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GCW Devil In A New Dress live results: Minoru Suzuki vs. 'Speedball' Mike Bailey

Sunday's PPV also has Effy's open challenge to Jeff Jarrett to show up.

GCW returns for the second of two straight nights of pay-per-views with Devil In A New Dress from San Francisco, California.

The night will feature several intriguing matchups as always, headlined by Minoru Suzuki vs. "Speedball" Mike Bailey. The two were among the busiest top names during WrestleMania weekend and will meet for the very first time here.

Effy will await to see whether his open invitation to rival Jeff Jarrett will be answered. Jarrett picked up the win in their first meeting at January's Wrld on GCW.

Bandido was supposed to be on tonight's event, but according to GCW's Brett Lauderdale, he didn't get on the flight and isn't returning calls/messages. Nick Wayne will get a suitable replacement instead.

Other matches include Joey Janela vs. Dark Sheik, Biff Busick against Masha Slamovich, Gringo Loco vs. Jimmy Lloyd, Jack Cartwheel vs. Jordan Oliver, Allie Katch vs. Kidd Bandit, and a trios bout between the Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) vs. the South Pacific Savages (Jacob Fatu, Juicy Finau and Journey Fatu).


We opened with a video set to "Skunkx" by Lars Frederiksen 

Emil Jay brought out Pollo Del Mar, who got a nice hometown response and hyped up the crowd a little. 

Effy defeated Nick Wayne

One night removed from winning the GCW Tag Team Championships along with Allie Katch, Effy was the first to be introduced. He grabbed the microphone but before he could say anything Nick Wayne came out to answer his open invitation. I don't think this is who Effy was hoping would come out. 

The crowd chanted for Wayne but Effy said he came here for "grown man business" and was looking for Jeff Jarrett. Effy pointed out he can't even say his tag team's name (Bussy) around Wayne because he's so young. 

Effy gave Wayne the old headlock and noogie move early in the match. Wayne came back and hit a dropkick and suicide dive shortly after. They then brawled on the outside for a bit.  

With the match back in the ring later, Wayne fought back and hit a fisherman suplex and code red for a two count. Effy then hit a Sack Rider for a two count before doing a Jeff Jarrett strut and locking in a figure four leg lock. Wayne eventually got to the ropes and the match spilled to the outside. 

On the outside, Wayne brought out some chairs and a door. Effy would turn the tables and hit Wayne with several chair shots, however. Wayne fought back and delivered a Spanish fly from the top rope and through the door to his opponent. They looked like they almost slipped coming off the top rope and Effy landed on the chair. Shortly after this, Effy countered a springboard cutter attempt into a reverse DDT and got the three count. 

After the match, Effy cut a promo and praised Wayne. He then directed his attention to Jarrett. Effy told Jarrett to not make him go back to his house. He challenged him to meet him on any upcoming GCW show. 

Jordan Oliver defeated Jack Cartwheel

Cartwheel did a cartwheel and locked in a wrist lock in the process to start the match. That was pretty smooth. The two then grappled during the early moments. 

Oliver went for Clout Cutter early but Cartwheel was able to avoid it. Not longer after this, a "holy s**t" chant broke out after Cartwheel did another cartwheel. 

Oliver got back into it with a meteora and a dropkick to the back of the head. Cartwheel would land a springboard elbow shortly after but then took a kick to the back when he went for a Sasuke Special. 

Cartwheel seemed to get the bulk of the early offense and eventually had Oliver locked in an arm bar. Oliver hit a kick to the head, suplex, and brainbuster for a two count shortly after, however. He then locked his opponent in a rings of Saturn. 

Cartwheel fought back and landed a fisherman suplex for a two count. He then attempted a sunset flip bomb but Oliver landed on his feet and then kicked Cartwheel in the head. Moments later Oliver hit a top rope German suplex for a two count. 

They ended up exchanging strikes in the center of the ring. Cartwheel hit a poisonrana but Oliver then delivered a Spanish fly moments later. Oliver then picked up Cartwheel, dropped him midsection on the top rope, then landed a sit down power bomb as his opponent bounced off the rope. That was a pretty incredible end to the match. 

