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Lucha Underground results: Cueto Cup begins on a show that ends in murder


Season 3 -- Episode 22: "The Cup Begins"

The latest episode of Lucha Underground included the start of the Cueto Cup tournament. The 32-man single elimination tournament leads to a title match at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Besides opening round matches in the tournament, the episode included one of the most dramatic cliffhangers in the history of the show. An apparent homicide occurred as a city councilman was murdered by someone from The Temple. 

In the opening scene, Dario Cueto was in his office booking the Cueto Cup tournament. Someone off camera walked into the office. With his back turned to the uninvited guest, Cueto told the intruder to go back outside and knock on the door first.

Cueto’s tone changed when he heard the visitor speak. Cueto knew that voice as Pentagon Dark, who in storyline is returning to The Temple after healing from a broken arm suffered at the hands of The Triad. He asked Cueto about their whereabouts.

Cueto said they left for Hong Kong. He added that Pentagon broke one of their arms first before he suffered the same fate. A riled Pentagon threatened to break Cueto’s arm. Cueto tried to reason with him as Pentagon violently grabbed his hand. Cueto pleaded with him to think about the Lucha Underground Championship, reminding Pentagon that is what he really wants.

Cueto immediately booked Pentagon in the tournament, telling him he can earn a title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. Pentagon vowed that if he fails to win the title at Ultima Lucha, then Cueto is “leaving with broken bones.”

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The Mack defeated Mala Suerte to advance in the Cueto Cup

They began with flashy lucha spots and built to a double down that led into the closing moments. In a funny heel spot, Suerte played rudo as he taunted the crowd by teasing a wild plancha across the whole ring. Instead, he jumped down from the ropes to overthrow himself into a simple back senton. Then, when he actually went for the senton off the top he missed.

Mack used a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Suerte got a near fall with a crucifix pin. Suerte missed a senton bomb and Mack went to finish him off. Mack hit him with The Pounce before giving him a stunner, and Mack pinned Suerte to advance to the next round of the tournament.

In the locker room, Cage was pumping iron as he admired his newly-gimmicked hand. Cueto entered the scene and told Cage he has someone he should meet so they could talk about his new powers from his gimmick hand.

Cage seemed disinterested, but Cueto gave him a business card anyway. Cage now has the contact information for a Councilman Delgado, whose office is located at City Hall. This sets up the final scene of this episode.

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Pentagon Dark defeated Argenis to advance in the Cueto Cup

While Argenis is a talented flyer that got to shine some, this was more a showcase for the returning Pentagon. The crowd was hot for Pentagon, including chants of “Cero Miedo” (Zero Fear). Pentagon toyed with his prey early on in the match as he threw kicks at his legs.

Argenis did get a comeback and a near fall, but to no avail. Pentagon delivered a Cero Miedo Driver for another near fall. Eventually, Pentagon finished him off with a package piledriver, then Pentagon covered Argenis for the pinfall.

After the match, Pentagon reprised his gimmick of breaking arms. He supposedly broke the arm of Argenis before leaving the ring.

Texano defeated Famous B (w/ Beautiful Brenda) to advance in the Cueto Cup

This was a complete squash, yet it still had a story. Playing off Texano’s gimmick, Famous B was wearing a cowboy hat and dressed in a knock-off Nudie suit. He addressed ring announcer Melissa Santos. She was not impressed. Famous B then told Texano that he wanted to become his manager.

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To show good faith, Famous B laid down for Texano to cover him for a pin. Texano teased doing so, only to pull Famous B up and deliver a sit-out powerbomb. Texano then pinned Famous B.

Afterwards, the storyline between them continued as Brenda slapped Texano on the ass. Texano and Brenda had a moment in passing, in a tease for something down the line.

A great video package hyped the upcoming Lucha Underground Championship match with champion Johnny Mundo defending against Rey Mysterio. A narrator with a British accent talked about the importance and magnitude of the title match while a montage of training footage showed the combatants preparing for battle. It was a tremendous piece of business.

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Drago (w/ Kobra Moon) defeated Aerostar to advance in the Cueto Cup

In a battle of former friends turned foes, they had an outstanding lucha-style match. Kobra Moon led Drago to the ring with a chain leash locked around the neck of Drago. Drago’s gear is also now red since he turned heel.

Kobra Moon was an ever-present fixture in the match as he shouted commands at Drago during the bout. She even interfered at one point, tripping up Aerostar.

Drago slightly hesitated when ordered to finish off Aerostar, which Matt Striker noted on commentary. At one point, Drago countered with a crazy running blockbuster DDT to stop a comeback. During another attempt at a comeback in the closing moments, Aerostar tried the Dragon’s Lair for a near fall. Drago countered the move into a version of his own, pinning Aerostar for the three count.

Kobra Moon ordered Drago to “kill him” after the match. Drago attacked Aerostar for a beatdown, though he stopped short of actually killing him. The talk of murder foreshadowed the final scene in the show where a supposed homicide occurred.

Cage visited City Hall in the closing scene where he met with Councilman Delgado. The city councilman told Cage he cannot take off the gimmicked glove. Cage appeared to have no qualms about that since the glove is becoming part of him as it shapes and changes his persona. Delgado told Cage the glove will bring him power that he cannot even imagine.

Delgado began to talk about their “work” when Cage objected, saying he does not work for him. Delgado made another snide remark about Cage’s life now having purpose after being meaningless before. That remark angered Cage, who used his gimmicked hand to grab Delgado by the throat. Cage slammed Delgado against a wall while choking him.

Cage briefly came to his senses and released the choke. He apologized to Delgado, who accepted by saying that Cage is still thinking like a man. Cage looked at his glove for a moment, then a maniacal look came over his face. Cage snapped as he punched Delgado with the gloved hand. Blood and gore tripped off the glove, as Cage seemed to have literally punched Delgado’s head off.

Cage turned to leave the office as Delgado's headless body lay prone on the floor covered in gore. Cage said he's no longer a man, he is a machine! As Cage walked away from the murder scene he stepped on an eyeball, crushing it in the closing moment of the show.