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IMPERIO Lucha Libre results: Alberto El Patron, Paige, Broken Hardys, Penta El Zero M, Zack Sabre Jr.

Submitted by Juan Portocarrero from Lima, Peru | Image: Rodolfo Contreras Quintanilla

The show ended up being six hours long.

- Mansilla def. Kaiser, Fear, and Atemista in a four-way qualifier for the IMPERIO World title match

- Ariki Toa def. Rafael from Salamanca, Caoz, and Kassius Ortiz in a four-way qualifier for the IMPERIO World title match

- Hugo Savinovich appeared to say hello to the crowd in the "Dibos Colisseum" and send his prayers for the climate victims in Perú in last two weeks.

- South American Tournament First Round: Zack Sabre Jr. submitted Ricky Marvin

- South American Tournament First Round: Vicente Viloni def. Max Miller

- Apolo def. TVK in a squash

- The Broken Hardys interrupted Al Cold and Axl, coming out to standing ovation. They cut their classic promos with the "They'll fade away and classified themselves as obsolete (¡OBSOLETE!)" and the ¡DELETE! chants from everybody. 

- South American Tournament First Round: Reptil def. Jhoan Stambuk

- Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero (Broken Hardys) def. Penta El Zero M & Fénix and Al-Cold & Axl.

Hardys won after the Twist of Fate and then the Swanton Bomb over Al-Cold. After the match, Hardys cut a promo saying they "have traveled all over the world and The Lucha Brothers are the best". Then, they invited Al Cold and Axl to the ring but Cold received a double superkick from Lucha Brothers and Axl received two Twist of Fates from Jeff and Matt (After ¡DELETE! chants).

- South American Tournament First Round: Matt Sydal def. Taylor Wolf

- South American Tournament First Round: Chavo Guerrero def. Ian Muhlig

After the match, Chavo grabbed a crowd sign that says "Viva la Raza!" and showed to the colisseum leading to "Eddie!" chants.

- South American Tournament First Round: Kacarmo def. Hades

Match was just two minutes. Hades was injured trying to do a plancha from the corner to the ringside which was later diagnosed as a fractured ankle.

- South American Tournament Second Round: Zack Sabre Jr. def. Vicente Viloni in a distraction finish

- South American Tournament Second Round: Reptil def. Chavo Guerrero

- Caoz & Kaiser def. Hellspawn and Gladiator Angel 

- South American Tournament Second Round: Matt Sydal def. Karcama

- Apocalipsis & Coyote/Rey del Aire def. Albuquerque, Fear & Ajayu

- Reptil won the IMPERIO South American title in a three way over Zack Sabre Jr. and Matt Sydal after hitting both with the Coupe de Grace

- Kassius Ortiz def. Piero Da Vinci

- WWE's Paige was shown in the crowd at ringside. She said hello and waved to the crowd.

- Zumbi def. Alejandro "XL" Sáez and Bad Boy Jr. in a three-way

- Carlito won the IMPERIO World title in a no-DQ fatal four-way over Alberto El Patron, Mansilla, and Ariki Toa

Photos from Rodolfo Contreras Quintanilla - LIBERO, you can download them from this link:

Results by me, Juan Portocarrero Ramírez