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GCW Astronaut live results: Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian, Mance Warner returns

The returning Mance Warner, Matt Cardona, AJ Gray, EFFY and Nick Gage will also be on GCW's Atlanta debut.

GCW makes their Atlanta debut at the legendary Center Stage venue Saturday with Astronaut, featuring their usual crew of top stars.

In a headlining match, Ring of Honor World Champion Jonathan Gresham defends against Blake Christian in a match that was supposed to happen at The Wrld on GCW. Gresham had to pull out of that match due to COVID-19.

GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray defends his title against fellow Second Gear Crew member EFFY. Gray is coming off a successful title defense last month against ACH.

The GCW Tag Team titles will be on the line as H8 Club (Nick Gage & Matt Tremont) take on two members of the Second Gear Crew and former champions Mance Warner & Matthew Justice. 

This is Warner's first match since having surgery to repair a broken tibia and a broken fibula following an October match with Dirty Dango.

The rest of the card will see Matt Cardona take on 72-year-old "Action" Mike Jackson; prodigy Nick Wayne vs. AR Fox; ACH against Tony Deppen; Allie Katch vs. Impact veteran Jordynne Grace, and Gringo Loco vs. Ninja Mack.


AR Fox w/ Ayla defeated Nick Wayne

AR Fox was wrestling in front of his hometown fans and got a nice response when he came out. 

They started with a string of reversals until a stalemate gave the fans a chance to cheer both guys. Fox was the first to get a sustained period of offense. With Wayne on the outside, he hit a moonsault from the ring apron where he sort of ran up the ring post. Fox then hit a big leg drop from the top while Wayne was on the ring apron. 

Wayne got back into it and hit a code red for a two count. Fox hit a pair of cutters for a two count moments later. Wayne would hit a Spanish fly shortly after and both men were down. 

They got back to their feet and exchanged pinning combinations. Fox then hit a springboard Spanish fly from the top and followed that up with a 450 splash for the win. 

- Gringo Loco cut a promo in the back on Ninja Mack. He said he found a new crazy side of himself in Dallas so Mack better be ready. 

Gringo Loco defeated Ninja Mack

The crowd was pretty evenly split between those cheering for Gringo and those cheering for Mack. They both spent some time playing to the crowd in the early moments. 

After exchanging counters, Mack locked in a rear-naked choke. He would transition to an arm bar shortly after. Commentary played up that just because these two are high flyers doesn't mean they can't wrestle on the mat as well. 

Mack hit a dive to the outside after doing several back flips first. He then hit a shooting star press for a two count. Gringo would hit a big suplex to get back into it shortly after. Ninja looked like he missed a hurricanrana attempt and Gringo hit a spring board cutter after. Gringo then hit Mack with a dive to the outside. 

Gringo then brought out a door and a couple of chairs from under the ring. Mack would fight back and they would end up on the top turnbuckle. Mack then hit a big Spanish Fly from the top for a near fall. He then set up the door on top of the chairs. Shortly after, they once again found themselves fighting atop the turnbuckle. Gringo gained the advantage and hit Mack with a power bomb off the top and through the door for the win. 

They shook hands after the match and Gringo raised Mack's hand. 

Matt Cardona defeated "Action" Mike Jackson

Cardona walked into the stands and right up to a fan with a "F**k Cardona" sign and gave him the finger before the match began. He wore the Impact Digital Championship and his Internet title to the ring while holding up the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. 

Cardona cut a promo before the match. He was upset that Brett Lauderdale booked him a flight on Delta. He listed off all the championships he currently holds. He said he should be wrestling Moxley for the GCW title. The fans were really getting on him at this point. Cardona then ran down his opponent at Spring Break, Chris Dickinson. To stay ready for that match, he's found a tough opponent in 72-year-old "Action" Mike Jackson to face tonight.

Shortly after the bell rang, Cardona told Jackson to just lay down for him. Jackson looked as though he was going to do it but then countered Cardona's pin attempt into his own for a two count. 

Cardona motioned for a handshake but then just booted Jackson in the stomach. Jackson hit an arm drag shortly after, however. The 72-year-old then hit a suicide dive to the floor. That got a "holy s**t" chant from the crowd. Cardona then kicked the ropes as Jackson was getting back in the ring moments later and then started to work on his opponent. 

Jackson fought back and locked in a knuckle lock. He then did the Undertaker's top rope walk from corner to corner all the way around the ring before finally jumping down and landing a strike on Cardona's arm. He wouldn't be able to stay on offense long, however. Cardona hit an atomic drop, then a series of running boots in the corner and got the pin. 

