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NWA Into the Fire live results: Nick Aldis vs. James Storm


The NWA's first pay-per-view since the debut of NWA Power takes place tonight as GPB Studios in Atlanta hosts Into the Fire.

The PPV will be headlined by NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defending his title against James Storm in a two-out-of-three falls match. In storyline, Storm has chosen Brian Hebner as the referee for one of the falls and Aldis has chosen former NWA Champion Tim Storm for another. After speculation about what she whispered in James Storm's ear on an NWA Power episode, Aldis has also said that his manager Kamille has the night off tonight.

Two other title matches are set for the show. The Rock 'n' Roll Express will defend their Tag Team titles against Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs, while Colt Cabana will defend his National Championship against Aron Stevens and Ricky Starks in a triple threat match.

NWA Women's Champion Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs. Melina & Marti Belle, Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson, Thunder Rosa vs. Tasha Steelz, and Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark round out the card for Into the Fire. The PPV is available via Fite TV and will begin at 6:05 p.m. Eastern time.


NWA Into the Fire opene with a voice over from Nick Aldis as highlights are shown from NWA Power leading into the PPV. Stu Bennett and Joe Galli ran down the card, and then the music hit for Eli Drake, who walked through the crowd down to the ring. Ken Anderson then made his entrance, high fiving the fans, ready for this grudge match with Drake.

Eli Drake defeated Ken Anderson

Anderson faked out a fan with giving out his t-shirt, which was weird, given that he's the babyface based on how this is booked. Both men excahnged some basics in the ring, with Anderson getting the best of a hammerlock exchange, keeping Drake grounded. Anderson hit a clothesline and a slame, and sent Drake into the opposite corner before hitting another clothesline. Anderson facewashed Drake, and drake rolled to the floor. Anderson followed Drake back into the ring and hit an elbow. Anderson hit the ropes but Drake countered with a stun gun and then a neckbreaker for a 2 count.

Drake hit a running powerslam and an elboow for a 2 count, before knocking Anderson into the middle rope with a drop toe hold. Drake hit a kick and then a slingshot shoulder block. Drake countered a roll through and hit a swinging neckbreaker on Anderson in a nice spot. Anderson kicked out at 2 and Drake locked on a chinlock. Anderson fought out and both men exchanged strikes until Anderson hit the steamroller and scored a 2 count. Anderson reversed the Gravy Train into a schoolboy for a 2 count.

Anderson went to the top rope, but Drake jumped from the ring to the top rope and went for a suplex, but Anderson fought it off and went for a sunset flip powerbomb on Anderson. Drake countered into a pinfall and just managed to score the 3 count.

Very solid opening match here. Both guys worked a basic match, but it worked for the audience, and neither did anything they couldn't do, which is always a win. This was quite good.


Nick Aldis came out and cut a promo about how that the NWA used to be a name for the past, but there was one voice that called the NWA his mountain top, speaking about Tim Storm. Aldis then said that voice became two, with him, and now it is thousands with over 40 countries watching from around the world. He then spoke about James Storm and how he was going to retain his title. Aldis then said he gave Kamille the night off.

James Storm came out to a series of boos. Storm said that at the end of tonight, Aldis would know that he was in the ring with one of the toughest SOBs ever. He promised that he was going to wint the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship tonight, and left with Aldis staring at him and walking backstage. This was excellent. As always, the NWA seems to have the best promos going today.

A video aired for Melina's debut in the NWA.


Tasha Steelz came out and asked for David Marquez and talked about how she was adding flavour to the NWA. She said that the show was named Into the Fire appropriately because she would be bringing the latina heat. This was very, very good. Thunder Rosa then came out to a huge reaction. The way her career has changed since Lucha Underground is absolutely incredible.

Thunder Rosa defeated Tasha Steelz

Thunder Rosa got a go behind on Tasha, pulled her hair, then chopped her several times. Tasha hit one of her own and then went for a lucha armdrag, but Thunder Rosa countered and hit a clothesline. Thunder Rosa put Steelz into a tree of woe and hit a dropkick to the body for a 2 count. Despite being a heel, Thunder Rosa got a massive babyface reaction, except for when she was cheating in the match. Steelz hit a few chops, but Thunder Rosa counterd with a drop toe hold into a Gory Special.

Steelz dodged a double stomp and hit a pump kick. Tasha hit a series of strikes in the corner and hit a cutter for a 2 count. Steelz went for another cutter, but Thunder Rosa countered and hit a running knee before hitting her double stomp for a the 3 count.

This was a perfectly acceptable match. Thunder Rosa was fantastic here, but Tasha is green. Tasha has a ton of charisma and I'm quite sure she will be a star in the future. There is money in Thunder Rosa, and I hope they are able to push her sooner rather than later.

