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Nick Wayne on flight diverted due to bomb threat

The teenager made his debut for Progress on Sunday.

After making his debut for Progress this weekend, Nick Wayne's flight home was diverted due to a bomb threat.  

The teenager was flying to Seattle from Frankfurt, Germany on Condor flight DE2032 when a bomb threat was found written on a bathroom mirror. The flight then changed course over Greenland and landed in Keflavik, Iceland.

Our own Bryan Alvarez spoke about the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio

"Somebody apparently went into the bathroom and wrote either 'bomb' or 'explosion' on the mirror in the bathroom. They turned around, they landed in Iceland, they took everybody off the plane, they herded them into some secure area."

Local police in Iceland conducted a search of all carry-on items and passenger belongings. 

"Apparently [Nick's] mother was interrogated for quite a while because she had an eyeliner or something of that nature and obviously [the threat] had been scrawled in eyeliner or makeup on the bathroom mirror. So, she was in a panic," Alvarez continued. 

"They're not allowed to do anything including charge their phones so everybody's phone is about to die. So, I don't know when we'll get an update until presumably, they are home."

According to a report from Air Live, 266 people who were aboard the flight have been sent to an area guarded by police. As of this writing, it is not clear if the passengers are still being detained. 

Wayne defeated Robbie X at PROGRESS Chapter 136: 24/7 from the Electric Ballroom in London, England on Sunday.