After the match, Cardona ran down Jackson calling him a "never was." He then said Dickinson is going to find out why he is the deathmatch king at Spring Break. This brought out Dickinson from the back. Dickinson chased Cardona away but then Jackson came back and started hitting Cardona with strikes before sending him back in the ring. Cardona was able to escape with his titles after fighting out of a crucifix bomb attempt by Dickinson.

Tony Deppen defeated ACH

ACH hit a head scissors and a big dropkick to take Deppen to the floor early. He then got a two count from a sunset flip. ACH then started laying into his opponent with chops. Deppen fought back and hit a senton for a two count. Not long after he would start working on ACH's arm. 

The crowd then chanted for Deppen to do flips. He told them he was going to do a double back flip but then just fell on top of ACH for a two count. ACH then regained control and went back to chopping down Deppen. He hit a pair of German suplexes for a two count. Shortly after, ACH hit a brainbuster for another two count. 

Deppen would later hit a double foot stomp from the top. Shortly after ACH hit a gut buster from the top. He then locked his opponent in a sharpshooter. ACH continued selling his arm that Deppen had been working earlier in the match. They ended up exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. 

They ended up fighting on the top turnbuckle and Deppen yanked ACH's arm down on the ropes. They then exchanged pinning attempts and Deppen managed to get his legs up on the ropes for leverage and got the three count. 

Alex Colon defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Zen Shi, Cole Radrick, and Manders in a 6-way scramble match

Manders brought out a door immediately and got it dropkicked into his face by Radrick. Everyone then exchanged getting some spots in the ring for a little while. 

Manders would end up putting Radrick through the door for a two count early. Lloyd then DDT'ed Manders through a door. Colon gave both Radrick and Zen Shi Death Valley drivers on the ring apron shortly after. He then hit Manders in the head with a chair. 

Oliver did a big spot where he jumped off a cage that separates fans from the ring onto everyone. Back in the ring, Manders got a two count after giving Lloyd a big lariat. Shortly after, Radrick would hit Manders with a pair of cutters. Zen Shi hit a diving flipping cannonball to the outside, rotating several times before landing the move. Colon then ended up giving Zen Shi a Spanish fly from the top onto Manders and through a door and got the three count. 

After the match, Alex Colon cut a promo on John Wayne Murdoch, who he'll face at Spring Break. He said if Murdoch wants his title, he's going to have to kill him for it. 

Rico Gonzalez & Ash Bennett vs Bobby Flaco & Kaveron Kanyon in a WW4A show case tag team match was waved off

These were students from AR Fox's WW4A school in Atlanta. They got a nice pop from the crowd. They got in the first bits of a match before Joey Janela would cause it to get tossed out. 

Gonzalez hit a nice spring board dive onto Flaco. Bennett hit a big suplex on Kanyon moments later. Flaco then hit a dive to the floor onto both his opponents. Flaco got in some nice moves here and him and Kanyon hit some double team moves as well. 

Janela then ran in and the ref tossed the match out. Janela took out everyone in the ring. He hit a Bronco Buster on Kanyon as a message to X-Pac. 

Janela cut a promo while smoking a cigarette and sitting on a chair in the ring. He mentioned that Atlanta is home to the smartest wrestler in the business, Cody Rhodes. Janela again asked the crowd to give him his flowers and said he's going to kill X-Pac. He took credit for basically everything in wrestling right now, including AEW, and WWE's deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Janela then told the fans to give him his flowers at Spring Break. 

Allie Katch defeated Jordynne Grace

Grace hit a big shoulder tackle early and commentary played up her powerlifting background. They would exchange pinning combinations moments later. Grace then hit a big suplex for a two count. She seemed to get the early advantage. Grace hit a bridging suplex for a two count as well. She then hit a double foot stomp onto her opponent. 

Grace missed a charge in the corner and Katch fought back into it. She hit a neckbreaker and followed that up with a hip attack in the corner. Katch then hit a big cannonball in the corner and followed that up with a Death Valley Driver. 

Grace fought back and landed a big slam on Katch for a two count. She missed a muscle buster attempt and Katch propped her up on the top turnbuckle. Katch then hit a suplex and landed a piledriver right after for a two count. 

They exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring and Grace snuck in a few body slams too. She then hit a driver for a two count. Katch fought out of the Grace Driver. She then hit a piledriver with Grace draped in the ropes and got the 3 count. 

GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray defeated Effy to retain his title

Effy attacked with a boot to the face as soon as the bell rang. Commentary played up that Gray and Effy's friendship means nothing once the match started. Effy locked Gray in a tarantula on the ring ropes early. 

Gray escaped to the outside and grabbed a door. He then caught Effy going for a suicide dive and gave him a DDT on the floor. Gray put a door on top of his opponent and dove off the top rope and landed a splash. 