Thunder Rosa continued her attack after the bell, getting into mounted position and beating on Tasha. Ashley Vox ran down to make the save, but Thunder Rosa hit her with a shoulder breaker and then appeared to dislocate Vox's elbow. What does this mean for Cox's tag match later in the evening?


The Question Mark came out with Aron Stevens and performed the Mongrovian Flag Ceremony, and sung the Mongrovian national anthem. This has to be seen to be believed, and I loved it. Trevor Murdoch interrupted the anthem. We were also informed that Stevens became a 3rd degree blackbelt in Mongrovian Karate, which I thought was hilarious.

?The Question Mark? defeated Trevor Murdoch

Question Mark started the match, hitting a chop to Murdoch’s stomach. Murdoch didn’t take kindly to this, hitting a big boot and a big slam. Murdoch called for one more, and Question Mark crashed to the mat a second time. The fans chanted “one more time” so he did, and Question Mark went to the apron.

Murdoch tried to remove Question Mark’s mask, but he fought out and hit a drop toe hold on Question Mark before hitting a series of hard strikes to the back of Question Mark’s head. Question Mark ducked under a shot and hit a Karate chop to Murdoch’s throat. Quesiton mark got a 2 count. Question then hit the ropes and hit two stomps to Murdoch’s face.

Mark hit a dropkick from the middle rope, but Trevor Murdoch got his foot on the ropes. After a few moves, Murdoch went to the top rope and tried to grab the Mongrovian flag. This infuriated Question Mark, who hit a double Mongrovian Spike to the throat of Murdoch for the pinfall victory.

This was fun. Question Mark is ridiculously over, and I love it.


A hype video aired for the Rock n’ Roll Express, and they then came down to the ring to a massive reaction. Ricky Morton cut an amazing promo in the hype video about how they were the 9-time champions now.

The Rock n’ Roll Express w/ Eddie Kingston and Homicide defeated The Wild Cards w/ The Dawsons to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship

Ricky Morton started the match with Latimer and both men locked up. Morton used a little agility, as he is the smaller man, and sent Latimer into the corner. Latimer shoved Morton into the corner, but Morton slipped out. Morton drew Isaacs to the RnR corner, and Robert tagged in and they hit a double elbow on Issacs.

Gibson tricked Isaacs into running into Latimer, and then Ricky Morton hit a suicide dive on both men!  Isaacs and Latimer started to get the heat on Morton soon thereafter, but it didn’t last long as Morton dodged a splash in the corner from Isaacs and rolled into the tag to Gibson. Gibson ran wild and then locked a sleeper on Latimer.

Isaacs cut him off, but the RnR made the Wild Cards look like fools as they crashed into each other. Morton then hit the Canadian Destroyer on Latimer! The Dawsons started brawling with Homicde and Kingston, which distracted Isaacs. The Rock n’ Roll express hit the double dropkick on Isaacs for the pinfall!


Stu Bennet and Joe Galli announced the next NWA PPV for January, and announced that the NWA was bringing back the NWA Worlds Television Championship

Eli Drake came out and insulted David Marquez and then cut a promo against Aldis. Drake said that he was in James Storm’s camp, but that it really didn’t matter who came out on top, as he wanted the next title shot. Drake talked about how the NWA is the hottest thing going today, and how he was the hottest thing in it.

Drake said that he was the man that shines in the NWA, and he doesn’t care who the champion is. He called Ken Anderson a speedbump, and as he did that, Ken Anderson came out and attacked Drake. Anderson grabbed a chair and wrapped it around Drake’s head before sending him crashing into the ring post. The referees came out and pulled Anderson away.

Anderson fought away from security and then hit the Mic Check face first into the standing steel chair. The referees rushed the ring to check on Drake, and it the crowd booed Anderson. Was this a heel turn? It’s a little hard to keep track of who the heels and babyfaces are in this feud. Drake did win clean, and Anderson is showing that he is a sore loser, so it could have been a double turn. I suppose we will find out more later.

This was a very good angle.


Allysin Kay came out without a partner for her match with Melina and Marti Belle, and after they made their entrance, Kay's replacement partner was announced: ODB!

Melina & Marti Belle defeated Allysin Kay and ODB

Kay started the match with Marti Belle, and Kay took this chance to beat the crap out of Belle for turning on her a few weeks back. Kay hit a huge chop and then 10 punches in the corner to the roar of the crowd. Kay got disctarted by Melina, and Belle rolled her up for a 2 count. Kay hit a neckbreaker on Belle for a 2 count. Kay then pulled Melina into the ring and went for the Dude Buster, but Melina rolled through into a sunset flip and then Marti Belle hit Kay wit ha running knee.

