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GCW In Too Deep live results: 'Speedball' Mike Bailey vs. Joey Janela

Biff Busick will take on Blake Christian on a show featuring two Tournament of Survival qualifiers.

GCW kicks off the first of two straight nights of pay-per-views in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with In Too Deep.

The show will feature two Tournament of Survival qualifying matches in addition to two title matches.

Several singles matches highlight the show as "Speedball" Mike Bailey returns to take on Joey Janela while Alex Zayne battles ACH. 

Biff Busick was set to take on Chris Dickinson but the latter pulled off due to domestic abuse allegations that have emerged. Busick will face Blake Christian instead.

GCW Tag Team Champions Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) were set to defend against former champions The Second Gear Crew and The Briscoes but sudden pregnancy complications with Mark Briscoe's wife led to them being pulled from the event. It's unknown what will happen with both teams.

The company's Ultraviolent Championship will be on the line as John Wayne Murdoch defends against recent breakout star Cole Radrick.

The two ToS qualifying matches will see Hoodfoot vs. AKIRA and Slade vs. Sawyer Wreck. 


Gringo Loco defeated Shane Mercer, Drago Kid, ASF, Axton Ray, Dante Leon and Jimmy Lloyd in a seven-way scramble

This was a fast-paced scramble match to kick things off. Everyone got a chance to get in some offense. 

Each competitor took turns hitting some moves in the ring for a few minutes until the match spilled to the floor. Then everyone took turns delivering diving moves to the outside. 

One notable spot from mid-match saw Mercer carry ASF on his shoulders while he walked across the top rope (Ray helped him balance) and Gringo Loco walked the ropes on the other side. They met in the middle and Loco gave them both a Spanish fly to the mat. That got a pretty good reaction. 

The finish of the match looked a little awkward. Loco went for his spiral Gringo bomb but he didn't quite spin around fully and kind of fell on his side. He picked up the three count regardless, however. 

Jordan Oliver defeated Masha Slamovich

Both Oliver and Slamovich feel like wrestlers GCW is getting behind a little. 

A real technical start between the two. Oliver started to focus on the leg and that became the story of the early part of the match. Masha eventually changed the momentum by hitting a big lariat.

Slamovich got a two count off a very solid looking brainbuster at one point. Oliver eventually fought back and got a two count off a power bomb. 

Oliver went for the clout cutter but Masha countered it into a German suplex for a two count. 

Oliver would continue to work the leg and at one point had Masha locked in a Boston crab. 

Oliver looked like he was going to go for a clout cutter on the ring apron but Masha countered and gave him a cyclone suplex instead. 

The finish of the match saw Masha hit a spinning back fist and Saito suplex but Oliver then hit her with a head kick, release German suplex and the Orange Crush for the win. 

After the match, the two shook hands before Oliver led the crowd in a chant of "Young, dumb, and broke!"

Alex Zayne defeated ACH 

Zayne offered a handshake to ACH before the match. ACH hesitated but did eventually shake his opponent's hand. 

Zayne got the first bit of sustained offense in the match and he slowed things down. ACH then battled back with a diving move onto the floor followed by a springboard cutter for a two count. 

Things started to get a little sloppy here. Some pinning combinations didn't seem too smooth and then Zayne went to give ACH a hurricanrana from the top but ended up knocking them both off the turnbuckle. That got a "You f***ed up" chant and they started to lose the crowd here. Zayne then looked like he had ACH down for a three count but the ref said ACH got his shoulder up, even though he really did not. Some grumblings coming from the crowd now. 

Zayne eventually gave ACH a shooting star double knees to the back, which also looked a little rough, and got the three count. 

ACH and Zayne hugged after the match. 

The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) defeated Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) & Grim Reefer in a trios match

This match was originally supposed to be a triple threat for the tag titles with Bussy against Second Gear Crew and the Briscoes but due to a family emergency, the Briscoes couldn't make it. 

Before the match could begin, AJ Gray's music hit and he came out to the ring. Gray told Effy and Allie to find a partner to make it a trios match. Bussy then brought out Grim Reefer as their third. 

Shortly into the match, Reefer did his signature dive to the outside with a lit joint in his mouth. The Second Gear Crew turned things around shortly after, however. 

The plunder started to come out eventually with Effy bringing out several chairs and a door. This led to Allie and Reefer power bombing Justice and Gray onto the door but it didn't break. 

At some point Gray's nose got completely busted open. 

The finish of the match came shortly after Warner gave both members of Bussy a DDT, taking them out of things. Gray and Justice then gave Reefer a Doomsday Device and got the win. 

Blake Christian defeated Biff Busick

This match spilled to the floor early and they brawled through the fans throughout the opening moments. 

When they finally did get back in the ring, it was Busick in control. Christian started to make a comeback with a clothesline. He got a two count off a half and half suplex moments later. Busick then cut off his momentum with a series of uppercuts and a German suplex. 

Christian fought back and locked his opponent in a sleeper hold. 

The finish occurred shortly after Christian draped Busick across the ropes and delivered a frog splash from the top across his back. He then hit a modified curb stomp and got the three count. 