Allie Katch defeated Kidd Bandit

Veda Scott joined the commentary team for this one. Bandit was clearly happy to be in the same ring as Katch and the two hugged before the match began. 

Once the bell rang, however, Bandit was much more focused. They grappled to start the match. Katch started to gain the advantage on her opponent and locked Bandit in a dragon sleeper. Bandit would fight back and hit a feint kick but then took spine buster moments later. Katch would then transition into a Boston crab but Bandit got to the ropes. 

Anytime Bandit looked like she was getting back into it, Katch would take over. She hit a cannonball in the corner for a two count. Bandit would hit a stunner moments later and both wrestlers were down. Bandit would hit an axe kick and then almost a Cross Rhodes like move. She then landed a headbutt to the stomach for a two count. 

Bandit went for a springboard move from the apron but Katch cut her off. Katch then gave her a piledriver through the ropes and got the three count. 

Masha Slamovich defeated Jimmy Lloyd 

Slamovich forced a grappling exchange early and had Lloyd in a triangle choke for a bit. Lloyd got out of it and hit a dragon suplex for a two count moments later. Lloyd was firmly in control and went to the outside to get some plunder. He filled the ring with a door, chairs, and other items. 

Slamovich came off the ropes with a big lariat to get back into things. She then hit Lloyd in the head with three straight chair shots. The match then spilled to the floor where Masha gave her opponent a tornado DDT on the concrete, busting him open. Masha then brought out another door and continued the attack on Lloyd. 

Lloyd tossed a chair in Masha's face to go back on the offensive. He later gave her a Death Valley Driver from the ring apron onto a pair of doors on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Masha was able to deliver a dropkick to Lloyd and send him crashing through a door that was set up in the corner. Moments later, she ended up slamming Lloyd onto a chair and getting a two count. 

Masha set up a garbage can standing vertically and went to give Lloyd a hurricanrana from the top onto it. Lloyd countered and gave Masha a nasty looking power bomb onto the can for a two count. She'd bounce back by giving Lloyd a piledriver off the second rope onto a pair of chairs shortly after. She really recovered from that power bomb fast. A German suplex and a package piledriver followed and Masha got the three count on Lloyd. This was quite something. 

The two shook hands following the match, though Lloyd didn't seem too pleased about things. 


Titus Alexander defeated Midas Kreed in an LA Fights Showcase match. 

Shawn from the hot tub joined the commentary team for this match. 

Titus attacked before the bell. The two brawled around ringside for a bit to start. Back in the ring, Kreed hit a big DDT and then a flipping senton to the outside after his opponent escaped to the floor.

Kreed hit a 450 splash for a two count. Alexander then countered a springboard attack with a dropkick. He followed that up with a backbreaker for a two count. He would then go on a sustained period of offense. 

Alexander got a two count after a big spine buster. He got another two count after a brainbuster. Kreed almost got back into it but Alexander cut off his momentum with a big knee to the face. 

Kreed got back into it with a Canadian destroyer and kick to the face for a two count. He followed that up with a rainbow cutter. Moments later, however, Alexander hit a rolling German suplex followed by a Michinoku driver for the three count. 

Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) defeated the South Pacific Savages (Juicy Finau and Journey Fatu) & D-Rogue.

The commentary team noted that Jacob Fatu had transit problems and was unable to make it. He was replaced by D-Rogue. 

Warner and Journey Fatu started things off exchanging chops. Justice then came in and did the same with Fatu. Gray came in and managed to do a little better than his teammates by taking Fatu down with a big clothesline. Rogue then came in and took a double choke slam before promptly rolling out of the ring. This left all three members of the Second Gear Crew with Juicy Finau, who tried fighting all of them. A high low from Justice and Gray eventually took down the big man. 

Rogue delivered a chair shot to Gray before ramming him headfirst into the post. Things then turned into a brawl around ringside for awhile.  

Juicy Finau faked as though he was going to dive to the floor on top of everyone. Warner then got on the mic and said he was not going to catch him if he did. 

