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Joey Janela's Spring Break 6 night 1 live results: X-Pac, Jon Moxley, Mickie James

Nick Gage, The Briscoes, AJ Gray and more will kick off the 6th Spring Break.

Thursday will see the first night of GCW Joey Janela's Spring Break 6 which will feature a grudge match, the former AEW World Champion and a debuting multi-time women's star.

In the headliner, GCW World Champion Jon Moxley will defend his title against former champion AJ Gray. Moxley will be looking for the third defense of the gold he won last September while Gray is the reigning GCW Extreme Champion.

In a match built out of a recent surprise turn, Janela will take on X-Pac. The two had teamed up against Matt Cardona and Brian Myers at February's Welcome To Heartbreak when after the match, Janela superkicked X-Pac as it appeared he was going to retire.

Former WWE Women's Champion and Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James will make her GCW debut against indie veteran Allie Katch.

The rest of the show will see GCW Tag Team Champions The H8 Club (Matt Tremont & Nick Gage) vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) & The Briscoes in a three way; GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon vs. John Wayne Murdoch; and Blake Christian vs. AR Fox.


Show Report

The tag titles were declared vacant after a double pinfall result in a championship match earlier this month.

Also, due to "circumstances out of our control," Matt Tremont was unable to attend the show. Nick Gage opted to wrestle the match without a partner. However, Slade entered the match as Gage's partner partway through.

GCW Tag Team Championships three-way: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) defeated Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & Mance Warner) and Nick Gage & Slade to win the titles

This match was wrestled under two-in, one-out rules. SGC and the Briscoes squared off at the start, with Mark landing a diving dropkick. He tossed a chair into Justice's face as Jay hit a neckbreaker on Mance in the ring. Mance chokeslammed Jay through a door but was taken out with a big boot through a chair.

Gage hadn't done anything in the match at this point, but he finally came in and took out both Briscoes before spearing Mance through a door. He followed it up by stabbing at Mance with a wooden shard. Gage felt around for his pizza cutter, but fast-rising indie talent Slade came out and tossed him one -- then declared himself Gage's partner for the match.

The Briscoes hit an assisted cutter on Slade but SGC walloped them with chair shots. They set up another door, but Gage smacked Justice with a nasty unprotected chair shot to the head. Gage produced a staple gun and, uh, stapled Mance's tongue and lips to the door. He then piledrove Justice through the door before piledriving him again off the apron through another door.

Mance was alone in the ring with the Briscoes. Jay hit the Jay Driller and Mark hit the Froggy Bow, but Slade broke up the pin. He tried to fight off the Briscoes but was leveled with a big lariat. The Briscoes then hit a Doomsday Device to win the championships.


An Allie Katch video promo aired, calling Mickie James her "fantasy." This was followed by a Jeff Jarrett vignette where his truck wouldn't start and he got worried.


Blake Christian defeated AR Fox

They wrestled to multiple stalemates early on as the evenly matched competitors struggled to earn an advantage. Fox landed a big diving crossbody to the floor and followed it up with a running boot, but a second attempt was met with a knee strike. 

Back in the ring, Christian landed a low thrust kick. Fox evaded a submission attempt but was taken out with a suicide dive. He came back with a twisting suplex in the ring for two. Christian hit a standing splash for two. They had a quick strike exchange before hitting simultaneous ace crushers, leading to the double down.

Christian hit a Superman punch and a German but was caught by multiple cutters for two. He came back with the Three Amigos suplexes and a frog splash for a near fall. Fox avoided the 450 splash and sprung up for Lo Mein Pain and a 450 of his own for a good near fall. 

They had a great counter exchange concluded with Christian hitting a Spanish Fly and the Golden Trident for the win. 


Mickie James defeated Allie Katch (w/ EFFY)

They performed chain wrestling to start. Mickie got the upper hand, but a chop fired up Allie to respond with chops of her own. Mickie came back with a neckbreaker for two. Allie turned a headscissors into a powerbomb, and Mickie responded by kicking her low.

Allie whiffed on a corner hip attack but then hit a cannonball for two. She maintained control for a while before setting up a door structure. Mickie flapjacked Allie through the door, and a seated splash followed for two. 

They grabbed each other low and headbutted each other. Allie hit a straight piledriver for a near fall. She stalked Mickie, ostensibly to set up for something, but Mickie responded by kissing her. Mickie then hit a kick combination and a raising DDT for the win.

– After the match, Allie told the fans not to boo Mickie because she's a legend and an icon. She mentioned this was the first ever women's match on Spring Break.


Seven-way Scramble: Nick Wayne defeated Jordan Oliver & Jimmy Lloyd & Gringo Loco & Alec Price & Jack Cartwheel & Ninja Mack

We got a parade of kicks to start, then everyone missed running dives. Price landed running knees on three opponents but ran into simultaneous thrust kicks. Gringo Loco dove onto everyone. Price hit a double stomp on Loco but was taken out with a stunner from Oliver. Lloyd downed Oliver with a spin kick and a back suplex. Cartwheel landed a slingshot elbow. Loco hit a pumphandle suplex. 

Wayne took out Mack with a dragon suplex but was driven into the top turnbuckle by Price. Price and Lloyd hit running blockbusters on each other. Wayne and Oliver traded strikes and big moves until Oliver hit a powerbomb for two. Mack hit a twisting moonsault for two but was planted with a second-rope powerbomb from Loco, who landed a Fosbury Flop onto the pile.