They would end up brawling up in the stands and all around ringside. Gray kicked a chair into Effy's face but Effy tossed a chair back into Gray's face shortly after. They did an interesting spot where Gray set a chair up on top of Effy's face and then jumped and sat on it. Gray would hit a leg drop from the top moments later. 

They ended up exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Effy gave him the crotch thrust in the corner and followed it up with a suplex that landed Gray on top of his head. Gray kicked out on two and seemed okay after. 

Gray hit a big superplex from the top. He followed that up with a suplex into the corner not long after. Effy has had few moments of offense in this match. Gray fought out of the Sack Rider and then hit his big lariat and got the pin. 

After the match, they went to hug to show their friendship was still intact but Gray grabbed Effy and gave him a big kiss instead. Effy seemed to enjoy this. 

Jonathan Gresham defeated Blake Christian

Gresham got a big pop from the crowd when he came out, possibly the biggest of anyone. Christian also had fans chanting for him though. 

A technical grappling display to start. They then did a long series of counters off the ropes followed by a stalemate. Commentary played up how if the match is about speed, it favors Christian. If it goes to the mat, it favors Gresham. They exchanged handshakes numerous times before Gresham finally slapped his opponent's hand away, signalling maybe things will get more aggressive now. 

They exchanged chops and things did get more aggressive. Gresham then got the first bit of sustained offense and worked on his opponent's wrist and arm. 

Christian came back with a kick to the head and both men were down. He then hit a power slam but missed a springboard moonsault. Christian then hit a second rope hurricanrana and followed it up with a springboard moonsault for a two count. 

Gresham got back into it and continued to work on Christian's arm. Christian started really selling his arm after this. Christian would hit a splash but went back to selling his arm after. 

Christian went for his DDT finish but Gresham fought out of it. Gresham then landed a big clothesline and locked in a crossface. He'd hit a series of German suplexes moments later. He then locked in his octopus stretch and began to hammer down on his opponent with strikes. Christian powered out of the hold eventually. They then exchanged pinning attempts.

They ended up exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring again. Christian on multiple times was unable to hit a suplex because of his injured arm. He was then able to give a big suplex here, however, but he went back to selling his arm after. Gresham then wouldn't let go of Christian's bad arm as the two went back to exchanging strikes again. 

Gresham hit a suicide dive after Christian had rolled to the floor. Gresham then went for a springboard something but slipped. Christian then hit a suicide dive and followed it up with a Spanish Fly moments later. Gresham kicked out and locked a crossface back in after. Christian got out of it but moments later Gresham stomped on his foot and locked the octopus stretch back in. Gresham started laying in shots to the unprotected head of Christian, causing Christian to collapse and the ref to call for the bell. 

The two shook hands after the match. 

Christian got on the mic after the match. He said that before he started wrestling he was in a very dark place. Wrestling helped him get healthy. He said wrestling and wrestling fans saved his life. 

GCW Tag Team Champions The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Matt Tremont) vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) went to a draw on a double pin

Mance Warner got a nice response for his return to action. Gage got on the mic briefly before the bell and just asked where his gang was at. They started off exchanging strikes in the ring but things quickly spilled to the floor. 

They brawled around ringside and hit each other with chairs. Justice missed a cannonball from the ring apron onto a chair, taking him out for a bit. Somehow Gage ended up with a prosthetic leg and hit Warner with it. Gage and Warner just sat in two chairs and exchanged headbutts for a bit at one point. 

Justice jumped off the balcony to the floor onto everyone. With everyone down, Gage brought out the light tubes. Warner and Gage then exchanged shots with light tubes in the center of the ring for a bit. Both of them were busted wide open here. Gage then grinded the glass all over Warner's forehead. 

Justice got back into it but immediately took a DDT from Gage. Warner cracked him in the face with a chair moments later. Justice brought out several doors from under the ring. Him and Warner set one up in the corner and another up on some chairs. Tremont got back into it and stopped the Second Gear Crew from putting Gage through a door. He then brought out a stapler and went to work on Warner with it. 

Tremont then brought out a fork but Justice cracked him with a chair before he could do anything with it. Warner then picked up the fork instead. Gage got his team back into it after hitting everyone with light tubes. He set Warner up in the corner and kicked a series of tubes into his face. 

We then had a double pin finish. Gage gave Warner a piledriver off the turnbuckle and through a table but at the same time Justice gave a splash onto Tremont. Both went for pins and the ref counted to three. The referee declared the match a draw based on the double pin. 

The fans chanted to restart the match. Tremont then told the Second Gear Crew to meet them at Spring Break to fight for the belts with the Briscoes in a 3-way dance.