Back in the ring, Finau came off the second rope to splash Justice, who somehow kicked out. Moments later, Fatu slammed Gray through a door. Warner then went to work on Rogue, hitting him with a crutch. Finau would then lock in a Tongan death grip on both Waner and Justice. This left them laying on top of a door. Finau then went to the top rope but Warner cut him off. Warner, Gray and Justice then superplexed Finau through the table. The Second Gear Crew tried piling on top of Finau to pin him but were unable to keep him down. 

Fatu then got back in there and took out everyone. Warner then hit him with a chair and Justice and Gray gave him a double spear, taking him out of the match and leaving the SGC with Rogue. Warner ended up giving a DDT to Rogue and Justice and Gray came off the top with a leg drop/splash combo for the three count. 

After the match, Finau and Fatu turned on Rogue. Fatu gave him a super kick and Finau delivered a Samoan drop. 

Dark Sheik w/ Pollo Del Mar defeated Joey Janela

Janela attacked Pollo from behind before the bell, earning him some real heat from the crowd. This seemed to motivate Sheik who came out aggressive after. She gave Janela a tornado DDT onto some first row chairs. 

Janela would fight back and hit a superplex before delivering X-Pac's signature crotch chop. A "F**k you, Joey!" chant rings out after. Janela continued to work on his opponent, cutting off her momentum anytime she got anything going. 

Sheik eventually got back into it by delivering a sliced bread to Janela on the ring apron. She then came off the top with a leg drop for a two count. Sheik then went to the outside to bring out some plunder. 

Back in the ring, they exchanged pinning combinations until Sheik spiked Janela's head off the mat with a head scissors. Janela came right back and hit a brainbuster moments later, however. He then delivered a chair shot before setting up a door. 

Pollo came back in the ring and took a punch to the face from Janela pretty much immediately. Janela then appeared to kiss Pollo but she countered this by power bombing him through a door. She then held up the chair as Sheik delivered a coast to coast on Janela for a two count. 

The match spilled outside and Janela ended up setting Sheik on a door. He then dove off the stage onto Sheik and through the door. 

Back in the ring, Janela delivered a piledriver and got a two count. He then came off the top with a double foot stomp on top of a chair for another two count. Janela missed a super kick and Sheik hit a low blow followed by a German suplex for a two count. 

They ended up exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Janela hit a super kick for a two count. They ended up on the top turnbuckle moments later and sort of came off the top rope awkwardly. Janela took the brunt of the impact on a chair and Sheik got the surprising three count!

Sheik and Pollo celebrated after the victory. 

They announced a return to San Francisco on Sunday, July 17. 

Minoru Suzuki defeated "Speedball" Mike Bailey

Veda Scott rejoined the commentary team. 

The crowd really got into Suzuki's entrance. Even Bailey seemed to be enjoying it on the outside. 

Bailey went for the handshake before the match but the ROH TV Champion was having none of it. They exchanged strikes to begin things. They grappled for a bit after this. 

Bailey began to gain the advantage after a quick flurry of kicks. Suzuki then locked in an arm bar along the ropes moments later. The match then spilled to the outside and Suzuki tossed Bailey across several rows of chairs. At one point, Bailey was clinging to a fan until Suzuki finally pulled him off. 

Suzuki hammered Bailey with chops and strikes on the outside. It continued to be all Suzuki as the match returned to the ring. He focused on the arm and wrist of his opponent. 

Bailey began to make a comeback but continued to sell his arm. Suzuki cut off his momentum and hit a penalty kick moments later. Bailey then fought back and hit Suzuki with a head kick. He then hit a triangle moonsault to the outside on top of his opponent. 

Back in the ring, the two exchanged strikes again. Suzuki eventually tried to lock in the Gotch piledriver but Bailey fought out of it. Bailey then hit a standing moonsault double knees followed by a buzzsaw kick for a two count. Bailey then missed the Ultimate Weapon and Suzuki hit the Gotch style piledriver and got the pin. 

After the match, Suzuki faked like he was going to attack Bailey but instead pulled him up and raised his hand. Bailey then got a nice round of applause as the show ended.