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NWA EmPower results: Kamille vs. Chelsea Green Women’s title match

The men’s Tag Team titles were also on the line.

Kyle Davis opened the show talking with Marti Belle, Paola Blaze, and The Pope, who talked about what women’s wrestling meant to them. 

I’m not sure why Pope was there, but he cut a great promo on why women’s wrestling was important. Belle was passionate in her speech about women’s wrestling while Blaze spoke in Spanish with no subtitles, It what was still clear with which the passion she spoke.

Kenzie Paige defeated Kaci Lennox

Paige and Lennox worked at a quick pace with Paige using some hard hitting offense, hitting a kick to the head after Lennox rolled out of a backslide. Paige was pulled off the middle rope by Lennox, who was able to then hit some shoulderblocks to Paige’s back before hitting double knees to her back.

Lennox hit a snap suplex for a two count and looked very unimpressed that Paige kicked out. Lennox charged at the corner, but got hit with a boot before hitting a missile dropkick off the top rope. Lennox hit a flatliner for a near fall and let out a horrifying high-pitched scream that may have been heard in the sky outside. 

Paige responded while Lennox was distracted by hitting a full nelson face buster for the pin.

- The Miserably Faithful were with James Mitchell with Max The Impaler being announced as a new member of the group. Sal The Pal was walking back and forth in the background while laughing. Mitchell promised that Max will take the NWA World Women’s Championship from Kamille soon enough. May Valentine quickly exited the interview, afraid of everyone around her. Mitchell is a great promo, and this simple one worked very well.

Taya Valkyrie defeated KiLynn King to become the #1 Contender for the NWA Women’s Championship

This was a very good match from King and Valkyrie. This was easily Valkyrie’s best match in the NWA thus far while King continues to impress.

King and Valkyrie exchanged some good fundamental wrestling to open, exchanging headlocks, headscissors, and submission attempts. After a test of strength, they exchanged armdrags while countering each other at every attempt.

King stretched both of Valkyrie’s arms back and curb stomped her while Valkyrie was sitting, which was impressive.

King hit a pump kick on Valkyrie for a near fall. Valkyrie hit a double stomp on King for a near fall. King sold the double stomp like it broke her ribs, and struggled to breathe. King managed to dodge a corner charge and hit a clothesline on Valkyrie for a near fall.

Both women exchanged finisher attempts until Valkyrie was able to dodge a kick and trip King and lock on the Loca Lock for the submission.

- An audio clip aired from Busted Open on William Corgan talking about stripping Nick Aldis of his #1 Contendership at NWA 74. Instead, Trevor Murdoch defend against Tyrus, which is a significant downgrade if you ask me. Corgan claimed that Aldis disparaged Corgan on Twitter and gained an ego, thinking he deserved to be in all of the main events. The reasoning for changing it makes zero sense as Aldis did earn the shot.

- Allysin Kay and Medusa were with May Valentine and they announced a new title in the NWA: the Women’s Television Championship. Having a secondary women’s title outside of the tag titles is an excellent idea.

The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) defeated The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dango) to retain the NWA Tag Team Titles

Dango and JTG got the advantage over Smith in the early parts of this match, working over his knee. Smith kept trying to tie them up in submissions while grounded, but every time he did, they would attack the knee. The first few minutes of the match featured submission attempts and attacks on the mat. Smith used his leg strength to send Dango onto the floor and he managed to tag out to Williams.

Williams only stayed in for a few minutes before tagging back out, but this did not go well as Dango took Williams to the floor and kept him at bay when JTG went after the knee again. Once JTG went to the top rope, Williams was finally able to get away from Dango and cut JTG off. Smith took advantage and hit a running powerslam for a pin to retain the titles.

- Highlights of Colby Corino vs. Kerry Morton from NWA USA aired, with Morton defeating Corino and moving on to NWA 74 to face Homicide for the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

Kamille defeated Chelsea Green (w/ Matt Cardona) to retain the NWA Women’s Championship

Green got the shot thanks to the deal Cardona cut when giving up his World title at Alwayz Ready.

This was a great main event match as Kamille is clearly becoming a fantastic wrestler in every match she is in now. She has improved so dramatically from where she was a year ago, and it’s great to see.

Green yanked her hair ahd hit a hard forearm early and thought that would do more damage than it did. Kamille made her pay with a series of hard tackles, and began to work over the oft-injured wrist of Green. Green rolled to the floor and hid behind Cardona, allowing her to rake the eyes of Kamille.

Green hit a dropkick that sent Kamille to the floor, but when they came back into the ring, she only got a one count off it. Green choked Kamille with her foot in the corner, hit a snapmare, and an elbow for a two count. Green yanked the hair of Kamille again, hitting two mares with it. Kamille hit a forearm but Green grabbed the hair again, but then swore she wasn’t going to do it again.

Green went for a tope suicida, but Kamille caught her with an elbow. This gave Kamille some time to recover, and she was able to come back in and use her power to hit an Oklahoma Stampede on Green for a two count. Green missed a curb stomp and ate a huge pump kick for a two count.

Kamille picked Green up for a power bomb, which led to Cardona quietly saying “Oh no,” but Green was able to turn it into a headscissors. Green hit a blockbuster and then the curb stomp for a two count. Green went for the Unprettier and Kamille countered, but Green hit a backstabber and then hit a curb stomp into the bottom turnbuckle, but the referee caught her holding the ropes with help from Cardona. 

While they were arguing with the referee, Kamille was able to hit a spear for the three count.

Final Thoughts:

This episode of NWA Power had little build for NWA 74 outside of Valkyrie becoming the #1 contender for Kamille. We did get an explanation for Corgan taking the contendership from Aldis, but I am not satisfied with the story, and it is an objectively worse main event now for the PPV.

We also got closure to the Green/Kamille story, with Green getting a title shot because Cardona gave up his title, though I would have thought that was a PPV match and not one used for TV. That said, it was an excellent match a great way to close a very good edition of NWA Empower.