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MLW Intimidation Games live results: Tom Lawlor vs. Low Ki cage match


MLW's third live special on beIN Sports takes place in the Chicago area tonight as Cicero Stadium hosts Intimidation Games.

After losing the MLW World Heavyweight Championship to Tom Lawlor at last month's live special, Low Ki will get his rematch for the title tonight. This time, it will be Lawlor vs. Low Ki in a steel cage match.

Low Ki defeated Shane Strickland for the MLW World title in July 2018 before dropping it to Lawlor last month.

Prior to tonight's event, MLW announced that Jim Cornette is the newest member of their broadcast team and will be doing color commentary. Cornette is calling tonight's show with Rich Bocchini, and MLW also has television tapings taking place at Cicero Stadium both before and after the live special.

The Intimidation Games live special will be an hour long and will begin on beIN Sports at 9 p.m. Eastern time.


 The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr/Rey Fenix) beat  Team AAA (Laredo Kid/Taurus)

Free for all to start with all four guys getting moves in. Laredo Kid took out Pentagon with an Asai moounsault to the outside. Then Taurus took both of them out with a flying corkscrew moonsault. And then Fenix hit a springboard top-rope moonsault onto Team AAA. 

Pentagon hit a flying spin kick on Laredo Kid, followed by a superman punch from Fenix and then a double superkick. Then they did a whacky double Lucha submission spot but couldn't get the tap. Action just kind of stopped after that, which was weird. 

Crowd solidly behind the Lucha Brothers as Pentagon and Laredo Kid do the yay/boo spot as we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Taurus is working over Pentagon. Fenix comes in and eats some punches and kicks before taking over on Taurus. Fenix does the running rope walk and a double foot stomp to the back of Taurus. Laredo Kid and Fenix then trade vicious chops in the corner. Lared Kid with a springboard cutter for 2. 

Taurus powerbombs Pentagon onto Fenix, who then hits a 450 splash but the Lucha Brothers kick out of a double pinfall attempt. Lucha Brothers hit superkicks on Taurus. Lucha Brothers hit a springboard stuffed package piledriver and Pentagon pins Laredo Kid for the win. A bit dijointed at times but a lot of fun. 

Fans threw money into the ring when it was over. Fenix cut a promo in English putting over the crowd in Chicago and said they'll be here for life. 

Good video package for Jimmy Havoc aired next. "England's most dangerous man". And then a taped Hart Foundation promo from a poolside. They promised to add the MLW six man belts to their tag team titles and Teddy Hart's middleweight belt they already hold. They also promised to defend the tag belts using Freebird rules. 

Matt Stryker hosted the Battle Riot Control centre, which will take place over Mania weekend in NYC. Minoru Tanaka from NOAH was announced as competing in it, in addition to Pentagon Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr. 

Backstage interview with MJF, alongside Richard Holiday. They are known as the Dynasty and MJF asked for a tag team title shot. MJF and Teddy are also feuding over the middleweight belt. MJF is really playing up the Hart family disfunction over the years and claiming that he comes from a family that is respected in society. 

Yet another backstage interview with Salina De La Renta. This is all to give them time to set up the cage for the main event. She promised that Low Ki would get vengance tonight. 

MLW heavyweight title match:

Steel cage match - Tom Lawlor (c) beats Low Ki w/Salina De La Renta to retain the title

Cornette did his homework on Lawlor, pointing out all knds of stuff from his UFC career, including the many bonuses he won, in addition to winning a fight with a twisted knee. Lawlor the clear crowd favorite during the intros with a loud FILTHY TOM chant. 

Low Ki attacks Lawlor before the bell to get the early advantage. Low Ki gets a takedown adn working for a D'Arce choke but Lawlor picks him up and slams him against the cage to break it. Lawlor setting up a Kimura and armbar attempt simultaneously before just gaining mount and pounding out Ki with punches in the corner. Lawlor attempts a standing rear naked choke but Ki slams him into the cage to break it. Salina hands Low Ki a high heeled shoe, which Ki james into the gut and then the head of Lawlor. 

Low Ki with a series of kicks to the chest of a kneeling Lawlor but Lawlor asks him for more, before standing up. Lawlor catches a kick and hits strikes to the midsection before Ki slams him into the cage to get the momentum back. Announcers put over the fact that Low Ki watched Lawlor's UFC matches to see how he lost and then using the same tactics his opponents did. Low Ki with an abdominal stretch, which highlights a cut on the midsection of Lawlor as a result of the high heeled show from earlier.

Lawlor briefly turns things around with punches before getting whipped into the cage by Ki again. Lawlor catches Ki and hits a nice suplex and both guys are down. Lawlor goes for a powerbomb but Ki hits elbows to the head to knock him down and then hits a double foot stomp to take control. Ki misses a springboard cross body and then Lawlor hits a spinning facebuster for two. The announcers point out that there will be no commercial breaks during this match, unlike what other companies do. 

Lawlor with an ankle lock attempt but Ki makes it to the ropes and kicks Lawlor in the head to break it. Ki brings a roll of pennies into the ring but Lawlor gets it and nails Ki with a punch before breaking the roll of coins. Lawlor with the first attempt to escape the cage by climbining but Ki follows him up and then attempts a rear naked choke as Lawlor is standing on the top turnbuckle. Ki with elbows to the head knocks Lawlor into the tree of woe. Ki about to attempt the double foot stomp but Lawlor shakes the cage to knock Ki off the top. 

Both guys trading punches while sitting on the top of the cage, doing the Yay/Boo spot. Lawlor attempts to climb down the cage and Ki follows him. Ki with elbows to the head and a head butt. Lawlor with his foot caught in the cage. Ki with more elbows to teh head. Lawlor recovers and landing kicks to the legs of Ki as he hangs off the cage. Lawlor with kicks to the back of Ki and then slams his head into the cage. Both are hanging on the outside of the cage and it's very weird because either guy could fall off at any time. 

As I typed that, both guys fell off the cage but Lawlor landed first and retains the title. 

Lawlor is attached after the match by former partner Simon Gotch and two other dudes. They aren't identified. One of them was Jacob Fatu. They throw Lawlor back in the cage beat him down. Fatu goes to the top of the cage and lands a splash onto Lawlor. Crowd chants HOLY SH*T after that. It was impressive. They then cover Lawlor in a flag labelled CONTRA, the name of their group.