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GLOW's second season premiering on Netflix in June


The second season of GLOW will be soon upon us.

Netflix announced today at a press conference in Rome that the second season will premiere on the streaming service on June 29. The new season will comprise of ten episodes. A teaser was also put up on their YouTube page, with the stars of the show lip syncing the 80’s song “Maniac”. The second season will deal with the local success of GLOW and the fame that comes with it.

The series is based on the original syndicated television show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling which ran from 1985 to 1989. It featured women with bizarre gimmicks wrestling while also doing skits and singing their own entrances on a rap track. Ivory, who wrestled as Tina Ferrari in the promotion, would become the most prolific star following the promotion’s demise and was recently inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame. 

GLOW’s first season premiered on June 27 of last year. It was nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe Best Actress nomination for the show’s star Alison Brie.