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JJ Dillon, Kevin Sullivan appear on ABC's 'Judge Steve Harvey'

Two pro wrestling legends entered Steve Harvey's court on Tuesday's episode of the show.

A pair of pro wrestling legends were featured on the latest episode of ABC's "Judge Steve Harvey."

JJ Dillon (using his real name Jim Morrison) and Kevin Sullivan appeared on the "Judge Steve Harvey" episode that aired on Tuesday night. The story for their appearance was that Dillon was suing Sullivan after not being paid back for a $7,500 loan to help Sullivan buy a $15,000 boat in cash five years ago.

Dillon said he thought that Sullivan was going to pay him back as soon as he could, but Sullivan's argument was that Dillon told him he could pay him back "whenever."

At the end of the appearance, Steve Harvey ruled in Dillon's favor. But because of the friendship between Dillon and Sullivan and all that they have given fans during their time in pro wrestling, Harvey said that the court would pay the money on Sullivan's behalf.

"I'm going to do something that I have the power to do, because this isn't just small claims court -- this is a court that listens to the story. So now, I rule in favor of the plaintiff for $7,500. But because of what you gentlemen have maintained for over 40 years. Because of your friendship and love for one another. Because you share a bond -- you've given folks hours of priceless entertainment. I can't tell you how much wrestling been in my life, man," Harvey said.

"Thank you, man. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of this court, even though we award you [Dillon] the $7,500, the court is going to pay the $7,500. You will get your money in full. And I want to thank the both of you for coming in here and for being honorable men -- and for loving and defending your friendship no matter what."