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NWA Alwayz Ready live results: Seven title matches

The questions surrounding the World title match will finally be answered.
NWA Alwayz Ready

The NWA World title will be on the line at Saturday's Alwayz Ready pay-per-view but it's unclear under what circumstances as current titleholder Matt Cardona underwent surgery to repair a torn biceps.

Cardona will be at the Louisville, Kentucky, event but the company hasn't revealed who challenger Nick Aldis will be facing or if he is somehow still taking on Cardona.

Kamille defends the Women's title against KiLynn King while Women's Tag Team Champions The Hex (Allysin Kay & Bartie Belle) will defend against The Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige).

TV Champion Tyrus will defend against Mims while Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide will defend against PJ Hawx.

The National title will be on the line as Jax Dane defends against former champion Chris Adonis while Tag Team Champions La Rebelion will defend against The Commonwealth Connection of Harry Smith & Doug Williams.

Aron Stevens will have his "swan song" match against Trevor Murdoch, Taya Valkyrie will take on Natalia Markova.

The pre-show will see Ricky & Kerry Morton vs. AJ Cazana & a mystery partner vs. The Fixers in a three-way; the debut of Samuel Shaw (fka Dexter Lumis in NXT); and Jake Dumas vs. Rodney Mack.


May Valentine was with BLK Jeez on the preshow, talking about how BLK Jeez was going to manage Tyrus tonight, rather than Austin Idol, as Idol was focusing on managing Cyon tonight. Jeez said that Idol was trying to make things right with his son, and that Jeez was going to create a moment with Tyrus as Mims loses and Tyrus retains the NWA Television title.

Rodney Mack defeated Jake Dumas (w/ CJ)

This was a really bad match. Dumas is not good at all, and Rodney Mack was never great in the first place.

CJ acted as the assistant to Dumas, pointing at him and waving in his direction any time he did anything, including being dropped, which was quite funny. Mack hit a big spinebuster for a 2-count. Soon thereafter Dumas hit a Russian leg sweep worse than The Sandman’s, which is saying something, and hit a dropkick.

I have seen Dumas on a few NWA shows, and this guy is really not great at all. Not to mention the gimmick does involve him doing magic tricks at all, at least in the matches I’ve seen. CJ was an amusing addition to the act though, so we will see if it works. Rodney Mack as never great, but his tough and has an aura of toughness that makes up for some of that.

Mack hit a big backdrop and went for a German suplex on Mack, but Dumas pulled a playing card out and raked the eyes of Mack with it. I liked that. Dumas hit a bodyslam into an uranage, but Mack kicked out. Dumas called for CJ to give him a chair, so she grabbed a chair and began to show it off, modelling said chair. Rodney Mack locked on the Euthanizer for the submission. CJ came into the ring and displayed the fallen Dumas.

-May Valentine was with Chelsea Green to talk about the injury to Matt Cardona. Green was very vague, saying that Cardona was a tough and resilient man, and that they were always going to show up. Green said that she didn’t know if Corgan was going to make Cardona give up the title or fight, but her and Cardona were going to go out there and do what is necessary. Green also insisted she wanted to be the NWA Worlds Women’s Champion, and she was giving Kamille her time.

-"Hatchet" Samuel Shaw made his entrance into the arena, returning to the NWA for the first time since NWA 70 four years ago. Kyle Davis had questions for him, and Shaw remained silent. The crowd popped for the silence, which made me laugh. Rush Freeman made his way down to the ring, presumably to offer a spot to Shaw in the Ill Begotten.

Freeman marked out, saying he was in “Awe of Shaw” and demanded a new t-shirt be made. Sal Rinauro came into the ring and attacked Shaw from behind. Rinauro threw a punch, but Shaw caught it, and Freeman and Shaw cleared the ring. Freeman offered a handshake to Shaw, and Shaw took it, but hit a massive uranage and The Silence, a head and arm choke. Shaw did the same to Rinauro, but Gags the Gimp ran down to ringside, and Shaw simply stared a hole in Gags, who took Sal the Pal out of the ring.

