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Lucha Underground Phoenix, AZ, live results: Pentagon vs. Mil Muertes


Submitted by Miles Schneiderman from the Arizona State Fair

Show one --

- Son of Havoc defeated Jack Evans

The top rope broke early in the match, but they worked around it admirably. Havoc won with a standing shooting star press.

- While the crew fixed the ring, Vampiro talked to the crowd about wrestling beginning at local fairs like this one. Melissa Santos played some games with a few kids in the crowd and gave them masks. She asked who the kids' favorite wrestlers were. Most of them said Pentagon.

- Ivelisse defeated Taya and Mariposa in a triple threat match

They seemed to find the three-way format awkward at first, but things got better as it went along. Ivelisse tapped out Taya while Mariposa was on the outside.

- Johnny Mundo defeated Cage in a falls count anywhere match

Mundo came out first and teased giving a kid his shades, but pulled them back at the last minute. He cut an entertaining heel promo, which brought out Cage. Brutal match. Great main event. Mundo won by pinfall after Taya came out and they both hit Cage in the head with kendo sticks. Mundo and Taya posed in the ring, but Cage returned, speared Taya, and gave Mundo the Weapon X. He posed for the crowd to end the show.

Show two --

- Drago defeated Australian Suicide, Aerostar, and Hector Garza Jr. in a four-way match

Really great match that got a lot of time. The standout was probably Australian Suicide, who came out to almost no reaction and became a crowd favorite by the end. Garza was also excellent, doing the cocky babyface thing. Lots of incredible spots in this one. Drago got the pin on Suicide with the flipping DDT he's been using lately. Him winning was a crowd pleaser, but they gave the other three a standing ovation at the end.

- Kevin Kross defeated Ricky Mandel

Definitely the quietest match of the day in terms of the crowd. Mandel was introduced as being from "Sexy Beach" and was supposed to be the face, but neither got a huge reaction. Kross has a great look. He got the win with what looked like a Saito suplex.

- Pentagon Dark defeated Mil Muertes in a no DQ match

Vampiro was supposed to be the guest enforcer, but he said Pentagon was going to beat Muertes without his help. Muertes came out alone. The crowd was really into Pentagon. He got the biggest reaction of the day and it wasn't close.

The match was phenomenal, with spots involving chairs, ladders, nunchuks, and fire extinguishers. Main event caliber. Pentagon won with a lungblower into a pin that trapped Muertes' arm. Kind of a strange finish, but a great match. The crowd loved Pentagon winning. Pentagon cut a very brief promo on Muertes in Spanish after the match.