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Hulk Hogan files another lawsuit against Gawker

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Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollea has filed a second lawsuit against Gawker, claiming the company was responsible for leaking the contents of a sealed document which led to the end of his relationship with WWE.

Bollea's side has claimed that Gawker was responsible for leaking the contents of the tape of Hogan's racist remarks to The National Enquirer, which published them.  When the WWE was informed that the remarks were coming out, they immediately severed all ties with Hogan and tried to remove most of the mentions of Hogan from its web site, including his name from their Hall of Fame.

The lawsuit noted that Nick Denton, the CEO of Gawker, had written a blog piece predicting that Hogan's real secret would soon be revealed.

The contents of the tapes were sealed.  However, long before they were sealed, a web site, The had done a story discussing the tapes much earlier which for whatever reason, didn't get the same media play, largely because there was a description of the remarks without the actual wording of the remarks.

Hogan is also suing Florida DJ Mike Calta, known as Cowhead, who he claimed sent at least one of the secretly recorded sex tapes to Gawker.

For reasons not exactly clear, law enforcement officials never filed charges against Calta or anyone involved in what was believed to have been stealing the tapes from Bubba the Love Sponge, who had recorded Hogan having sex with wife Heather.

The new lawsuit doesn't list specific monetary damages.