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Here's how to help Jim Valley and his family in a time of need


If you're here, you likely have heard Jim Valley's voice on our website, either as a co-host on Wrestling Observer Live, Wrestling Observer Radio, the Portland WrestleCast, or the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast.

Even if you haven't, you should hear his story anyway.

Jim hasn't been on our airwaves for several months as he has been hospitalized in his home state of Washington. He has a rare autoimmune disease called GPA (formerly known as Wegener's) and while it has been in remission for about 6+ years, he had a flare-up that has frankly been hell for he and his wife, Kari.

Now, he's fighting for his life in the ICU and is on a ventilator.

He got laryngitis in July but it manifested into pneumonia. As Kari said recently, every time he makes progress, something else gets diagnosed. He's currently in isolation with shingles and continuing to try to fight through this. Unfortunately, this all comes at a cost as Kari recently said their insurance premiums are increasing by nearly 20%. 

It's time to help these two at a time when they need it most. If you have a few dollars, please consider donating to Jim and Kari today via a GoFundMe we have set up for them.

Even if you can't help, thank you for your support and keep Jim in your thoughts.

Donate now.