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MLW Fusion results: Mystery tag match, Lucha Bros talk their future


Quick recap --

  • Myron Reed defeated DJZ
  • Gringo Loco defeated Puma King
  • Mystery tag team match: Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman

Full rundown --

The opening video has been updated to include the Hart Foundation's Doomsday Destroyer and Tom Lawlor winning the MLW World Heavyweight Championship from last week.

We opened from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia with a quick recap of last week's episode showing the final moments and title celebrations from Lawlor and the Hart Foundation.

Myron Reed defeated DJZ (6:24)

DJZ hit a combination of a dropkick, jawbreaker, and springboard back elbow to take the upper hand early on. Reed took a breather on the outside, but DJZ had other ideas and landed a suicide dive from the apron through the ropes, in front of the ring post, onto Reed on the outside.

DJZ followed up inside the ring with a splash and a springboard moonsault, but Reed got his knees up. This gave Reed the opportunity to land a huge dive to the outside of his own.

Back in the ring, DJZ hit a neckbreaker -- but Reed was able to fight back and hit his suplex into a stunner combination and quickly a middle rope springboard cutter for a close two count. He jaw-jacked with the referee, which seemed to cost him some precious time as DJZ cut him off on the top rope and joined him up there.

Reed kicked DJZ off and hoped to land a flipping whoopee cushion, but DJZ caught him and planted him with a powerbomb. DJZ tried to follow up with the DZT, but Reed blocked it. DJZ then tried an O'Connor roll -- but Reed rolled through, grabbed the tights, and held on for the win.

- H2TV was back with Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. for a Valentine's Day Q&A session. Pillman was asked what girlfriend he will spend Valentine's Day with, and Hart was asked what pussy (cat) he would be spending it with. They were asked if Davey Boy Smith Jr. is single and if he is as big as he looks on TV. Hart finished by saying that Pillman has gold in his future.

Gringo Loco defeated Puma King (7:37)

They quickly leapt into arm drags, roll-throughs, flips, and leg sweeps. Loco's headscissors was reversed, and both tried pinfalls before nipping up at the same time to the adulation of the crowd.

Puma King took a cheap shot to take the advantage and bit Loco's ear to add insult. Loco fought back and hit his headscissors, but Puma King quickly hit one of his own and followed up with a springboard splash to the outside.

A crossbody and superkick followed in the ring as Puma King stayed on the advantage. He evaded Loco by rolling out of the ring but was not expecting him to immediately spring over the top rope and land a rolling dive.

Back in the ring, Loco went up top and hit a second rope corkscrew elbow for a two count. Puma King fought back with a jumping codebreaker and rolled through into a Camel Clutch pinning combination for a two count of his own.

After an exchange on the top rope, Loco leapt off and hit a huge springboard middle rope cutter -- but Puma King got his shoulder up at the last moment. Puma King came close with a Code Red but was visibly frustrated after another two count. He was then crotched on the top rope as he took too much time but caught Loco and took him off the top with a headscissor takeover.

Puma King sprung to the opposite corner -- but Loco caught him again and was able to hit a huge Spanish Fly from the top rope to pick up the win.

- Matt Striker hyped up that we would be hearing from Pentagon Jr. and Fenix tonight on their future with MLW.

- MJF was backstage talking about Teddy Hart. He said he doesn't get Hart and he wants the admiration that Hart gets. He wants the fans to thank him for being the good role model that Hart can't be. MJF said that next week -- he will beat down Teddy Hart and win back his MLW Middleweight Championship that he never lost.

- Cameras caught up with Tommy Dreamer earlier in the parking lot. He said Pillman should be honored to be in this building. He said Pillman is everything he doesn't like -- Pillman is coming to his house and will be lucky to make it out alive.

- We then had a Jimmy Havoc hype video saying that he will be back.

Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman (8:07)

Pillman came out himself and took the mic. He said he isn't going to step into the ring with a washed up ECW junkie. He has the constitutional right to choose his own partner, and he picked Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Dreamer's partner needed no introduction as the sounds of Metallica introduced The Sandman to the Philadelphia loyal. We got the full five-minute entrance -- including fans downing beers, a Teddy Hart embrace, and The Sandman mopping up some tactically spilled beverage from some women.

Sandman made his way to the ring apron as the final chords played and he finished his sixth beer of the evening. Well, there is no way I can confirm that for a fact. He finished his sixth beer of his entrance and spat the last drops in Smith's face.

The technical catch-as-catch-can masterpiece we were all hoping for was quickly ruined as, unpredictably, the action immediately spilled to the outside for a fist fight. Sandman smashed a beer over Pillman's head, then Dreamer rammed him face-first into a fan's boot.

In the ring, the ECW originals hit a double back elbow and double elbow drop. Sandman chopped and booted Pillman in the corner before Dreamer got in for some of his own.

Smith hit Dreamer from the apron to give the Hart Foundation the upper hand. Pillman hit a side Russian leg sweep to insult Sandman. Smith came in, legally this time, and hit Dreamer with a huge standing vertical suplex for a two count.

Dreamer had some hope with a DDT and got the hot tag to Sandman. He ran wild over Pillman with right hands and a white Russian leg sweep that Smith broke up the cover on. Out of nowhere, Dreamer hit a big cutter on Smith as Sandman found a Singapore cane and began to stalk Pillman around the ring.

Pillman scrambled in all four corners, finding his own cane, a piece of broken table, and finally a human being to stop Sandman in his tracks. Pillman lifted the hood off the ring dweller to reveal the Blue Meanie! Sandman went for the cane shot, Pillman pulled Meanie in front of him, and Meanie showed his true colors and waffled Pillman with a right hand. Sandman finally got his cane shot in.

In the ring, Dreamer had set up two chairs facing each other. He went for a Spiccoli driver on Smith, but Pillman hit him in the face with the Singapore cane. That gave Smith the opportunity to slip off and hit a big Pillman-assisted powerbomb through the chairs for the win. Dreamer and Sandman received a standing ovation as they left the ring.

- We cut backstage to see Pentagon Jr. & Fenix. Fenix said the Lucha Bros are here to take over the world as they are the best tag team in the world. Pentagon followed up saying they wrestle wherever they want, when they want, and they don't care who it's against. They will be in Chicago next month, they are staying in MLW, and they will be waiting for any tag team.

- Before the show went off the air, we cut to Lawlor staggering out of a club at 8 a.m. He just had an all-nighter with the MLW World Heavyweight Championship and said the work is never done when you're "Filthy" Tom Lawlor.

Next week --

Teddy Hart defends the MLW Middleweight title against MJF.