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Maria Kanellis launching 'Women's Wrestling Army' project

Kanellis announced a new project on Wednesday evening.

Maria Kanellis is forming a "Women's Wrestling Army." 

In a social media post on Wednesday evening, Kanellis announced the formation of the "Women's Wrestling Army." Although it is not clear if this new project is a promotion, the website she links to in her tweet asks visitors to subscribe to an email list "to hear about upcoming shows and events."

"The journey, it's a thousand seemingly insignificant decisions. It's the wrong turns, the dead ends, the climb, the process, the successes, and the failures. It’s the word, ‘no.’ The next ‘no.’ A million beating drums inside your mind that say, ‘no’. A hated word, ‘diva,’ that defined your career. Can you small-town girl, diva, turn that ‘no’ into a simple but almost unattainable word, ‘yes,’" Kanellis says in a video announcing the project. 

"Yes, you can transition from small-town girl turned diva, to manager, mother, producer, to produce change, changing ever so slightly to keep up with my less-experienced contemporaries, to remain relevant with them, to create opportunities for them." 

"Let's create an army, a women's wrestling army," she concludes. 

Kanellis currently performs in Impact Wrestling. She noted in an interview with WrestleFest recently that she is under a per performance deal with the company with nothing currently booked following the Rebellion PPV and tapings in Poughkeepsie, New York on April 23 and 24. She did not rule out a return to the promotion, however.