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Lucha Underground results: Killshot and Crane do battle


Season 3 -- Episode 24: “Macho Madness”

The Cueto Cup continued on the latest installment of Lucha Underground. Killshot and Jeremiah Crane tried to tear the house down with a wild match. In another match, Mil Muertes destroyed an opponent only to get destroyed later on.

Elsewhere, Paul London used a carrot as a weapon and Taya tangled with Joey Ryan. A new character also debuted in the final scene.

The episode opened with a scene featuring Catrina summoning Mil Muertes. In reference to the Cueto Cup, she instructed him to “destroy them all.” Muertes said he would destroy them for her, his love. Catrina kissed him and said, “Bring me the Cueto Cup.”

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Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) defeated Veneno to advance in the Cueto Cup

Muertes won in a complete squash as he ragdolled his opponent. He pummeled Veneno with ground and pound before executing a flatliner. Muertes then pinned him. After the match, Catrina administered the Lick of Death.

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Paul London defeated Vibora (w/ Kobra Moon) via countout to advance in the Cueto Cup

London attacked Vibora before the bell, then flew through the ropes with a dropkick. Vibora began to no-sell London’s assault, so London grabbed Kobra Moon. He briefly held her hostage with a carrot (yes, a carrot). Vibora struck down London and the crowd chanted “save the carrot.”

Vibora began to dominate on offense when London briefly fired up. That led to London being tossed off the top rope, and he crashed down on the mat. That would not be his last crash in the match.

Members of the Rabbit Tribe ran in to cause a distraction. That allowed London to send Vibora over the ropes with a headscissors takeover. London went for a trust fall and landed badly.

With the crowd chanting for him, London rolled back in the ring. Rabbit Tribe members hiding under the ring grabbed Vibora’s legs and he was unable to get back into the ring before being counted out.

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Taya defeated Joey Ryan to advance in the Cueto Cup

At the start, Ryan offered Taya his lollipop after rubbing it on his oily chest. She smacked it away and attacked him. When Ryan took a powder, Taya grabbed him by his chest hair to throw him back into the ring. Ryan cut her off and began administering some clubbing blows.

Ryan climbed the turnbuckles, but took too much time in doing so. Taya made a comeback that began with hard chops and slaps. After some counters and exchanges, Taya executed a northern lights suplex. She then leapt into a double foot stomp and pinned Ryan.

In a scene from the locker room, Mil Muertes was about to head somewhere dressed in a suit. Suddenly, Jeremiah Crane attacked Muertes with a chair. Crane delivered several chair shots and left him laying. Crane knelt over a prone Muertes to say, “She’s mine.” That was a reference to Catrina, whom Crane came on to in the past. Crane put a chair over him and hit it with another chair as the scene ended.

In the weekly countdown video hyping Johnny Mundo against Rey Mysterio in a title match, the focus was interviews with several Lucha Underground stars including Chavo Guerrero Jr., Cage, Prince Puma, and Matt Striker. They all put over Mundo and Mysterio, and gave their picks on who will win the upcoming Lucha Underground Championship match.

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Jeremiah Crane defeated Killshot to advance in the Cueto Cup

This was a wild match that took place outside the ring more so than in it during the first half of the bout. Mere seconds into the match, Killshot did a suicide dive through the ropes. Crane countered with a Fosbury Flop. In return, Killshot did a flop of his own. They then began brawling around ringside.

Killshot did a dive off a stage. Moments later, Crane gave Killshot an exploder suplex on the floor. Crane then ran around the ring as he built up speed before launching into a cannonball that took out the front rows of ringside.

When they finally got back in the ring, Killshot countered Crane with a sunset bomb for a near fall. Crane cut him off, and he charged into a corner with a kick (similar to a Broski Boot).

They began trading near falls. Killshot fired up and hit a cutter for a near fall. Crane delivered a brutal brainbuster for a near fall. They went back and forth in the closing moments, leading to a double down.

Out on the apron, Killshot dropped Crane onto the edge of the ring with a Death Valley Driver. Killshot followed that by climbing to the top rope, and he jumped off into a double foot stomp for yet another near fall.

Crane spat on Killshot, which only fired him up. Killshot exploded into a flurry of strikes. A “fight forever” chant broke out in The Temple. Killshot did a swinging DDT for another near fall. Crane got a rope break after Killshot applied a short arm scissors.

Dante Fox appeared in the rafters like he was Sting, without all the Crow gimmickry. The appearance of Fox distracted Killshot. Crane capitalized on the distraction. He delivered a double underhook powerbomb for the deciding pinfall.  

After the match, Catrina stood at the top of the staircase. She had a staredown with Crane as the credits began to roll.

The closing scene featured Dario Cueto in his office explaining the Cueto Cup to someone else. That someone was a masked man named Son of Madness. He wanted a match with Son of Havoc.

It just so happened that Son of Havoc was the only person not booked for a tournament match. Cueto obliged by booking a tournament match between the two for next week. Son of Madness has arrived. Oh yeah, dig it.