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House of Hardcore results: Rhino vs Rob Van Dam, Balls Mahoney tribute

The show kicks off with the roster around the ring, along with some original ECW talent, such as Tommy Dreamer, RVD,Rhino, and Shane Douglas in the ring. They pay their respects to Balls Mahoney. They play "Big Balls" and the crowd sings along.

SoCal Val is your ring announcer and host for the night. She brings out Ricky Steamboat. Ricky puts over the ECW Arena and its fans. Vik Dalishus comes out and gets a ton of heat for thinking the opening ceremony was for Ricky. Vik tried to clothesline Ricky but Ricky fights back and chops him a lot.

... And we have finally have a match... a ladies match! Jade defeated Thea Trinidad with a package piledriver in about 10 minutes. Jade was the heel here.

Action Ortiz and Vik Dalishus are out. Vik says he doesn't want to fight after getting assaulted by Ricky Steamboat, so Eddie Kingston comes out as a replacement. Their opponents are Team Tremendous. Lots of flips and dives from Team Tremendous here. Team Tremendous get the win the super blockbuster or whatever it's called on Action Ortiz.

Billy Gunn vs Bull Dempsey is out next. Crowd is split 50/50 on this one. Billy won with the Fameasser in around 6 minutes. Billy takes the mic after and puts over Bull and the WWE Performance Center.. until they are assaulted by... Kevin Thorn?!?! Kevin beats them down until XPac makes the save. XPac does his kicks and gives Kevin a bronco buster, giving a nose bleed. Bull, Billy, and XPac all do the suck it taunt.

Tony Nese defeated Alex Reynolds and Chris Dickinson in a three way dance. Tony first eliminated Alex and then Chris a few minutes later. This was a strong contender for match of the night.

Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb are out. Cherry introduces her new bodyguard, who I didn't catch the name of. Tommy Dreamer comes out to a big pop. Cherry tries to interfere midway through the match, so Tommy brings out Mickie James! Mickie takes out Cherry. Pepper Parks gets the win a few minutes later with his feet on the ropes.

Intermission. 3 matches left. First half was awesome!

Brian Cage defeated Sami Callihan. Sami Callihan was more over, probably because this is CZW territory. Brian Cage wins after multiple buckle bombs and then his finisher. Match of the night.

The Killer Elite Squad defeated Chris Hero & Colt Cabana to retain the GHC Tag Team Championships. Chris and Colt were very over, and no one cared about KES. KES retained after pinning Hero with their tag finisher.

Main event time, Rhino vs Rob Van Dam. Rhino out first to a big pop. Next is Rob Van Dam who comes out to A HUGE POP, with the whole crowd singing "Walk" by Pantera. Dueling "VOTE FOR RHINO / WHOLE FUCKIN SHOW!" chants. RVD won after putting Rhino through a table and then hitting the 5 Star Frog Splash. They shook hands after... and then Enter Sandman hits! Crowd sings along as Sandman hosts a beer bash with the audience, RVD, Rhino, and Tommy Dreamer. Rhino cuts a promo saying he loves playing heel and says sorry to a fan he shoved earlier.

Tommy gets on the mic and says that House of Hardcore will be hosting shows on a monthly basis and they will be returning to the 2300 in September. Sandman puts a beer in the center of the ring for Balls Mahoney. Big Balls plays through the arena and everyone goes home happy.

Great show, a lot better than what I was expecting.