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GCW If I Die First live results: Joey Janela vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Saturday's show in Dallas will also feature "Speedball" Mike Bailey, AJ Gray and more.

GCW returns for their second event of a two-show weekend with If I Die First from Dallas, Texas.

The pay-per-view will feature the usual mix of interesting matchups and returns including one between Joey Janela and the debuting 56-year-old Mexican wrestling legend Dr. Wagner Jr.

Fellow Mexican wrestler star Psycho Clown will make his return to GCW as he faces Gringo Loco. 

Blake Christian will look to win his fifth straight as a singles wrestler as he takes on Laredo Kid while "Speedball" Mike Bailey will look to pick up his first GCW win as he takes on Jimmy Lloyd.

In the only title match on the show, GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray will face Allie Katch in an intergender affair.

The rest of the card has Matthew Justice vs. John Wayne Murdoch; Ninja Mack & Dante Leon vs Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne; and a scramble match featuring Deranged vs. Atticus Cogar vs. ASF vs. Alex Zayne vs. Dark Sheik vs. Grim Reefer.

Our live coverage begins at 9 PM Eastern.


Dante Leon & Ninja Mack defeated Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne

It was noted on commentary that Leon and Mack are both from Texas, and they were supported by the Dallas crowd throughout the match. 

Oliver and Wayne began working on Leon's arm early in the match, tagging in and out and putting him in arm-bars and similar moves. They got a near fall from Yakuza kick and lung-blower combination during this period. 

Leon eventually made a hot tag to Mack who took out both Oliver and Wayne. Leon and Mack then had a sustained period of offense.

Wayne and Oliver fought back and got a near fall on Wayne off a stunner and suplex combination. Wayne then countered a shooting star press by Mack into a cutter, which got a nice reaction. Leon then hit a springboard cutter on Wayne. Mack then tagged in and hit a Phoenix 630 senton on Wayne for the win.

The two teams shook hands and showed respect following the match. 

John Wayne Murdoch defeated ASF

Murdoch got on the mic before the match and said that Alex Colon is ducking him. He also noted that his original opponent, Matthew Justice, was not at the show either. Murdoch called out anyone to come fight him and ASF came out to answer the call. 

As soon as the bell rang, Murdoch started hitting ASF with chairs. ASF fought back and started hitting diving moves to the outside. Murdoch turned things around and got a near fall early off a flatliner. After this, Murdoch went back to hitting ASF with chairs. 

ASF got a near fall after giving Murdoch a Death Valley driver onto a chair. Shortly after this, he got another near fall off a DDT. The next big spot, however, would see Murdoch hit a brainbuster on his opponent through a door and getting the pin. 

This was an interesting clash of styles. 

GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray defeated Allie Katch to retain his title. 

It was noted on commentary that these two would be putting friendship aside for this match. A "F**k'em up Allie" chant rang out before the match could begin. 

This started off as a grappling contest. After some back and forth, Gray got out of a hold by biting Allie's hand. This then prevented her from throwing chops effectively. Shortly after this, Gray hit a nice leg lariat and went on a sustained period of offense. 

Allie made a comeback after hitting a power bomb on her opponent. She then hit her hip attacks in the corner followed by a cannonball in the corner for a two count. 

They went back and forth a bit before Allie hit a modified Pussy Piledriver. She tried to go for her finish but Gray countered. Then Allie hit a lariat, which is Gray's finish. Allie then went for her piledriver again but Gray fought out of it. He then hit a suplex, spinning wheel kick and a brainbuster for a near fall. 

Allie looked like she was trying to hit a piledriver from the second rope but Gray fought out of it. Gray then hit a slam off the second rope and got the pin. 

This was a fun match. 

Mike Bailey defeated Jimmy Lloyd

Bailey got the early advantage after hitting a series of strikes and a plancha to the outside. After the match got back in the ring, Bailey hit a long series of elbows and continued on offense. 

Lloyd hit a super kick and got a near fall to get back into it. He got another two count after a dragon suplex. Bailey then evened things back up by hitting a springboard moonsault on the outside that saw them both fall over a couple rows of chairs. They got back in the ring and Bailey hit a kick to the face in the corner followed by his shooting star double-knee drop finish for the win. 

Bailey is really fun to watch. He's been great in GCW now that he's able to wrestle in the United States again. 

Psycho Clown defeated Gringo Loco

Psycho Clown's entrance got the biggest pop of the night so far. Gringo Loco got on the mic after and said that while Psycho might be a big star in Mexico, tonight he's in his house. Gringo then led the crowd in a Gringo Loco chant. He also announced that the match would be Falls Count Anywhere. Psycho then cut a promo and led the crowd in a Psycho Loco chant. 

After a back and forth start, Psycho hit Gringo with a lady's purse on the outside and then tossed him over several rows of chairs. Later, he'd hit a tope onto Gringo that again spilled over the first few rows of seats. 

Gringo hit Psycho in the head with a chair as he went for a tope, turning the tides of the match. He then continued to use a chair on his opponent. Gringo would then tear away at Psycho's mask which got some heat from the live crowd. A big chair shot to the head would follow and Psycho Clown has been busted wide open!

