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MLW Fusion results: LA Park vs. Pentagon Jr.


- We opened backstage with Salina de la Renta and Low Ki. De la Renta was on the phone talking about expanding Promociones Dorado's offices to Rio and San Diego, but Low Ki was more interested in his upcoming fight with Daga.

Low Ki tried to get de la Renta to focus on the job at hand. But for the second week in a row, she blew him off and told him to focus on the matches -- and she will focus on the business. Trouble brewing in Promociones Dorado.

- Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcomed us to a special Cinco de Mayo edition of MLW Fusion, with the episode presented by Salina de la Renta. Bocchini read out a self-scripted introduction for de la Renta as Cornette couldn't believe his ears.

De la Renta told us after tonight she will have shown why she should have been in charge since day one.

Low Ki defeated Daga (10:40)

The main story of the match was  that even though Low Ki beatdown Daga throughout, he couldn't put him away cleanly. Once Daga began his comeback and was looking dangerous, Ki had to cheat in order to come away with the victory.

As Low Ki made his entrance -- notably without de la Renta -- we cut to Sami Callihan as he was trying to break into the arena. He had been locked out and banned by de la Renta, but that wasn't stopping him as he was using a knife to try and break into the building.

As Daga was entering, he and Low Ki met each other on the ramp and the fight was on. We were told this was the scene of the crime where Low Ki tried to rip off Daga's ear the last time they were in New York City.

Daga hit an early suicide dive and got a two count after a dropkick to the back of the neck. His early advantage was thwarted when Ki reversed a suplex and dropped Daga gut-first on the top rope. They went back outside for some more ringside brawling before Ki tried to wear him down with a rear chinlock.

Ki attacked with chops, thrusts, and stiff kicks, but Daga kept kicking out and momentarily fighting back. He reversed a whip to the corner to alleviate a bit of pressure, but Ki sprung out of the corner with a dropkick right to the face. Daga hip tossed Ki out of an abdominal stretch, but a headbutt soon floored him again.

Two dragon screws changed the swing of the match and they both began exchanging chops and forearms as Daga's momentum was gaining. He hit a hard clothesline and went up top but missed a drop foot stomp. Ki followed up with a quick running dropkick into the corner.

They both then went up to the top rope, with Daga getting caught up in the tree of woe. Ki was looking for a double foot stomp, but Daga yanked him off the top rope by the trunks. Daga then hit a huge missile dropkick that knocked Low Ki so hard that he bounced back up to his feet.

Daga charged him in the corner, but Low Ki was able to switch into a fisherman suplex and -- unbeknownst to referee Doug Markham -- get his feet up on the ropes for extra leverage and the win.

- Backstage, de la Renta announced the semifinal brackets for the National Openweight Championship tournament: Gringo Loco vs. Alexander Hammerstone and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Rich Swann.

- We were told that Tom Lawlor's next opponent for his MLW World title will be Avalanche Robert Driessker. We cut to Lawlor, who said that you take on all comers when you are the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. It doesn't matter the size of the opponent or where they are from.

We then had a quick music video of Lawlor wrestling and training with fellow Team Filthy member Ariel Dominguez.

- We cut back to Callihan, who had broken into the building. He met Ricky Martinez in a hallway, jumped him, and stole his phone.

El Hijo de LA Park (presented by Salina de la Renta) defeated Gringo Loco (5:52)

A quick but fanatic lucha spotfest took place next as Hijo was able to counter a powerbomb into his Hijo Driver to pick up the win.

They did an opening with rolls, arm drags, and cartwheels, getting a “lucha libre” chant from the New York crowd. Hijo launched himself over the top rope and landed on Loco on the outside, hitting a hurricanrana before jumping back into the ring to follow up with a suicide dive for good measure.

Back inside, they went to the top rope. Hijo went for a Spanish Fly, but Loco grabbed him and hit a big sit-out slam for a close two count. They went back and fourth before Hijo hit a sunset flip slam for a close two count of his own.

Hijo went to the top again, but Loco crotched him on the top rope. Loco went up to join him and hit a massive falcon arrow for another close two count. Loco popped right up after the pin, but Hijo reversed a powerbomb attempt into his Hijo Driver (a reverse tombstone with Loco on his back) to pick up the win.

- We had a Contra Unit video package where they called out Barrington Hughes after he got involved in their beatdown of Ace Romero recently.

- The backstage cameras then caught up with Callihan on his crusade. He used Martinez's phone to call de la Renta and warn her he wasn't finished with Promociones Dorado.

LA Park (presented by Salina de la Renta) defeated Pentagon Jr. (11:53)

An amazing showcase for the Mexican legend and de la Renta's right-hand man. Age has no boundaries as LA Park rewound 20 years to defeat Pentagon with some amazing high-flying efforts.

Park met Pentagon at the entrance stage to start this wild brawl. Referee Frank Gastineau was giving them some leeway as they brawled around ringside using steps, guardrails, and ring posts. Park strutted around the ring as the bell rang to officially start the match when they finally made their way inside the ring.

Park whipped Penta with his belt, but the referee let him off with it. De la Renta then choked Pentagon right in front of the referee and kicked him behind his back. She tried to interfere again up on the apron, but Penta planted a kiss on her for good measure.

De la Renta then got caught up with Park, which gave Pentagon the opportunity to fight back and hit a huge tope con hiro on Park.

Pentagon hit a slingblade, but Park quickly retaliated with a German suplex for a two count. Park put Penta on the top rope, but Penta slipped out and hit a lungblower/backstabber off the ropes for a two count of his own. Park escaped out of a piledriver and hit a running knee for another near two count.

An enzuigiri and a superkick by Pentagon put him back in charge, but Park got a foot on the ropes to break the pinfall attempt. Pentagon then ate a big boot and a suplex into the corner, which only set up an amazing, huge dive from Park has he ran corner to corner, dove through the ropes, and splatted Pentagon on the outside.

Park continued his jaw-dropping aerial assault for a wrestler of his age, hitting Pentagon with a spinning heel kick off the top rope when they were back in the ring! He then hit Pentagon with a spear to pick up the win.

- De la Renta took the mic after the match and bad mouthed New York City and the live crowd. She said they were going to open a gift from their sponsors and brought out a big gift-wrapped box.

Park went to open the gift, but who popped out? None other than the Southern Psychopath Mance Warner. We went off the air as Warner and Park brawled across the entrance set.

Next week --

  • Barrington Hughes vs. Jacob Fatu
  • Gringo Loco vs. Alexander Hammerstone