabs.  Nice right by Floyd.  Manny chant.  Floyd with a right.  Good right by Floyd.  Manny can't catch him.  10-9 Floyd.

Second round: Right by Floyd and Manny can't catch him.  Manny swung but didn't land solid. Fans booing.  Floyd with some rights.  Clinch and broken up.  Crowd wants clinches broken up fast.  Manny landed a body shot.  Crowd woke up for that.  Floyd with a right.  Manny landed again.  Two more by Manny.  Both swinging and missing.  Floyd's round close 20-18.

Third round: Manny landed a body shot.  Manny missed a big left.  Manny throwing and Floyd grabbed him.  Trading punches at the bell.  Floyd 30-27. 

Fourth round:  Body shot by Floyd.  Manny landed a flurry.  Another flurry by Manny.  Manny landed a few more.  More punches by Manny.  Nice right by Floyd.  Another left by Floyd.  Lots of punches by Manny.  Another left landed.  Manny landing more.  Manny hurt him with a right.  Manny's round 39-37.

Fifth round:  Left to the body by Manny.  Two hard rights by Floyd.  Right by Manny. Manny chasing.  Very little happened in this round. Floyd's round 49-46.

Sixth round: Manny landed a left.  Manny moving in.  Floyd tied him up.  Manny landed to the body.  Nice left by Manny.  Manny throwing a lot of body shots.  Manny throwing a lot but not hurting him.  A few more punches by Manny.  Manny's round 58-56 Floyd.

Seventh round:  Floyd with a body shot.   Floyd left and Manny with a right.  Jab by Floyd.  Floyd dancing away.   Floyd landed some jabs.  Manny with a left.  Body shot by Manny.  Very close round, but Floyd 68-65.

Eighth round:  Manny missing.  A jab and left by Manny.  Nice right by Floyd.  Two lefts by Floyd.  Floyd's round 78-74.

Ninth round:  Left by Floyd.  Nice left by Manny.  Floyd landed and Manny missed in response.  Left by Manny.   Right by Floyd.  Manny landed a few.  Close round.  Manny, so 87-84 for Floyd.

Tenth round:  Left to the body by Manny and a right.  Floyd landing two rights.  Manny landed a few more.  Floyd with a right.  Manny close, so 96-94 Foud.

Eleventh round: Manny with a body shot.  Floyd with a good right.  Right by Floyd.  Manny with a body shot.  Right by Floyd.  Manny moving in.  Floyd with a right.  Nice left by Floyd.  Nice left by Floyd.  Floyd 106-103.

12th round:  Right by Floyd.  Manny can't touch him.  Floyd 116-112.

Scores:  118-110, 116-112, 116-112 for Floyd