This wasn’t a massive reaction, but Shaw did get a nice reaction for parts of it. Time will tell if the gimmick will work and if the NWA can find a way to make it humorous the way NXT did.

-May Valentine was with Wrecking Ball Legursky, who had some breaking news about The Fixers. Wrecking Ball announced that Jay Bradley was hurt, and he had elephantitis of the inner groins, and it bothers him as he reads a book and bikes. This seems suspicious.

The Mortons defeated AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews) (w/ Joe Cazana) & The Illbegotten (Jeremiah Plunkett & Alex Taylor) (w/ Danny Deals)

The Mortons looked fine, and this match was clearly supposed to be a showcase for Kerry Morton, but it was a mess in the ring. That said, the Mortons getting the victory served its purpose and got a big reaction from the audience.

The Illbegotten were announced as the replacement for The Fixers, as Danny Deals scored another deal. Deals used the attack on Rush Freeman by Samuel Shaw to get Corgan to give him the match here.

Cazana and Taylor isolated Kerry Morton in the corner, but their teamwork didn't last long with Cazana slamming Taylor. Morton fired up against Cazana, but got nailed with a powerslam as Cazana caught him coming off the middle rope. Cazana got caught with a throat thrust from Taylor, who tagged out to Plunkett.

Ricky Morton tagged in and hit a headscissors and headlock takeover on Plunkett and Andrews. This match broke down into a bit of a mess after that with everyone being all over the ring. The heels couldn't work together to get heat on Kerry Morton, so Alex Taylor and Cazana seemed to keep getting in each other's way.

Anthony Andrews had "Undefeated" and "2-0" on his tights, not lacking in confidence here. He would be 2-0 if he and Cazana win this match. Part of what made the psychology of this match so weird was that it was 3 men in the ring at the same time, and not everyone knew how to work with that. Kerry and Ricky Morton hit a double dropkick on Plunkett and scored the pinfall.

Main Card:

Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky opened the show by running down the card before Aron Stevens made his entrance with tears in his eyes, indicating that this really is his retirement match.

Trevor Murdoch defeated Aron Stevens

If this was Stevens' last match, it is sad to see, but Stevens ended it putting over a friend.

Murdoch slapped Stevens to start the match. Stevens tried to outwrestle Murdoch, but Murdoch used punches and kicks to keep dropping Stevens. Stevens got his leg caught on the top rope, injuring his knee. This was a botch that they rolled with as Stevens’ foot somehow got caught on the turnbuckle. Murdoch used this as a chance to attack the knee and hit his top rope bulldog soon thereafter for the pinfall.

Stevens grabbed a mic after the match as the fans chanted "Thank you, Aron!" and Stevens said, "You're welcome!" I can't think of a more appropriate way for him to leave, if he is gone.

Pretty Empowered (Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy) defeated The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) for the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship

When Paige and Kay were in the ring, this was a great match. When Belle and Envy were in the ring, it was not so good. Envy could keep up with Kay, and Paige could help make Belle look good, but Envy and Belle together was not good. That said, this was still a decent match despite a few rough moments. I’m excited to see Kenzie Paige getting elevated, but I don’t like how they’re already hinting at dissension between Paige and Envy. It’s a very Russo strategy, but it is frustrating because we don’t have any time to invest in their team to care about the breakup.

Kay and Paige started the match with a lock up, and Paige got the crowd to pop for a hammer lock, which is awesome. Belle and Kay double teamed Paige in their corner with some fast strikes and a hip attack. Paige broke a wristlock from Kay and tagged out, but Envy immediately walked into a crossface from Kay.

Belle and Kay hit a series of double team moves for a 2-count on Envy. Envy rolled to the floor, but ate a splash off the apron by Belle. Kay went to the top rope for a dive, but Envy ran in and hit a powerbomb on Kay. Envy stomped Kay in with a few low blows, but the referee didn’t call it. Paige stomped on Kay in the corner before trying to suplex her into the buckles, but Kay fought it off.

Envy and Pagie tried it together, but Kay fought it off. Paige nailed Kay with a superkick for a 2-count. Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige had a miscommunication of some sort that almost saw Kay make the tag to Belle, but went for a suplex again. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and Kay suplexed both women before tagging out to Marti Belle.

