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ICW Fight Club TV taping results: NXT UK's Wolfgang in six-man action


From Sunday's TV tapings in Glasgow, Scotland at The Garage

Kez Evans defeated Leyton Buzzard

This was an excellent opener. There's a lot of buzz around Buzzard (pardon the pun) given his recent wins at Shug's Hoose Party (SHP), but it was a well-deserved win for Evans after his SHP loss to BT Gunn. Both are to be watched in the coming months.

Aivil defeated Angel Hayze

Hayze was very impressive in her ICW debut but was overcome by Aivil in a very good outing for the ICW women's division.

ICW Zero G Champion Liam Thomson defeated Gabriel Kid

This was a great technical match. The title wasn't originally on the line, but after some jaw jacking before the bell, it was on.

Iestyn Rees defeated Kieran Kelly

Kelly did his best against the much larger Welshman. Rees overpowered him too many times and picked up the win. Rees loves waving at the crowd but Kelly has what it takes. There were lots of “underdog” chants during the match.

Carmel Jacobs was announced as the new ICW commissioner, much to the chagrin of Christopher Toal, the Wee Man and Coach Trip.

Ravie Davie defeated Grado

Grado used a more serious entrance, not letting the usual Madonna sing along anthem belt out. Davie had a bit of time on the mic before the bell and ended up with the win after interference from Kez Evans. Stephen Purdon got involved on behalf of Grado and cleared house to the adulation of the crowd. 

Sha Samuels & Jack Jester defeated The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)

The crowd went home happy when the “Kinky Party” picking up a win after a spike pildriver. We got double crowd surfing celebrations for those willing to hold Jester and Samuel up.

Andy Wild defeated Power Forward in a gauntlet match

After the bell, Wild challenged NXT UK's Mark Coffey to a 2-out-of-3 falls match at Fear & Loathing XI.

Aaron Echo defeated Alexander Dean

Echo answered the challenge once it was announced Ricky Knight Jr. couldn't make it due to injury. The match was in a bit of a bad position given the time and placing, but both did well in a great match.

Wolfgang, Stevie James & Krobar defeated Stevie Boy, Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan

This was a great main event, reminiscent of the Von Erichs and Contra Unit from MLW. The action was everywhere and Rudo Lightning got involved towards the end. Written words can't do it justice but this was an amazing six man brawl live, capped off with a sequence of near falls that could match any live competition today. Wolfgang ended up with the decisive pinfall but top marks go to all involved as it was great to cap off a top night of action with.