Gringo beat him up for awhile before Pscyho hit a frog crossbody for a two count. They spilled to the floor shortly after this. Psycho then hit a twisting press onto his opponent and through a door. Psycho then hit him with the door several times, busting Gringo open in the process. 

A bloody back and forth striking contest ensued. Psycho got a two count off a power slam. Gringo then hit a draping DDT for a near fall. Things then spilled back onto the floor. 

Gringo placed Psycho on top of a door and climbed up to the balcony. He then walked across a beam to a field goal post that was set up inside The Athletic Zone. Gringo then dove off of that and did a senton onto Psycho and through a door. Shortly after, Psycho dove off the balcony onto Gringo. So, they both got to dive off things.  

They got back in the ring and Psycho got a near fall of an air raid crash through a door. Gringo hit Psycho with a low blow soon after. He then brought out some light tubes. Psycho turned the tables, hit Gringo with a light tube, and then hit a Spanish Fly off the ropes and through the table and got the pin. This match was nuts. 

Psycho got on the mic after the match and put Gringo over and said he'd like to have another match with him. 

These two really went all out here. It was probably a really important match for Gringo. The fans loved it. 

15-Minute Intermission

Atticus Cogar defeated Alex Zayne, Grim Reefer, Deranged, Dark Sheik in a scramble match

Everyone super kicked Cogar to start the match since everyone hates him the most. 

Reefer lit up a joint but Cogar took it out of his mouth and stomped on it. Zayne then gave him a cutter from the ring apron to the floor, which got a good reaction. 

Sheik and Reefer then went to give a double super plex to Cogar and Zayne with Deranged going over the top of the pile. It was something like a Tower of Doom spot. It did not go well. They messed up their timing and everyone landed on top of everyone. In particular, Zayne came down hard on Cogar. 

Reefer and Cogar got to their feet and Reefer lit a joint while Cogar brought out the skewers. Reefer then took out everyone after finally getting to light his joint. He then put it out on Cogar's forehead. 

Deranged hit a top rope cutter on Dark Sheik that looked rough. 

Zayne hit a driver on Deranged but Cogar stole the pin after tossing Zayne into the post. After the match, Cogar jabbed the skewers into Zayne's head. 

Blake Christian defeated Laredo Kid

Laredo got the early advantage with a springboard dropkick. He followed that up with a springboard moonsault to the outside. Christian then hit a double foot stomp to even things back up. 

Christian hit a hand spring kick to the face for a two count. After Laredo Kid missed a charge in the corner, Christian then hit him with a tope and then a somersault plancha. 

Laredo fought back and hit a Michinoku Driver and a moonsault off the bottom rope. He tried a moonsault off the second rope but Christian countered and went back on offense. 

Laredo hit a springboard cutter for a two count. Christian followed that up with a series of moves that culminated with a frog splash for a near fall. He then went back to the top rope but Laredo cut him off. Laredo hit something of a reverse Spanish Fly that nobody on commentary could figure out what to call. They then went back on top turnbuckle and Christian hit a top rope hurricanrana. He followed that up with his DDT finisher for the win. 

Emil Jay promoted all the shows coming up for the Collective in Dallas. He noted that Joey Janela's Spring Break will be two nights this year. 

Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Joey Janela

Wagner entering to "Bad Medicine" got a nice reaction. Fans were super into Wagner. There were some "Joey" chants too though. 

They took turns flipping each other off before tying up. They grappled for a period after this. After exchanging chops, Janela raked the eyes and went on offense. 

Janela missed a tope and flew into several rows of chairs. This allowed Wagner to go on offense for a period. He hit Janela over the head with a chair, busting him open. 

Janela fought back and set up Wagner on a chair at the merch table. Janela then ran across half the building and dove on top of him. Joey's really busted open and is dripping blood. 

Janela hit a Death Valley driver onto a chair for a two count. Wagner got back into things with a suplex but Janela went back on offense after hitting him with a chair. 

Janela set Wagner up on a door on the outside. He then climbed to the top rope, looked very unsteady, and then missed a dive and went through the door. When they got back in the ring, he'd fight back with a series of super kicks, however. 

Janela gave Wagner a diving elbow through a door for a near fall. He then set up a series of stacked chairs. He put upside down chairs on top of other chairs and chair legs were sticking out everywhere. Janela then took Wagner to the corner but Wagner fought back and tossed Janela onto the series of stacked chairs. He then gave Janela his Wagner Driver for the win. 

Wagner draped himself in the Mexican flag and bowed to the crowd as "Bad Medicine" rang out through the venue. He got on the microphone and led the fans in a lucha libre chant.

Psycho Clown then came to the ring. There had been reports on social media that Psycho and Wagner had an altercation during the meet and greet before the show. Psycho is the guy who took Wagner's mask back in 2017.  

Psycho tossed chairs into the ring as Wagner said they should wrestle each other for GCW in a Mask vs Hair match! Wow, that's a big match. The two then went to brawl but were held back by security. The show closed with a pull apart between the two. 

This show was a lot of fun and it built up the Collective and the promotion's return to Dallas. A return match between Gringo and Psycho Clown would be great and the Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown match built up in the show's closing angle is a big match for GCW to put on.