Marti Belle then tagged out to Melina who came in and started working over Kay. Despite her babyface style promos on Power, Melina was clearly working like a heel here. Melina went for a DDT, and botched it, falling way before Kay did. Belle hit a Russian legsweep on Kay for a 2 count. It's probably best that Belle do the wrestling in this tag team, as Melina isn't very good at all, and she hasn't wrestled for a long time. Melina went for a kick, but Kay dodged and tagged out to ODB, who ran all over the ring hitting power moves on Belle.

Kay went for the Dude Buster on Melina, but she fought out. Marti hit the pedigree on Kay, but ODB then hit the BAM on Belle for the pinfall.

This match was perfectly fine with Marti Belle and Kay in there. Melina did not look good at all. The best usage of Melina might be having her cut promos and let Belle and Thunder Rosa do the wrestling. ODB was fine. Nothing spectacular. I still think the money for them is in Kay vs. Thudner Rosa long term, and I do believe they will go towards that.


Aron Stevens (w/ ?The Question Mark?) defeated Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks for the NWA National Championship

Ricky Starks went right after Stevens and Cabana and Starks hit double bionic elbows on Stevens. Cabana went for a pinfall but Starks broke it up. As he argued with Cabana, Cabana blocked a kick from Stevens and threw his foot into Starks and kicked Stevens' leg. Starks hit a dropkick on Stevens, which sent him to the floor. Stevens then went and hid behind the Christmas tree by the announce desk. Cabana and Starks then exchanged holds for the next few minutes, trying to best one another.

Cabana hit a shoulder block, but after a few go overs, Starks hit a shoulder block of his own and then a crossbody off the middle ropes. Cabana rolled through for a 2 count. Stevens ran back into the ring, did several Mongrovian Karate poses, and was dropped by Starks and Cabana who proceeded to chop the crap out of him in the corner. Cabana then threw Starks to the floor. Stevens was sent to the apron, but Cabana dodged an attack by Starks.

The Question Mark went onto the apron and distracted Cabana so that Stevens could hit a low blow on Cabana. Stevens then hit a rolling elbow and got a 2 count on Starks. Stevens hit a wacky elbow and then kneed Starks in the face and hit a headbutt on Cabana. Stevens was attacking Starks in the corner, and Question Mark laid Cabana out on the floor. Stevens told the crowd to shut up as he hit a suplex on Starks for a two count.

Stevens knocked Cabana off the apron and then continued his assault on Stevens. Stevens hit a lariat on Starks and got a 2 count. Stevens tried to knock Cabana off the apron again, but Cabana fought out and got back into the ring, only to have Stevens manage to throw him out again. Starks hot back to his feet and hit a sling blade on Stevens. Cabana and Starks hit a series of atomic drops, killing Stevens' crotch, and then both men did the wishbone split. Starks hit a dropkick on Cabana and fell into a senton on Stevens for a 2 count. 

Starks hit an elbow on Cabana and went for a tornado DDT, but Cabana pushed him off before it hit. Starks managed to lock on an abdominal stretch, but Cabana fought out and locked on the Billy Goat's Curse on Starks. Starks crawled to the ropes and bit the ropes to break it. Aron Stevens hid himself under the sheet beneath the Christmas tree. Starks and Cabana exchanged several pinfall attempts, but after the Superman Pin attempt by Cabana, The Question Mark hit Cabana with the Mongrovian Spike. Question Mark held Starks outside the ring, and Stevens ran into the ring and pinned Colt Cabana!

This was actually a very fun match. The finish was something they built to from the very start of the match, and it was a classic heel win, as I don't think Stevens hit one offensive move in the match.


Tim Storm came out and cut a promo about the main event, as Aldis picked him to be the referee. Storm talked about how much it meant for him to be a part of the PPV. He promised that he was going to do his best to call it down the middle, and that both men were going to battle for the NWA Worlds Championship, which is his heart and soul. The title means so much to him that he was going to do his best to represent the NWA. Excellent promo from Storm here.

A hype video aired for Aldis and James Storm, with James Storm saying that when what Kamille said to him comes out, it's going to change everything. Aldis said that this is why he gave her the night off. The crowd went nuts when we came back live, and they are ready for the NWA Worlds Championship match. James Storm got a huge amount of boos coming out, while Nick Aldis got an incredible reaction as he came down to the ring. There is no question that the fans think he is the man in wrestling, and Aldis does a great job carrying himself as such.

Nick Aldis vs. James Storm for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match

Brian Hebner was the referee for the first fall. Storm and Aldis locked up and chain wrestled with both men displaying good technique in the early portions of the match. James Storm talked about having a surprise for Aldis, and Kamille walked out. Aldis tried to send her to the back, but as he turned around, James Storm hit a superkick and pinned Aldis right away! Kamille walked away and disappeared after the pinfall. What does this mean for her relationship with Aldis?

Second Fall: Referee Tim Storm

Storm continued the attack on the outside, sending Nick Aldis into the stairs at ringside. Storm took Aldis into the crowd and up the stairs, dropping Aldis about halfway up. James Storm hit Aldis with a drink and Aldis staggered down the stairs until Storm grabbed him and smashed his head into the interview podium. James Storm then suplexed Aldis on the floor and did a Fargo Strut as the crowd said "Wooooo!" Nick Aldis managed to roll into the ring at the count of nine, but Storm threw him to the floor again.

James Storm tried to Irish whip Aldis into the Christmas Tree, but Aldis countered and sent storm crashing into the Mongrovian tree (according to Bennett, this is where they got it). The fans chanted "Merry Christmas" as James Storm managed to recover and hit a baseball slide dropkick on Aldis. Aldis still hadn't fully recovered from the suplex on the floor, so Storm was able to go right back into an advantage after being thrown into the tree.

Storm continued to beat on Aldis in the middle of the ring before going to the middle rope. Storm went for an axe handle, but Aldis caught him and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Both men got to their feet and Aldis hit two clotheslines, but Storm countered and hit Eye of the Storm for a 2 count. James Storm rolled to the floor and grabbed a steel chair. Tim Storm told him that he would DQ James Storm if he used it. James Storm gave the chair to Tim Storm, who removed it from the ring. 

Nick Aldis countered an attack from James Storm and after a few pinfall counters, Nick Aldis was able to score the flash pinfall! A coin was flipped and Brian Hebner won the toss.

Third Fall: Brian Hebner

Both men stated brawling, but Aldis managed to hit a Michinoku Driver for a 2 count. Storm hit a jawbreaker and Aldis was able to counter the Back Stabber twice, but Storm was finally able to hit it on the third try, but Aldis kicked out. Storm ended up on the apron, dodging an Aldis charge, and hit an enziguri before going to the top rope. Aldis cut him off and then hit a superplex off the middle rope for the 2 count.

Aldis put Storm on the top rope and went for another superplex, but Storm fought out with a series of heabutts and then hit a huge flying elbow on Aldis for a 2 count. Both men ended up on their feet, but as James Storm went for a superkick, Aldis was able to catch it and went for the Figure Four. Storm rolled Aldis up to counter, but only got a 2. Storm recovered and locked on a Figure Four Leglock of his own. After a struggle, Aldis was able to reverse the preassure but James Storm made the ropes.

James Storm went for a float over in the corner, but Aldis caught him and hit a tombstone in the middle of the ring before going onto the top rope. Aldis bit a flying elbow dropw for a 2. No count, as Granny would say. Aldis hit a big chop on Storm and sent him to the ropes. Storm ducked a clothesline, but Aldis managed to clothesline the crap out of Brian Hebner by accident. Hebner took a flip bump, which was awesome. Tim Storm came down to the ring to check on Hebner as Aldis hit a DDT on James Storm. 

James Storm countered an Aldis sunset flip for a 2 count. Storm hit a superkick and Aldis fell back into the corner. As Storm rolled Aldis up, Aldis pulled the turnbuckle pad off and kicked out at 2. As Aldis kicked out, James Storm flew headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle! Nick Aldis then picked up the legs of James Storm and locked on the Texas Cloverleaf! Tim Storm reluctantly called for the bell, as the crowd booed Aldis. Was Tim Storm in on this with Aldis, or is Tim Storm going to go after the title again after seeing this injustice?

A series of officials ran out to check on James Storm as Tim Storm raised Nick Aldis' hand. This was an excellent match, and the finish was just the right combo of clever while putting heat on Aldis. Stu Bennet was pointing out that Nick Aldis should have been DQ'd for striking the referee, and had questions about the turnbuckle pad being so easily removed. Aldis went back to David Marquez to cut a promo after the match.

Nick Aldis said that the ring belonged to him and the fans. He said that men like him and James Storm find purpose in that rin, and that the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is how he tells the world who he is. Aldis then said "There is not a man alive that can take this from me!" The lights went out, and Marty Scurll's music hit! Marty Scurll is in the NWA! The crowd went insane for Marty as he walked down to the ring and faced off with Nick Aldis as the show went off the air.

Well, I can't say I was expecting that. The crowd went absolutely insane for Scurll, and it appears he's in the NWA, at least for now. What an excellent PPV from the NWA. I am definitely intrigued about where this is going.