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Konnan named head writer for new Arolucha promotion


A new promotion called Arolucha, Inc. announced today that Charles "Konnan" Ashenoff has been named its head writer.

Arolucha is the promotion written about a few times in the Observer that Aroluxe is backing, and is expected to be running a television pilot taping in December in Nashville.

Ashenoff, who is the booker for The Crash promotion based in Tijuana, as well as working for Impact, was a key in gathering the talent roster for Lucha Underground, and was expecting to be used as the head writer there, but that company instead went with Christopher DeJoseph, and Ashenoff was out of the promotion by its second season, shortly after brokering the deal to get Rey Mysterio Jr. into Lucha Underground.

Vince Russo's name has also been mentioned as far as creative with this promotion. The name has come up as an assistant writer but there is no confirmation of a deal in place at this point.

Aroluxe, headed by Jason Brown and former wrestlers Ron and Don Harris, had been doing production for TNA and had an ownership stake in the promotion, and at one point were close to taking over control of the company. They are no longer involved with Impact after controlling interest was purchased by Anthem Entertainment.