Allysin Kay hit a Saito Suplex on Kenzie Paige that dumped her on her head. Marti Belle hit the Stroke on Envy, but got a 2-count. Paige and Envy tried a complicated spot with Belle which did not go well. Best to keep it simple with Belle. Belle botched a codebreaker, but Evny fell backwards into another Saito suplex from Kay.

Paige hit a suicide dive on Kay, and Ella Envy made her way into the ring with the tag title and tried to hit Belle. The referee took the belt away from Envy, but as his back was turned, Ella punted Marti Belle low and then hit the Play of the Day for the pinfall.

Homicide defeated PJ Hawx to retain the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Great match from these two here. Homicide is great, as always, and PJ Hawx, while green, is showing a ton of potential. This was the first match of the night that I would say was very good.

Homicide tried to outwrestle PJ Hawx in the early portions of the match, and Hawx kept using his amateur wrestling experience to get out from Homicides takedowns. Hawx took Homicide down and locked on a facelock. Every attempt of Homicide to take down Hawx, Hawx had an answer, and he actually looked at the camera confused after one of them, which was great.

Homicide did a Russian legsweep while pulling the hair of Hawx, in a classic heel move. Homicide booted Hawx in the back before hitting a backbreaker. Joe Galli pointed out that if Homicide works over the back, Hawx will have trouble finding power in his wrestling. Homicide nailed Hawx with a DDT and scored a 2-count.

Homicide locked in an STF, but Hawx was able to get out with his wrestling ability again, but struggled more with it. Homicide hit a stun gun for a 2-count. Hawx hit two suplexes on Homicide before sending him crashing into the corner twice and hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a 2-count.

Homicide hit a hard chop that woke the crowd up and went for the Koji Cutter off the middle rope, but Hawx fought it off and hit a vertical suplex for a 2-count. Hawx put Homicide on the top rope and hit a superplex for a 2-count. Hawx went for a superkick, but Homicide countered into a Koji Cutter for a 2-count. Homicide then broke out the Cop Killa and got the 3-count.

-Jay Bradley ran out and attacked both men as Homicide was showing respect to PJ Hawx. I guess his elephantitis has been cured. The Fixers destroyed both men, and then destroyed Luke Hawx as he tried to make the save. I assume Colby Corino had something to do with this, as The Fixers tend to work with him.

The Mortons ran down to make the save, and they chased The Fixers off. Colby Corino grabbed a referee and it seems Colby Corino was cashing in his Champion’s Series Title Shot on Homicide after the beating, and there was nothing the others could do about it.

Homicide defeated Colby Corino to retain the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Well, I wasn’t expecting two awesome Homicide matches tonight, but here we are. The Champion’s Series still haunts me, but other than Velvet Sky, I think everyone has cashed in their title shots now, so hopefully that is the end of that and will never be mentioned again. Corino and Homicide was awesome though, and I loved the call backs to the feud with Steve Corino in this one.

Homicide was on his feet ready to fight, but Corino hit a flying forearm and started to beat on Homicide. Corino hit a chop in the corner, but Homicide no sold it and cussed him out. Corino’s hatred of Homicide was pointed out by Joe Galli, as Homicide feuded with his dad in Ring of Honor for years, and they were notorious for hating each other.

Corino hit an STO on the apron and a suicide dive to drive Homicide into the guardrail. Corino threw Homicide into the ring but Homicide stood up and threw Corino out the other side of the ring and they brawled all around ringside, teasing going through the announce table, but fighting back to the stage.

Homicide hit a backdrop on the stage, before dragging Corino towards the ring by his hair. Homicide hit the three amigos on Corino, but was stopped at the 3rd one by a Corino neckbreaker for a 2-count. Homicide countered Corino and hit the Cop Killa on Corino, but Corino managed to kick out.

Homicide attempted to pick Corino up and told Colby Corino how much he hated his father, Steve Corino, before killing him with a lariat and then using the Gedo Clutch for the pinfall.

Natalia Markova (w/ Taryn Terrell) defeated Taya Valkyrie

Both women worked hard, but they were not on the same page at all. I think Markova got rocked at some point, as a lot of what she did was shaky at best, which was unusual.

Valkyrie dominated the early parts of the match, to the chagrin of Terrell. Valkyrie got cut off when Terrell grabbed at her feet, leading to Markova choking Valkyrie in the corner with her boot. Markova choked Valkyrie in the ropes, and hit some chops before hitting the Jazz Stinger for a 2-count.

Markova forgot to kick out after a clothesline, meaning that Valkyrie had to roll her over herself at the 2-count. It’s possible that she got rocked at some point, but was able to get up and take the sliding German suplex from Valkyrie. Unfortunately, she missed a baseball slide, but hit a suicide dive.

Valkyrie hit the Road to Valhalla in the middle of the ring after a hip attack, but Terrell distracted the referee. Markova recovered and hit a spinning kick to defeat Valkyrie.

Jax Dane defeated Chris Adonis to retain the NWA National Championship

This was a very old school match. The action would not have been out of place in an 80s territory. As long as there is only one match like this on the show, it makes for nice variety. I enjoyed this one.

Adonis and Dane locked up, and Adonis was able to overpower him to the shock of Dane. Dane called for a test of strength, but it resulted in Dane eating an armdrag and Adonis strutting to “Wooo’s” from the crowd. Dane called for one more, but lured him into a kick to the stomach. Dane hit a shoulder block on Adonis and celebrated and Adonis almost got him in a Master lock.

Dane rolled to the floor to get out of it and threw a chair into the ring. Adonis setup the chair in the ring and challenged Dane to the Master Lock Challenge. Dane reluctantly agreed, but as Adonis locked it in, the referee took the chair out of the ring, so Dane low blowed Adonis to escape and start to get the heat.

This is the second ref distraction/low blow on the PPV, which diminishes the heat a little bit. Dane then called for the Master lock, saying he was going to do it to Adonis. Adonis struggled against it for a few minutes. Dane went for a spear, but Adonis countered into a pop up spinebuster for a 2-count.

Adonis called for the Master Lock, but Dane rolled them to the outside and drove Adonis back first into the ring post to break it. Dane attacked the hand on Adonis to weaken the grip of the Master lock. Dane went for a lariat to finish the match, but Adonis countered into the Master Lock again, but he couldn’t lock it on. Jax Dane then hit the lariat for the pinfall.

-May Valentine and Aron Stevens were backstage, and he talked about how he was training to be a wrestler since he was 16 years old. He said he wanted to be the world champion more than anything, but never got there, and it was time for him to step away. He said that his dream did not love him back, and he had to choose himself and his health.

He said adulation from fans doesn’t pay his bills or makes him like what he sees in the mirror. Stevens then said to Valentine, “Let’s go to Brazil. I’m done.” Stevens said it would be okay if he never got to bring the title to Killer Kowalski’s grave, but he got something else from the business that mattered, while looking at May Valentine.

Thom Latimer defeated Cyon (w/ Austin Idol)

This was perfectly fine. It didn’t feel like a PPV match, but it was fine. The real story of the match was Austin Idol and Cyon, with Idol offering advice that ended up costing him the match.

It is weird seeing the Strictly Business folks be babyfaces, but it does work. That said, they never really had a real babyface turn, but just kind of gravitated into the role over time. Cyon being a heel with Idol as his manager could be a compelling heel act if done right, and so far, so good.

Latimer used fundamental wrestling to stay on top of Cyon, sending him to the floor. Cyon got increasingly upset as Adonis outwrestled him, and Idol had to keep him calm. Both ben brawled in the ring with uppercuts and strikes, leading to Cyon hitting a hip toss into the corner on Latimer, which caused him to land on his head.

Cyon then hit a neckbreaker and started to hammer away at the neck area to weaken him. Cyon hit a clothesline for a 2-count on Latimer. Cyon hit a back suplex on the apron. Cyon tried to hit an attack off the middle rope, but Latimer got hit foot up. After a little more back and forth, Latimer was able to win with a Popup Powerbomb for the 3-count.

Tyrus (w/ BLK Jeez) defeated Mims to retain the NWA World Television Championship

This match sucked, and it was entirely Tyrus’ fault. Mims looked good in the match, but I would have had him beat Tyrus here. Mims got a huge pop for the bodyslam, and it seemed the right time for it. Mims’ selling here was excellent, and the NWA really has something in him, but I think this was the time to pull the trigger.

Mims charged into the corner and hit several punches, but Tyrus powered out and charged to the other side of the ring, but missed Mims. Mims climbed onto Tyrus’ back and started hitting crossface blows to Tyrus’ face. Tyrus was already gassed and out of breath. Tyrus got to the outside and drove Mims into the ring post before getting back into the ring and drive Mims into the ring post.

Tyrus slammed Mims and did a nerve pinch on him. Mims fought out, but Tyrus hit a knee to the gut to drop Mims again. Mims suddenly fired up and slammed Tyrus to a big pop from the crowd for a 2-count. BLK Jeez got on the apron to distract the referee, but Tyrus accidentally hit Jeez and Mims his a shoulder block, but his injured shoulder from the ring post prevented him from follow up, and Tyrus no sold everything and stood up.

Mims drove Tyrus back to the corner and hit some big punches with his good arm. Tyrus grabbed the arm and wrenched it downward which led to Mims screaming in pain. Tyrus called for the heart punch and Mims struggled to his feet before flipping Tyrus off and eating a heart punch. Tyrus told Tim Storm that was for him and scored the pinfall.

-Tyrus attacked Mims after the bell to the disgust of Tim Storm. Velvet Sky cussed on commentary about it. I have to wonder what the end game is, but with the commentary, it makes it seem like they are building to Tim Storm.

The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) defeated La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship

This was a good tag match, but the crowd was largely dead due to the result of the last match and rather lackluster show thus far. However, they did react strongly at the finish and seemed to enjoy the match.

Williams and Mecha Wolf started the match, with both men exchanging holds to a stand still. Bestia and Smith then tried their hand, and Bestia hit a hurricanrana on Smith before double teaming him a bit. Smith responded with a Saito suplex on Bestia before tagging out to Williams.

Smith and Williams maintained the advantage for several minutes here with offence, essentially functioning in the heel roll, despite both teams being babyface. La Rebelion were able to use their fast paced offence to turn it around on Williams, hitting a Blockbuster/Spinebuster combination for a 2-count. La Rebelion hit The Mark of the Beast on Williams for a 2-count, but Smith broke it up.

La Rebelion hit double knee strikes on Smith and went for Total Rebelion, hitting Williams with a Muscle Buster and a 450 splash. Mecha Wolf then got up after the 450 and hit a suicide dive on Smith while Bestia tried to pin Williams, but Williams kicked out. Everyone ended up down after Smith took out Bestia, Williams suplexed Mecha Wolf, and then Bestia hit a superkick on Williams. Williams hit a butterfly suplex off the top rope before Smith hit a diving headbutt off the top rope for the pinfall.

-May Valentine interviewed KiLynn King about the upcoming title match. King was insulted that Kamille was taking her lightly, and that she was going to take it to Kamille and take the title.

Kamille defeated KiLynn King to retain the NWA World Women’s Championship

This match was awesome. Kamille and King have good chemistry, and Kamille is building a legacy as a great women’s wrestler here. I thought this might be time to do the switch, but King got very over in the chase here, and I hope she continues to chase after that title at some point. This was a fantastic wrestling match, and easily the best match of the night. The crowd gave them a well deserved standing ovation afterwards.

Bully Ray joined the commentary table to talk about his trainees, Kamille and King both, saying that King was focused on winning this match.

Kamille and King shook hands, and Kamille tried to intimidate King by pulling her into a shoulder block, but King refused to let go of the hands and did the same, to Kamille’s surprise. Kamille and King had a test of strength, which King won, and then hit a monkey flip for a 2-count all while keeping a grip on the hands.

Kamille kicked out of a Oklahoma roll and caught King on a crossbody attempt before hitting a fallaway slam. King got right up though, kicking Kamille in the stomach and hitting a vertical suplex on Kamille. King hit the ropes and Kamille popped up and nailed King with a lariat for a 2-count.

Kamille hit a gutwrench suplex for a 2-count. Kamille drove King into the turnbuckle so hard that the padding came undone, which actually looked awesome. Kamille hit a huge spinning heel kick on King after King hit the ropes, which got a good pop from the announcers and crowd. King hit a sunset flip, but Kamille rolled through and King responded with a sole butt. Kamille floated over the ropes, slide between the legs of King, rolled her up, and hit a Yakuza kick for a 2-count.

Kamille tried to slam the arm of King into the ring post, and King countered by pulling Kamille into it to hurt the arm. King then hit a dropkick between the ropes to the floor on Kamille. Kamille sent King face first into the steps before hitting the Radio Silence for a 2-count. As both women got up, King hit some hard strikes before hitting a boot in the corner and then a snap German suplex for a 2-count.

King and Kamille exchanged some forearms before King nailed Kamille with a knee to the face and doing an airplane spin. King hit a roundhouse kick on Kamille for a 2-count. Kamille hit a torture rack into a powerbomb for a 2-count. King hit a twisting suplex for a 2-count. Kamille hit a power slam for a 2-count. King responded with an inverted suplex and a frog splash for a 2-count. King fired up in the corner, but walked right into a spear from Kamille for the pinfall.

-Max the Impaler came down to ringside, taking out a few security guards, and Kamille told Max to bring it. Kamille was ready to keep fighting as security attempted to keep Max away from Kamille.

- Kyle Davis came to the ring to introduce Dr. Tom Prichard, who made his way down to ringside, putting over Kenzie Paige and Ella Envy. Paige was trained by Pritchard, and he was glad to put her over to her hometown in Knoxville. Pritchard thanked the NWA, the fans, and then invited them to enjoy the main event.

Matt Cardona promo

-The Cardonas made their way down to the ring, with Matt Cardona in a full sling and bandage. Mike Knox, VSK, and Chelsea Green accompanied Cardona into the ring, as Cardona grabbed a mic to talk. Cardona said that this was his PPV, and he earned it, but unfortunately he was unable to defend his title tonight.

Cardona talked to the title, saying he loved it, and asked “Do I have to give you up?” Cardona said that he called the shots here, and that he wasn’t going to give the title up. Billy Corgan came out through the curtain and made his way to ringside. Corgan took Cardona aside without a mic to talk with him.

Corgan asked for the title, wanting Cardona to relinquish it. Nick Aldis’ old music hit (thank goodness, as the new theme with a rap did not suit him), and Aldis made his way down to the ring with a mic. Aldis called Cardona an ex-WWE parasite, and claimed that he conned his way into a top spot in the NWA.

Bully Ray claimed that Aldis was shooting. Sure, Bully. Aldis said the title was not his title, but it was a title that belonged to Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and the people, because it’s history stands above every other title. Aldis told Cardona to go nurse up his injury, and to give him a call once he was better, but he was not good enough of a wrestler to hold the title.

Aldis then called out anyone from the back to come out and have a match with him to send the fans home happy. Trevor Murdoch’s music hit and he made his way out to the ringside area, still fresh as his match with Aron Stevens was so short and at the start of the show. Trevor Murdoch indicated to Corgan that he was cashing in his rematch clause for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship right now, and that would be our main event.

Before Cardona could give the tile over, Thom Latimer made his way down to ringside, and Kamille went up to Corgan and said that she was the World champion, and this was her NWA, so she was inserting Latimer into the match. Latimer said that Corgan never saw him as a main eventer, and that in 20 minutes he was going to walk out with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Samuel Shaw then made his way down to ringside to insert himself into the match. Latimer held the mic up to Shaw, and Shaw simply said, “I want in!” and it looks like we have a four corner’s match for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Corgan went back to trying to convince Cardona to give the title over, and after a discussion with the Cardonas, Matt Cardona finally gave the title over after kissing the title goodbye. Cardona said he trusted Corgan and left the ring.

Trevor Murdoch defeated Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer and Samuel Shaw in a four-way for the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship

This was a good main event, though hurt by a crowd that was not into much of it. Murdoch was the right call here, if you ask me, as he has been slowly transitioned to being in a heel position, but the speech from Murdoch after the match seems to put him back in the position of babyface champ again.

