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Global Force Wrestling 8/29 Richmond, VA, house show results: Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Doc, Gallows

From The Diamond in Richmond, VA

Pat Buck def Dirty Money via piledriver

Buck was announced as being from Richmond. Match was short and nothing you couldn't see at a local indy show

Pepper Parks def Kevin Matthews

Matthews cut a promo about how he was from New York. Amazingly, this successfully gets heel heat.

Ring announcer Brandon Baxter introduces Jeff Jarrett. Double J thanks various people who helped promote the show. He thanks the fans. He mentions that Karl Anderson can't be on the show due to travel issues. Ali Akbar (dressed like Skandor Akbar) and Seiya Sanada (with a Japanese flag) walk to the ring. They say we don't know travel issues until we've seen what it is like for them to try to travel through an airport. Main event is a handicap match since Anderson no showed.

Kimber Lee def Cherry Bomb

Sonjay Dutt pinned BLK Jeez

Good athletic style match.

Chris Mordetzky def Brian Myers with the Masterlock

Mordetzky was the only heel to go over all evening. Fans cheered both guys.

Kevin Nash cut a promo in the ring and said the Bullet Club was continuing the tradition started by the nWo, and would be watching the main event.

Doc Gallows with Bullet Babe Amber Gallows def Ali Akbar and Seiya Sanada in a handicap match after both Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash interfered.

Match was much too short to be a main event.


- Card lasted exactly two hours including intermission which seems a bit short for a house show. Show took place in a 6 sided ring. There were approximately 250 fans in attendance. This would have looked like a reasonable crowd in a high school gym or national guard armory. It looked embarrassing in a baseball stadium. All fans were seated in four sections on the ground level right around the home plate area leaving 80% of the stadium empty.

- A meet and greet took place two hours before the show for fans who bought VIP tickets. The rest of us were allowed in an hour before bell time. We bought a Global Force Wrestling program specifically asking if the wrestlers who were still sitting at the autograph table (most everyone but Nash and Jarrett) would sign the book for free if we bought the book. The guy selling the program assured us they would. And some of them did. But about half of them charged me ten dollars to get a signature in a book I only bought because it would be cheaper than buying 8x10s of each wrestler individually. 

- Guitars with a picture of Jeff Jarrett were being sold for $200. Fans who bought them also got to spend intermission with Jeff Jarrett and get their pictures taken with him.

- After the show Jarrett and Nash posed for photos in the ring for $20 a pop.