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MLW Fusion results: LA Park vs. Sami Callihan


Quick results --

  • Brian Pillman Jr. defeated MJF
  • Myron Reed & Rich Swann defeated Jimmy Yuta & Lance Anoa'i
  • LA Park defeated Sami Callihan

Full recap --

- We opened this week's episode with a recap from last week's Battle Riot from New York City over WrestleMania week.

Highlights included MJF smashing a champagne bottle over Teddy Hart's head, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor being staple gunned in the forehead before retaining his title against Jimmy Havoc, a Dan Severn suplex, Myron Reed gloriously failing to crossbody both Ace Romero and Barrington Hughes at the same time, Contra Unit's attempt at a human bonfire, LAX showing up, Alexander Hammerstone using Ariel Dominguez as a barbell for his shoulder press workout before being dumped out by Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Sami Callihan then eliminating Smith before being chopped out himself by eventual winner and new number one contender LA Park.

- Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to New York and hyped up an appearance from MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor.

Brian Pillman Jr. defeated MJF (w/ Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone) (7:53)

A good match to progress the Dynasty vs. Hart Foundation feud and also the ascension of both wrestlers. The story of the match was Pillman's shoulder injury, with MJF focusing his attack on it. Pillman withstood the arm-based attacks to get the win out of nowhere to the shock of MJF and the Dynasty.

We learned that Teddy Hart was not there with Pillman due to the champagne attack last week. The referee was quick to eject Holliday and Hammerstone after they got involved one time too many early on. MJF took Pillman down with a shoulder drop in what Cornette called the “Divorce court.” He continued his assault on the shoulder until Pillman hit a crossbody off the top, a running forearm, chops, a superkick, and a powerslam for a two count.

MJF pulled the referee in front of him, eye poked Pillman, hit a double foot stomp to the injured shoulder, and still only got a two count after a schoolboy. MJF took too much time and let Pillman roll him up in a small package for the three count.

- Kaci Lennox tried to grab a word with MJF after the match, but he cut her off, called her a bimbo, and said that the result was a fluke before storming off. Charming.

- Salina de la Renta held a press event earlier on where we found out that on May 4 she will be the first female executive producer in wrestling history. She told us to stay tuned to find out when LA Park will be cashing in his title shot.

- Sami Callihan was backstage, telling us he has been around the world and has finally found out who he is. He is the Death Machine, the Worldwide Desperado, and the Draw in MLW. He is going to cause chaos, piss people off, and beat LA Park tonight. He challenged Mance Warner to a match next week on Fusion too.

- Cameras caught up with Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone wanted to get his hands on the Hart Foundation, but Holliday wanted to leave and make their reservation at the 21 Club instead. They eventually noticed the camera and chased it away.

Myron Reed & Rich Swann defeated Jimmy Yuta & Lance Anoa'i (8:42)

A really good tag match filled with great athleticism and aerial maneuvers. Reed and Swann still had “justice” taped over their mouths in their attempt to show their disdain against the officials in MLW. They feel officials are being biased against them. Referee Doug Markham checked Reed and Swann for foreign objects.

A chop from Yuta fired up Swann as he turned up the aggression with some chops of his own, then tagged in Reed for him to hit a springboard leg drop and his own running senton double-team combination.

Anoa'i got the hot tag and hit a dropkick to Reed with Swann on his shoulders, with Swann being dropped with a Samoan drop. Anoa'i's momentum was soon halted as he went up top and missed a 450 splash. Then, out of nowhere, Reed hit a cutter when he ran from the stage and jumped from the ramp over the top rope and into the ring.

Yuta had to make the save and then tried to take out Swann with a dive to the outside, but Swann caught him with a mid-air low blow to render him speaking high pitched for the rest of the night. Inside the ring, both Swann and Reed went to the (same) top rope. Swann hit a middle rope 450 double knees to the chest and Reed hit a traditional 450 splash for the win.

- Mance Warner was backstage with Kaci Lennox. He accepted Sami Callihan's challenge and said he will take Callihan's head off when his knee pad goes up....then down.

- Tom Lawlor then told us that for 22 years he has been putting everything on the line because he wanted to call himself a champion. He talked us through the injuries he has suffered throughout his career but told us none of that compares to Jacob Fatu's splash off the top of the steel cage. He warned Contra Unit that he is going to put them unconscious.

LA Park defeated Sami Callihan (7:16)

A wild brawl ensued from the get-go as they brawled outside with beer cans, umbrellas, and VIP rope posts. Park crotched Callihan on the ring post and then hit him with a replica championship belt before they eventually made their way into the ring.

Park hit a clothesline and went for the pin -- as Callihan kicked out, he pushed Park right on top of referee Frank Gastineau. The referee was helped up by Park but ate a big boot to the face by Callihan as Park just moved out of the way in time.

Park went for a spear on Callihan but missed and hit the middle turnbuckle, breaking it in the process. Callihan hit Park with a baseball bat and went for the cover. He got the visual three count, but there was no referee there to count the pin.

Ricky Martinez and El Hijo de LA Park came out and started putting the boots to Callihan, but Mance Warner quickly ran out and made the save. Low Ki was out next and then he, Hijo, and Martinez began a three-on-one attack on Warner.

Daga then ran out and made the save and kicked Low Ki, Hijo, and Martinez to the outside. He then took out the four other additions to the match with a tope con hilo. But back in the ring, Park took Callihan out with a spear and picked up the victory.

After the match, Promociones Dorado beat down Warner, Daga, and Callihan four-on-three.

Before we went off the air, the cameras were out in the parking lot and caught up with Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone looking for their car. They saw it alright, and a lot more than they bargained for. MJF's car rolled past them, windows down, with Teddy Hart driving, Davey Boy Smith Jr. in the passenger seat, and Brian Pillman Jr.'s butt sticking out of the back seat window.

Next week --

  • Sami Callihan takes on Mance Warner
  • Ace Romero vs. Josef Samael