Back in the ring, Wayne hit a Code Red for two. Lloyd hit a superkick and a B driver for two. Price dispatched Lloyd but was taken out with a Death Valley driver from Cartwheel. Cartwheel hit a springboard Sasuke special onto everyone, then Wayne hit a 630 senton out onto the floor. He followed it up with an ace crusher on Lloyd for the win. 


Joey Janela defeated X-Pac

Janela immediately beat X-Pac down in the corner. The fight moved to the floor, where X-Pac caught Janela and sent him crashing to the concrete. Janela regained control and produced a door and some chairs. He tried to suplex X-Pac through the door, but X-Pac countered and they continued to fight in the ring.

X-Pac was beaten down for a while until a tornado DDT gave him some space. He started a comeback with a spinning heel kick and then a second. X-Pac followed it up with a bronco buster, but Janela escaped the X-Factor. They moved back to the apron, where Janela hit a Death Valley driver.

Janela set X-Pac up to get driven through the door, but X-Pac countered. X-Pac then hit a ridiculous flipping neckbreaker through the door. Back in the ring, X-Pac hit a destroyer and the X-Factor for a near fall.

They traded strikes in the center of the ring until simultaneous clotheslines led to a double down. Janela locked on a crossface, but X-Pac was able to reach the ropes. Janela perched X-Pac on a door, but he was too slow, and X-Pac hit an X-Factor through the door. He covered, but Janela got his foot on the rope for the near fall.

X-Pac climbed the ropes, but Janela popped up and hit a second-rope brainbuster for two. He followed it up with a double stomp through a door for two more. Janela then placed X-Pac's head through a chair, but X-Pac escaped and whacked Janela with the chair, sending him crashing through the door on the floor. 

Back in the ring, X-Pac hesitated on hitting Janela with the chair. Janela hugged him, but then kneed him low and hit a thrust kick for the win.

– After the match, X-Pac apologized to the fans while saying GCW is the place to be. He said he'd be back.


GCW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) defeated AJ Gray

There was a barbed wire board set up outside the ring. Gray got an early advantage with a chop block to the knee. Moxley had to regroup, then they traded forearms in the ring. Gray got the upper hand and landed a nice suicide dive to the floor. 

They brawled out into the fans where it was impossible to see what was going on. Order was somewhat restored towards the ring, where Moxley landed a rising knee and Gray was busted open. Back in the ring, Moxley brought in the barbed wire board and dropped Gray onto it with an ex-plex.

Moxley rapped barbed wire around his fist and repeatedly attacked Gray with it. A barbed wire-assisted neckbreaker got two. Moxley locked on a barbed wire-assisted STF followed by a Regal knee. He set up the barbed wire board in the corner.

Gray finally came back, spearing Moxley through the board. He landed chops and an enziguiri followed by a powerslam. Gray then climbed the ropes and hit a moonsault for two. 

Out on the floor, Gray produced a tall ladder, but Moxley dropkicked it into him. Gray countered a dive by tossing a chair into Moxley, busting him open. Gray set up the ladder as well as a door across some chairs. He hit Moxley with an STO on the apron before perching him over the door.

Gray climbed about halfway up the ladder out on the floor and landed a splash, putting Moxley through the door. Back in the ring, they traded strikes until Moxley hit a lariat. Gray powered out of a piledriver and cradled Moxley for two, then hit a big lariat for a near fall.

A barbed wire light tube bundle was brought out by Gray. He missed a swing with it, but then Moxley countered a piledriver, inadvertently putting himself into the bundle with a cutter. The straight piledriver followed for a near fall. Moxley tried to put Gray through more light tubes with a Death Rider but missed, covering anyway for the win.


GCW Ultraviolent Championship: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Alex Colon (c) to win the title

Murdoch attacked Colon with light tubes during the ring introductions. He dug spikes into Colon's head, but Colon came back with a light tube shot of his own. Murdoch immediately cut him off and sent him crashing through light tubes and a door at ringside. He kept up the attack with more light tube shots and slashing Colon's forehead with a knife and glass shards.

Back in the ring, Murdoch whipped Colon through a door. Colon eventually came back with double knees through light tubes for two. He sliced Murdoch's forehead with glass and the knife. Both men were bleeding profusely. 

They headbutted each other repeatedly on the floor. Back in the ring, Colon attacked with more light tubes, including a rope-hang leg drop through tubes for two. Murdoch avoided a top-rope stomp through tubes and came back with a piledriver, but Colon popped up and hit a tube-assisted stunner followed by a light tube suicide dive.

There was a scary moment where Colon was sent into the ring post -- there was the corner of something sticking out and Colon sold his arm like he tore something. The official taped it up as best he could, but this looked real.

Colon made his way back into the ring and spat at Murdoch, who responded by piledriving Colon through tubes, which only got a one count. Murdoch whacked Colon's injured arm with a wood plank and slapped on an armbar for the win. That didn't look like the planned finish at all.

– After the match, Murdoch said that he "shot on Colon's punk ass." Ugh. He told Colon to pack his bags. 


Final Thoughts:

This was the weakest Spring Break show yet. The best match of the night, the main event, was marred by a completely bizarre finish that was either a legitimate injury or a convoluted angle. The special attraction matches were either long and boring (Janela vs. X-Pac, Moxley vs. Gray) or outright bad (Allie vs. James). The Briscoes winning the titles was nice and Slade put on a good performance, but this was not the level of exciting, irreverent GCW quality that you would expect from their flagship Mania weekend show.