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Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux get married

The couple announced their engagement last September.

Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux are now married. 

The couple (Kevin Kesar and Elizabeth Chihaia) announced on Wednesday that they eloped in Alaska recently. 

"Hello Everyone, Elizabeth and I have recently eloped- we’re married! We flew to Alaska, hopped on a helicopter and flew to a glacier for a very private ceremony (then wrestled the next day, naturally)," a description of their wedding video reads. "We initially weren’t going to share this footage but after further discussing it; we’d actually like to do so and say thank you so much for all the support we get from you all. Whether you’re a fan, friend or family- you have all participated in bringing joy into our lives. Sincerely, Kevin & Elizabeth"

Kross and Scarlett announced their engagement in September of 2021. Although it is not clear when exactly the ceremony took place, they both wrestled in Anchorage for WrestlePro Alaska on April 9.

Kross posted a video of the ceremony to his YouTube channel: