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NWA Crockett Cup night two live results: Six title matches, tournament final

Matt Cardona defends the NWA World title against Nick Aldis Sunday.

The 2022 Crockett Cup tournament winner will be decided Sunday alongside six title matches as the NWA concludes their second night of pay-per-view action from Nashville, Tennessee.

Night one saw four teams advance to the semifinals as current Tag Team Champions La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) face The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) while ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes will face The Cardonas (VSK & Mike Knox).

Six championships will be on the line, headlined by NWA World Champion Matt Cardona defending against former champion Nick Aldis as another former champion in Jeff Jarrett will be special guest referee.

NWA Women's Champion Kamille will defend against both Kylie Rae and Chelsea Green in a triple threat while Women's Tag Team Champions The Hex ((Allysin Kay and Marti Belle) will defend against Pretty Empowered (Ella Eny and Kenzie Page).

NWA National Champion Anthony "Crimson" Mayweather defends against rival Jax Dane while longtime TV Champion Tyrus defend against Rodney Mack.

Finally, a new NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion will be determined in a four-way with Austin Aries vs. Homicide vs. Darius Lockhart vs. Colby Corino.


The Preshow

The Commonwealth Connection joined Kyle Davis at the podium after stopping to look at the Crockett Cup. Doug Williams spoke first, saying that he was a little banged up and sore, but he was ready to make it to the finals with Harry Smith. Smith is new to the NWA, but teaming with Doug Williams was a good start.

Williams also talked about Nick Aldis going for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and promised that he would be there to back Nick up if shenanigans with The Cardonas go down. Harry Smith indicated that him and Williams were aiming for NWA gold, and they were going to win the Crockett Cup.

Mims defeated AJ Cazana

Solid match to open the preshow tonight. Mims is proving to be on the rise in NWA yet again, and I like seeing him develop. I hope there is gold in his future, as he quite great.

Mims and Cazana exchanged shoulder tackles with neither getting the advantage, but Mims did a drop down to trip him and locked on a headlock. Mims hit him with two clotheslines, but turned it into a Stun Gun when Mims went for another one. Cazana got the heat for the next few moments. Every time Mims tried to get back into it, Cazana had an answer, but Cazana’s mistake was chopping Mims hard. Mims fired up and hit some hard chops that popped the crowd.

Cazana went right for the throat and worked back to a sleeper hold on the mat. Mims got out with a jawbreaker but Cazana fired back with a German suplex for a 2-count. Cazana went for a bearhug, but Mims hit a headbutt and then a corner back splash and a lariat. Mims hit the Big Strong Slam for the 3-count.


Darius Lockhart was backstage with May Valentine and he talked about how he was going to overcome all his opponents to win the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

Cyon & The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) defeated Team Gold Rush (Jordan Clearwater, Marche Rockett, & BLK Jeez) (w/ Austin Idol) & Magic Jake Dumas & The Fixers (Wrecking Ball & Jay Bradley) in a Team War Match

This was a good match. I love the OGK as a tag team, and Bennett did a good job with his selling to set the stage for Taven to come in at the end and win, even though there were no tags in this match. This was great stuff.

Cyon came face to face with Austin Idol again before the start of this match, implying again tht Idol might be his father. Cyon and BLK Jeez started the match, with Jeez trying to remove the mask of Cyon. Cyon did not take kindly to this, and hit a tilt-a-whirl on Jeez. Jeez used his speed to take the advantage, hitting a dropkick off the top rope before going to the floor and sending Cyon into the guardrail. Cyon then sent Jeez into the front row of chairs, and this broke down fast. Cyon ran up to the stage and then charged full speed into a flying elbow over the guardrail, sending Jeez back 5 rows.

Austin Idol came to the announce desk at that and screamed at Tim Storm that it should have been a DQ. Back in the ring, Jeez did manage to counter Cyon into a flatliner for a 2-count. Cyon dodged a double stomp from Jeez and hit a Death Valley Driver on Jeez for the pinfall. The Fixers and Dumas haven’t gotten into the match yet, but Marche Rockett came in to avenge Jeez. Unfortunately, it did not work and Cyon almost immediately tapped him out with a crossface.

Clearwater rushed in and hit a big boot on Cyon and put his feet on the ropes to cheat and scored the pinfall on Cyon. Clearwater was then attacked by Jake Dumas, but it didn’t work well for Dumas, with the exception of when Dumas put his cigarette into Clearwater’s mouth and superkicked him. He then charged at Clearwater who threw him over the top rope, and thus eliminated him.

Wrecking Ball, powered by sugary cereal, came into the ring and killed Jordan Clearwater with a powerbomb and a Wrecking Ball Splash for the 3-count to eliminate Team Gold Rush. Mike Bennett came in, but Wrecking Ball lived up to his name sake and continued to wreck things. Bennett had no quit though, hitting hard chops and attempting to do submissions, but the power of Wrecking Ball kept him on top of the action.

Bennett hit two superkicks to the face and a third to the knee before hitting a huge running forearm to the face of Wrecking Ball to pin him. Jay Bardley came in and ate Benett’s chops and hit a huge side slam pin Bennett. Matt Taven rushed in and hit Climax on Bradley before hitting a frog splash for the pinfall.


Jax Dane was with May Valentine, and he reminded us that he still had a title shot promised due to the Champions Series. He also talked about Anthony Mayweather and how he let Dane down. Dane was going to treat him as a stepping stone to climb back up to being the best in pro wrestling.

PJ Hawx defeated Alex Taylor (w/ Captain Yuma)

Because this was on the preshow and relatively short, this will go under the radar, but this was a great match. Alex Taylor is really good and PJ Hawx shows way more poise that he should for someone his age. Excellent match.

Despite their recent issues. Captain Yuma still seems to be supporting all of the Ill Begotten, accompanying Alex Taylor to the ring. Taylor and Hawx engaged in technical wrestling to open the match, with Hawx showing off a little bit of his amateur wrestling background. Yuma came up onto the apron to coach Taylor, but the referee cut him off and Hawx hit a gutwrench suplex on Taylor.

Yuma got back up on the apron again, and as the referee tried to get him down, Taylor was able to use an illegal closed fist to turn it around and lock Hawx in a chinlock. Hawx responded with his good wrestling skills, hitting a beautiful suplex, but missed a superkick. Taylor hit a heel kick and a falcon arrow for a 2-count. Hawx hit a back suplex and then a type of cloverleaf submission for the victory.

Captain Yuma tried to talk to Taylor after the match, but Taylor punched him and then hit a low blow before hitting the Landslide on Yuma and leaving the ring.

Main Show

The show opened with Joe Galli running down the main card, and then moved right into the Crockett Cup.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe) defeated The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) in a Crockett Cup Semi-Finals Match

Great match here. The Briscoes are fantastic workers, and it showed here. VSK was in the ring for the majority of the match because there was no way Knox could keep up with Mark or Jay Briscoe. He’d tag in, do a power move, tag out, which was perfect.

VSK and Mark Briscoe started the match fast paced, with Mark Briscoe doing some redneck kung-fu before Jay Briscoe hit a huge running boot on VSK, driving him to the mat. Jay and Mark worked over VSK for a good part of the match, which was wise booking because there was no way Knox could keep up with the pace of the other 3. When VSK pulled the ropes down and sent Mark Briscoe to the floor, Knox came in and they started to get the heat on Jay Briscoe.

Mark Briscoe came in with the hot tag and hit some redneck palm strikes on VSK. VSK shrugged them off and sent Mark towards Knox, but Mark jumped into the air and hit a flying dropkick on Knox before taking out VSK again. VSK hit a ushigoroshi on Mark Briscoe, but Jay got fed up and pulled Knox from the apron, which distracted VSK, and it led to The Briscoes hitting a Doomsday Device on VSK for the pinfall.

The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) defeated La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) in a Crockett Cup Semi-Finals Match

The botch towards the end hurt this match a bit, but honestly, it was a good tag match. La Rebelion are really good, and Smith and Williams are good workers, so this was a mostly good match outside of that one instance. I was worried Williams got rocked, but he was up right way.

Harry Smith slammed Bestia around the ring in the opening segment of the match to the delight of the crowd. Mecha Wolf and Bestia acted as the heels in this match, which makes sense, because there is no way Doug Williams is getting booed on this show. Harry Smith was well liked too, so it was wise to let La Rebelion acts heelish in this match, cutting Smith off and working over his leg with kicks and submissions.

Even with Williams eventually tagging in, La Rebelion stayed on top of the action. La Rebelion missed Mark of the Beast on Williams with a botch. Not sure what happened there, but they recovered fast enough. Harry Smith shoved Mecha Wolf to the floor and Harry Smith hit a huge power slam off the top ropes on Bestia for the pinfall.


Pope came out to talk with Kyle Davis and called him “Textile Kyle” which I don’t understand, but I accept. Pope talked about his concussion issues brought on by the attack from Mike Knox and Cardona. Pope did promise that he would cash in his title shot from the Champions Series soon enough, and it was going to be at exactly the right time.

Anthony Mayweather defeated Jax Dane to retain the NWA National Championship

I liked the finish of this match a lot. Mayweather sold the knee really well, and Dane played the monster perfectly.

Mayweather went right after Dane, hitting a big splash. Dane was left backing up for the first few minutes of the match, including eating a suicide dive and many other attacks before Dane was finally able to hit an attack on Mayweather’s knee. Dane began to work over the knee and chop Mayweather down, smashing the leg on the apron and hitting chop blocks.

Every time Mayweather tried to mount a comeback, Dane would cut him off with cheap tactics, including sending the ref into the ropes to crotch Mayweather on the top turnbuckle. Dane continued the beatdown as Mayweather’s knee gave out, and Dane started throwing elbows onto the knee, but as he rested on the leg of Mayweather, Mayweather countered into an armbar, MMA style, and tapped Dane out immediately.

Jax Dane was smiling after the match and gave a slight nod before winking at the camera. Dane ran after the people helping Mayweather to the back and attacked him, dragging him back to the ring. Dane pulled a spare turnbuckle out from under the ring and smashed it into Mayweather’s knee before calling Kyle Davis over and cashing in his Champions Series title match.

Jax Dane defeated Anthony Mayweather to win the NWA National Championship

I liked this booking here. Dane proved to be a despicable heel, but it was technically a clean win because the beatdown happened after the match, but was still heelish because of it. This was great.

Dane immediately called for the bell, hit a huge lariat on Mayweather and pinned him to win the NWA National Championship.

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) defeated Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy to retain the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship

Not a bad match at all. Marti Belle is quite great at selling, so that is what she has mostly done in her tag team with Allyisn Kay. Kay carried the bulk of the offence while Belle is the one they get the heat on, and it worked perfectly here. Ella Envy is talented and Kenzie Pagie is a future star.

The Hex got the early advantage over Kenzie Paige, but Ella Envy tried to do twin magic with Paige. The problem with this plan is that they look nothing alike, despite similar hairstyles, so Allysin Kay was not tricked and elbowed Kenzie Paige as she tried to sneak back into the ring behind her. She is a smart babyface, and the heels are dumb, though the referee is even dumber because he didn’t notice a difference. I love wrestling tropes.

Paige and Envy were eventually able to get the advantage over Marti Belle by pulling her hair. Paige hit some hard kicks on Belle, and Belle fired back with some hard chops. It seems that NWA has finally learned the winning formula for Hex matches – have Marti Belle sell mostly without offence, and have Allysin Kay handle the bulk of that. Perfect way to maximise the strengths of each member and hide the weaknesses.

Belle ducked a kick from Envy and she accidentally hit Paige. Belle hit a hard forearm and Envy before tagging out to Allysin Kay who came in and destroyed Ella Envy. The Hex hit Hex Marks the Spot and pinned Envy to retain.


A hype video aired recapping the NWa Jr. Heavyweight Tournament, which highlighted all the action leading into the finals.

Homicide defeated Colby Corino (w/ The Fixers), Darius Lockhart, & Austin Aries For the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship

This was a great match. Homicide wins as a birthday present, because babyfaces winning in their hometown or on their birthday is always great for the fans. The NWA got this one right. Lockhart and Corino will still be in the picture and hold the title in the future if things go well.

The Fixers were sent to the back before the match started. The match started fast with Aries hitting a dive to the floor on Lockhart. Homicide was going to do a suicide dive on Aries, but Corino hit a spear, then Lockhart hit a missile dropkick on Corino. Lockhart countered a tilt-a-whirl slam form Corino into a splash for a 2-count. Corino hit an Olympic Slam on Lockhart, but Lockhart hit a lariat turning Corino inside out.

Homcide and Aries isolated both younger men in opposite corners and decided to have a chop battle. Homicide won when he bit Corino and Aries yelled “I’m a vegan!” and refused to bite Lockhart. That was funny. Corino put a Lockhart in a sharpshooter while Aries put Homicide in a Last Chancery, but Lockhart and Homicide made the ropes.

Lockhart hit a flip over face crusher on Corino, but Aries broke up the pinfall. Aries hit a huge rolling forearm on Lockhart before hitting his corner dropkick and a brainbuster, but Homicide broke it up. Homicide hit a Koji Cutter on Aries before hitting the Cop Killa on Corino for the pinfall.


Trevor Murdoch came out to be interviewed by Kyle Davis and talked about how he was sitting home in concussion protocol, and while he was originally okay with Nick Aldis getting the title shot. However, it only took Aldis a minute, while blood was leaking out of his head, that Aldis tried to step over him to get a title shot, and that didn’t sit right with him.

Murdoch then turned to Cardona, saying that Cardona has talked a lot about Murdoch and the NWA all over the media about how the NWA sucked and Murdoch was worthless, and he was coming for Cardona. Murdoch was also upset the fans cheered Cardona when he lost, but he was done pulling punches and that whoever won tonight would have to be ready to face him.

This was an excellent promo, and could have been a heel turn or could have been riding that babyface line of righteous anger. I think it was the latter, but this was compelling either way. Murdoch is a really good promo.

Kamille defeated Kylie Rae & Chelsea Green to retain the NWA World Women’s Championship

This was an awesome match. Kamille has improved tremendously over the last year and carried herself very well in this match. Kylie Rae and Chelsea Green are great, and they brought the best out of each other and Kamille in this one. This was probably Kamille’s best match aside from the match with Leyla Hirsch.

Chelsea Green hit some forearms on Kamille and sent her to the floor. Rae hit some armdrags on Green, quietly told Kamille to stay on the floor. Kamile did not listen and came in and hit a side walk slam on Rae for a 2-count. Green tried to steal a pin after a gutwrench suplex, but Kamille dumped her to the floor.

Kamille missed a corner charge, and Kylie Rae hit several stomps in the corner then said “She’s strong!” to the audience before trying to Irish whip her. Kamille floated over the top rope and then popped back in and took Rae out with a big boot. Kamille is really getting good at this. Kamille and Green seemed to see Rae as the weak link, with Green constantly trying to pin her.

Green hit double elbows on Kamille and Rae and continued to try and go after Kamille while hitting the occasional move on Rae to keep her away. Green it a curb stomp onto the bottom turnbuckle on Kamille, but she kicked out. Rae did a headscissors into a crossface on Green, but saw Kamille coming, hit a drop toe hold on her, and locked a crossface on both women, who managed to drag themselves to the ropes.

Chelsea Green hit a tower of doom powerbomb on Kamille, who suplexed Rae into the ring. Green covered Rae, but Rae kicked out at two. Kamille and Rae chopped Green at the same time to drop her, and Rae high fived Kamille before super kicking her and saying “Oops!” to a huge pop from the crowd.

Green threw Rae out of the ring, but Kamille hit the Radio Silence on Green to a huge pop. Green grabbed the bottom rope to escape. Kamille hit a torture rack powerbomb on Green but took out the ref when it happened. Rae sent Kamille to the floor and hit the TKO on Green, but Green kicked out at 2. As Rae got up to go after Green again, Kamille ran in and speared Rae for the pinfall.


Austin Idol went to the podium and shared that he discussed with Tyrus before the match that Tyrus was going to be going at this one alone, because he didn’t need Idol to win. Idol proceeded to continue to yell into the mic through Tyrus’ music, which made me laugh.

Tyrus defeated Rodney Mack to retain the NWA Television Championship

Man, this match sucked. What a contrast with the previous match. This was not good at all. Tyrus was in better shape, but that just meant he was just being bad faster.

Tyrus actually looked in slightly better shape than his previous matches, but I’m not optimistic this will be good given history. There’s not a lot I can write about this match because it is pretty much exactly what you imagine if you picture it in your mind’s eye. Tyrus did slow, plodding offence, and Rodney Mack did basic brawling.

Tyrus was moving better in this one due to being in better shape, but that just meant he still wasn’t good, just faster. Tyrus tried to climb the top ropes to hit something but only got one foot on the top rope. Mack went onto the middle rope and managed to suplex him in. Mack struggled to roll Tyrus over, and Tyrus struggled to roll with him. He was too close to the ropes, so the ref broke the pinfall. Tyrus stood up and hit a heart punch and pinned Rodney Mack.


Aron Stevens was with May Valentine and talked about how upset he was to not be in the finals of the Crockett Cup. Valentine asked him if he was going to be a singles competitor or a tag team wrestler, and he said he could be whatever he wanted. The only thing he cared about the finals of the Crockett Cup was that he should be in it, and he was going to redefine himself so he would be back to winning again.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe) defeated The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Willams & Harry Smith)

This was a fantastic match. The Briscoes looked excellent in this one, as they are still one of the better tag teams in the world today. Williams and Smith did a great job despite their first time teaming. This was an excellent tournament, and the Briscoes finally won the NWA Crockett Cup.

David Crockett joined the commentary team for this match with Pope and Joe Galli, and Crockett actually offered insight into the two teams, saying they were both very different, with Doug Williams having the most experience, but the Briscoes having the most experience as a team and working a very different style.

Mark Briscoe and Doug Williams started the match with Mark Briscoe showing a surprising technical ability, but it wasn’t long before the Briscoes used their speed and synergy as a team to drop and isolate Williams in their corner. Smith tagged in and threw the Briscoes around for a bit, to the delight of David Crockett. Jay Briscoe hit a big boot on Smith, but Smith fire back with a Saito Suplex on Jay Briscoe.

Willaims came in and they began to ground Jay Briscoe in their corner with Smith focusing on strikes and power moves while Williams hit punishing suplexes and forearms. Smith headbutt Briscoe until he couldn’t get up and stomped the midsection. Briscoe showed toughness and hit a huge dropkick on Williams before tagging out. Mark Briscoe came in and hit chops, strikes, and a dropkick the floor on Smith.

Jay Briscoe and Doug Williams brawled on the outside as Harry Smith hit a huge superplex on Mark Briscoe. Williams came in and hit a Tiger Driver on Mark Briscoe for a 2-count. Jay Briscoe took out Williams with a big boot, and Smith took out Jay with a forearm. Mark leveled Smith and all 4 men were down.

Doug Williams and Mark Briscoe exchanged hard forearms in the middle of the ring. Jay Briscoe hit a Death Valley Driver on Williams and Mark Briscoe flew in with a Froggy Bow for a 2-count. Jay went for the Jay Driller, but Williams went behind and Smith hit a big boot that drove Jay Briscoe into a German suplex from Williams for a 2-count. The Briscoes quickly dumbed Smith from the ring and Jay Briscoe hit Williams with the Jay Driller, and Mark Briscoe hit the Froggy Bow for the pinfall.

A hype video aired for Matt Cardona and Nick Aldis, which was fantastic.

Matt Cardona defeated Nick Aldis via DQ to retain the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett

This was a great match until the awful DQ finish. To be honest, in a vacuum, this was a decent heat finish, but we have seen so many Dusty finishes over the years that it leaves a sour taste, especially with how often WWE relies on them. Taking it in context, this was a decent heat finish, but the truth is, fans are going to feel screwed that we didn’t get a decisive winner. I would have preferred Cardona winning after interference to the DQ.

As Kyle Davis introduced Jeff Jarrett, one fan yelled “Let me see that Fargo strut!” which Jeff Jarrett did not comply with. Cardona attacked Aldis before the bell rung, and Jarrett separated them before letting Cardona going back after the bell rang. Aldis hit a Thesz press on Cardona, which made him spill out to the floor. Aldis chopped Cardona in the corner and did 10 punches. Cardona went for a dropkick off the middle rope, but Aldis casually walked away like Samoa Joe would to a big pop from the crowd.

Aldis sent Cardona to the floor again. Cardona went to the announce table and flipped off Tim Storm, which fired Storm up. Cardona grabbed the title and tried to leave. Jarrett said he wasn’t counting him out demanded that Cardona get back in the ring. Tim Storm grabbed Cardona and sent him back into the ring to a massive pop from the crowd.

Aldis rolled him up for a 2-count but Cardona rolled out again when Aldis went for the Kingsland Cloverleaf. Aldis and Cardona brawled into the crowd. Cardona shoved Jarrett when they were on the stage and went for a DDT on Aldis, but Aldis hit a back body drop on Cardona before suplexing him on the stage.

Cardona shoved Aldis into the ring post as they went back towards the ring. Cardona then hit a Russian legsweep into the guardrail to drop Aldis. Cardona shoved Jarrett again in the ring. I worry is match is ending with Jarrett turning on Aldis with the way they are playing this up. I’m feeling TNA nightmares coming back. Cardona hit a DDT on Aldis on the floor, doing exactly what he did to Trevor Murdoch at NWA Power Trip.

Cardona hit a flying forearm for a 2-count on Aldis. Cardona tried to choke out Aldis with his wrist tape, but Jarrett pulled him off. Cardona hit a neckbreaker on Aldis for a 2-count. Cardona continued to be in control with sleeper holds and strikes for the next few minutes. Cardona shoved Jarrett again, but turned around into a forearm from Aldis.

Aldis and Cardona exchanged strikes ending when Aldis hit a clothesline and a Michinoku driver on Cardona for a 2-count. Cardona hit a Code Breaker and then went for a Figure 4, but Aldis reversed and locked on one of his own. Jarrett kicked Cardona’s hand off the ropes, which wasn’t exactly unbiased. Cardona hit the Unprettier on Aldis for a 2-count.

Cardona grabbed the title and went to hit Aldis with it, but Jarrett stopped him, letting Cardona hit a tombstone and a flying elbow on Cardona for a 2-count. Cardona grabbed the title, but Jarrett ripped it away, which gave Cardona a chance to low blow Aldis, hit the Reboot, and then the Radio Silence for a 2-count. Aldis dumped Cardona to the floor when he went for another Reboot and The Cardonas came down to the ring to check on Cardona.

Jeff Jarrett kept them away while The Commonwealth Connection ran out to try and protect Aldis. Harry Smith went Suzuki-gun on Knox and beat him all over the ringside area with hard strikes. In the chaos, Chelsea Green came out and low blowed Jeff Jarrett. Mickie James ran in and took out Green. Nick Aldis powerbombed Cardona and got him to tap out to the Kingsland Cloverleaf, and Jarrett called for the bill. Jarrett thought it was Mickie James that low blowed him, so he DQ’d Aldis and Cardona won by DQ.

Final Thoughts

This was a great professional wrestling show. I want to emphasize that before I highlight the negatives. This was absolutely worth watching if you want good tag team action, and an absolutely fantastic women’s title match. The Jr. Heavyweight match was also excellent. The only match on the card that was terrible was Tyrus and Rodney Mack. Everything else was good to great.

That said, the DQ finish really sucked the excitement out of my living room. I understand what they are trying to do in setting up further stories, but there are ways to extend the feud without the Dusty finish. The Dusty finish is overdone, and while it can be effective when its done right, if done too often it creates the wrong kind of heat.

This is the second PPV in a year that ended that way, which is not very often, but it is nonetheless often enough for me to remember it. The last time was Aldis vs. Murdoch in their first match, and ultimately paid off with Murdoch winning the Title at the Chase Ballroom. Because that one worked out, I am going to do my best to withhold judgement here and trust that they have a plan in mind, but I do not like Dusty finishes.

Otherwise, this show was excellent. If you are on the fence about buying NWA All Access because the TV can be hit or miss at times, I would say the PPVs alone are worth it. This was a great show with great wrestling. Kamille, especially, has improved so much. She is becoming a great wrestler, and it’s really cool to see her starting to put it all together. Kylie Rae is due for a title run eventually, and Chelsea Green will likely have one too down the line, but Kamille has been a fantastic champion.

So, if you are asking “Should I watch this show?” I suggest you absolutely should. It was an excellent night of professional wrestling.