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Kidnapping, sexual assault case against Alberto El Patron dismissed


The sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping case against Alberto El Patron was dismissed today after a witness did not appear, according to court records. El Patron had been facing the possibility of between five years and life in prison. 

Bexar County, Texas court records indicate that after being arraigned today, a hearing and trial were held, and the case was dismissed due to a missing witness. El Patron was released from pre-trial supervision, his bond was returned, and he was released of liability in the case, which is now closed. 

El Patron, real name Jose Rodriguez Chucuan, had been charged with four counts of second degree sexual assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping in connection with a May 2020 incident. El Patron's accuser had alleged that he had hit her in the head, tied her hands and sexually assaulted her on May 3, 2020. El Patron was then arrested and charged on May 9, 2020. 

El Patron's trial was originally set for January 25, 2021, then was postponed to May 3, postponed again to August 2, again postponed to October 25, then finally postponed until today.