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Nick Gage attacks Matt Cardona at GCW Homecoming Part Two

Cardona and Chelsea Green held a marriage vow renewal ceremony on the show.

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green's wedding vow renewal ceremony did not go as planned. 

The segment headlined GCW Homecoming Part Two from Atlantic City on Sunday.  Former Tough Enough winner, Maven, officiated the ceremony and insulted the fans for making hurtful comments online about the Cardonas. 

Cardona's parents were in attendance for the ceremony. Green had a special surprise for Cardona as well and brought out Maki Itoh to sing for them. 

At one point, Cardona said that he put GCW on the map when he defeated Nick Gage for the title. Gage would then hit the ring along with Dewey Donovan shortly after the ceremony ended. Gage first attacked Cardona's father with light tubes and then turned his attention to Cardona. 

Green went to confront Gage but was attacked by Allie Katch, who hit her with the wedding cake and then gave her a piledriver. Gage then took a pizza cutter to Cardona's forehead and got on the microphone to say it's "MDK all f***ing day" to end the show. 

Earlier on the card, Maki Itoh made her debut for the promotion. She defeated Dark Sheik in singles competition. Itoh had lost to Billie Starkz at JCW After Hours Two the night before. 

The GCW fans continue to boo Blake Christian after it was revealed he signed an AEW/ROH deal and will not be around as much. After his team with Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne was defeated by the Second Gear Crew, Christian got up in his teammates' faces as the crowd continued to turn on him. 

Charles Mason attempted to interfere in the BUSSY vs. Charli Evans & Everett Connors match. All four official participants in the match ended up piling on him for the pin, however, despite him not actually being in the match. 

One night after winning the GCW Ultraviolent Championship from Alex Colon, Rina Yamashita would successfully defend it against the 6ft 2 Sawyer Wreck. 

The promotion also appears to be building to a big tag team title match on September 3 in Chicago. The Briscoes defeated Los Macizos for the titles on Saturday and were then challenged by the Second Gear Crew for a future title match. After John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon defeated Los Macizos on Sunday, they said they want a crack at the titles too. BUSSY hit the ring after the match and also said they want a shot at the tag titles in Chicago. So, it appears multiple teams are looking to face the Briscoes for the belts that night. 

GCW will be back with shows next weekend from Concord, North Carolina on Friday and Atlanta on Saturday. 

The full results from GCW Homecoming Part Two are as follows:

  • GCW Extreme Champion Cole Radrick defeated Alec Price, Gringo Loco, Axton Ray, Jimmy Lloyd, & Masha Slamovich to retain the title
  • Maki Itoh defeated Dark Sheik
  • Ninja Mack defeated Kevin Blackwood
  • The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) defeated Blake Christian, Jordan Oliver, & Nick Wayne
  • Mike Bailey defeated Starboy Charlie
  • BUSSY (Allie Katch & Effy) vs. Charli Evans & Everett Connors went to a no-contest
  • GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita defeated Sawyer Wreck to retain the title.
  • The Mega Bastards (John Wayne Murdoch & Alex Colon) defeated Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) in a tag team deathmatch