The two shook hands after the match. Christian then got on the microphone and called out four wrestlers: Alex Shelley, Kushida, Jon Moxley, and Johnny Gargano. 

Mike Bailey defeated Joey Janela

Bailey went for the handshake before the match but Janela flipped him off. Bailey seemed really sad and shaken by this. He then hit a brainbuster moments later, so he clearly got over it. 

The match spilled to the floor early. After awhile, Bailey missed a kick on Janela and ended up hitting the ring post. This allowed Janela to take control of the match. 

After a sustained period of offense for Janela, Bailey began to make a comeback. He hit a series of kicks and strikes to regain the offensive advantage. 

Janela fought back and got a two count after a Death Valley driver. Bailey then got his knees up on a flying elbow drop attempt. Then did a very smooth series of pinning combinations shorty after. 

Bailey eventually regained control with a triangle moonsault to the floor. They then ended up brawling by the merchandise stand. Bailey then gave Janela a standing moonsault double knees through the merch table. Weirdly enough, the frame of the table stayed intact but the middle of it collapsed. 

Janela ended up regaining control before the match got back inside, however. He gave Bailey a driver onto the ring apron. Janela then hit the flying elbow drop he couldn't earlier and got a two count. 

Bailey south back with a series of kicks. Janela got back into it with a big clothesline. Bailey hit another standing moonsault double knees and both men were down. 

Bailey kicked out from a package piledriver and went nuts with a flurry of kicks. Janela would get a two count off a super kick moments later. 

Janela hit a super brainbuster but could only get a two count. Shortly after, Bailey hit a shooting star double knees followed by the Flamingo Driver for the win. 

After the match, Janela offered to shake Bailey's head but Bailey bowed instead. It looked like Janela was going to bow out of respect as well but he again flipped Bailey off. 

This was a really exciting match. Bailey seems to have a lot of those. 

Charles Mason promo

Mason came out to cut a promo. He said he's there to bring pain and suffering to the poor and that means all the fans and wrestlers in the back. That seems kind of mean. He said deathmatch wrestlers have "zero talent." Mason then said he was going to start with Nate Webb, which led to Webb coming out and attacking him. Webb went for Soylent Green but Mason raked his eyes and choked him with his belt. 

Barbed wire and more plunder was brought to ringside for the final three matches, which will all be death matches. 

Hoodfoot defeated AKIRA in a Tournament of Survival qualifying match

The match opened with the two of them exchanging chops with gusset plates. Both guys were torn up and bleeding early. 

The match spilled to the floor and they brawled around ringside. 

AKIRA went for a moonsault on the outside but missed both his opponent and the board of barbed wire that had been set up. Despite this, it was all AKIRA at this point in the match. 

Hoodfoot started to make a comeback. He head butted a light tube into Akira's head. Akira fought back and rammed three light tubes into Hoodfoot with a running knee. 

Hoodfoot brought out a weed wacker and used it on the back of his opponent. Akira then dared him to give it to his chest but then ducked out of the way and took the packer away. He then used it on Hoodfoot. 

Both guys got near falls after slamming their opponent on broken glass. 

The finish came shortly after Hoodfoot wrapped his hand in a chain. He clobbered Akira with it and got the three count. With that, Hoodfoot has qualified for Tournament of Survival 7. 

SLADE defeated Sawyer Wreck in a Tournament of Survival qualifying match

Sawyer wasted no time at all hitting her opponent with light tubes. She then dumped him on top of a board with cut in half aluminum cans. SLADE quickly then chokeslammed her on it. Both of them are busted up badly already. 

Sawyer chokeslammed Slade on top of a pile of light tubes. Slade then wrapped her in a rear naked chokehold shortly after. Sawyer went out, the ref called for the bell and Slade has qualified for Tournament of Survival. The result had the fans booing a little bit, I think they were into Sawyer. 

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Cole Radrick to retain the GCW Ultraviolent Championship match

They had a real tentative start but then when Radrick averted his attention for one moment, the champion attacked with light tubes. This led to Murdoch having the advantage in the early moments. Radrick fought back and then began hitting the champion with light tubes for a period. Then Murdoch hit a low blow to once again turn the tides. 

Radrick was basically painted red with blood at this point. The crowd was very behind him but it was all Murdoch during this period. 

More light tubes are brought out as Murdoch continues to taunt the crowd. 

Radrick hit a springboard cutter into some light tubes and then locked Murdoch in a crossface. Murdoch countered into a pinning combination and Radrick was forced to let go of the hold. 

Radrick then gave Murdoch a swanton off a ladder and through a door. He then locked in another crossface on the champion. The champion eventually got to the ropes, however. 

Murdoch got a near fall off a piledriver onto some crushed light tube pieces. He eventually gave Radrick a twisting brainbuster onto a door and got the three count. Boos rang out for Murdoch's win. 

After the match, Murdoch said he chose not to be in the Tournament of Survival so that allows him to give his spot away to whoever he wants. The fans chanted for Radrick and Murdoch welcomed him to the tournament. Murdoch said as the champion he wants to give opportunities to guys like him.