While I wish the announced this before the show, this four corners match is a good make good for Cardona not being able to wrestle.

Murdoch and Latimer brawled to the floor, and Aldis and Shaw brawled at the other side of the arena. Murdch and Latimer brawled into the crowd, throwing Latimer into a ton of ringside seats. All four men brawled through the crowd to the back of the venue. Aldis brawled with Shaw to a back wall while Murdoch rammed Latimer’s shoulder into the ringpost.

Shaw and Aldis made it back to the ring, with Aldis hitting a Thesz press on Shaw. Latimer drove Aldis back to the corner and then agreed to team with Shaw a bit. However, it wasn’t long before Aldis and Latimer were teaming with each other almost by accident, but the Strictly Business history came through.

Murdoch slammed Shaw, and Shaw just set up. Murdoch decided he didn’t like that and kicked him in the face before slamming him again. Aldis and Latimer spilled to the outside after their teamwork and started fighting again. Murdoch went for the top rope bulldog on Shaw, but Shaw but him off. Murdoch shoved Shaw off the ropes, hopped onto the apron and took out both Latimer and Aldis before hitting a crossbody to the floor on all 3 men.

Latimer hit a spear on Aldis back in the ring, but Shaw pulled the referee from the ring before the 3-count. Shaw then went under the ring after waving bye to Latimer. Aldis cut Latimer off at the top rope and went for a suplex. Murdoch got into the ring and hit a tower of doom powerbomb on Aldis and Latimer for a 2-count.

Shaw came out from under the ring and punched Murdoch before hitting a bulldog on Latimer and then suplex on Aldis. Shaw kicked up and hit a leg drop on Aldis to a pop from the crowd. Shaw then hit another suplex on Latimer before missing with a Guillotine legdrop off the top rope.

Murdoch hit a pop up spinebuster on Shaw for a 2-count. Latimer hit a moonsault press on Murdoch but Aldis broke it up and put the figure four leglog on Murdoch, who hurt his knee on the dive earlier. Shaw and Latimer both climbed the ropes and hit flying elbows on Murdoch and Aldis to break the submission. Latimer hit an Implant DDT on Aldis, but ate a superick from Shaw.

Nick Aldis hit Shaw with a Stunner, but Murdoch broke up the pinfall attempt. Murdoch hit a clothesline and called for the top rope bulldog, but the turnbuckle gave out, just like it did for Kamille and KiLynn King caused him to slip and catch his foot on the ropes in a very similar way to Aron Stevens when he faced Murdoch earlier, in a bit of irony.

Shaw hit Silence on Latimer, but Aldis broke it up with a flying elbow. Aldis put the Kingsland Cloverleaf on Murdoch, but Latimer broke it up. Aldis dumped Latimer to the floor, and low bridged Shaw as he charged at him and sent him to the floor. Aldis then stood up and ate a top rope bulldog from Murdoch as he walked right into it and Trevor Murdoch in the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Final Thoughts:

Trevor Murdoch winning the main event, with a nice speech about working hard and achieving your dreams was great happy ending to cap off the show. The show was way too long, which killed the crowd for a portion of it, and hurt the top two matches badly, as Kamille and KiLynn King had a fantastic match, and the main event was a very well worked match between all four men.

I enjoyed the show overall, but the baffling decision to have Tyrus beat Mims is where the life was sucked out of the crowd, though they honestly weren’t that hot throughout the night. If the crowd was hot for everything, this show would have came across far better, but we are left with a relatively weak PPV hurt by the fact that Matt Cardona got injured.

I also don’t like how they didn’t advertise the new main event, as people who bought the show may not have been aware of Cardona’s injury. Best policy in situations like this is being upfront and letting the audience know as long before the show as possible. The angle of giving over the title would have been more effective at the opening of the show to build to the main event. It would have been easy enough to make Murdoch/Stevens and Latimer/Cyon as qualifying matches for the four corner’s match. Either way, this was a decent show that was hurt by length, the injury to Matt Cardona, and a largely dead crowd.