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Former Bray Wyatt teases in-ring return: 'It's almost time'


Windham Rotunda, the former Bray Wyatt in WWE, took to social media to comment on his future.

On Twitter, Rotunda said that he is “ready now”, and that “it’s almost time”, teasing a return to in-ring action.

“Everything good that’s ever happened to me, first came a period [of] horrible suffering,” he wrote. “I never ask why, I just wait for the rough part to end. I was chosen for whatever reason. And I’ve got shit to do. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it burns. I’m ready now.”

“I’m tired of watching,” he added. “Tired of hearing irrelevant clowns speculate how I’ll be perceived. Tired of hearing about my greed, my desire questioned. Wherever and whenever I decide to return, I’ll remind everyone why they know my name. Again. And again. Believe in me. Patience. It’s almost time.”

Wyatt has not wrestled since being released from WWE on July 31 of last year. Last November, it was reported one of his first projects post-WWE was a feature film, a collaboration with Callosum Studios and its owner Jason Baker.