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NWA launching online video service with complete Paul Boesch Houston wrestling library

Harley Race

By Josh Nason,

On Thursday, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) announced they are jumping into the on-demand video ocean, launching a cost-effective service on July 4th that will feature classic matches from the promotion's history.

Here's the details:

- The service will be called NWA Classics 24/7 and will launch on Saturday, July 4th. will launch next week.

- It will have the entire Paul Boesch Houston Wrestling library with many of the matches complete with original commentary by Boesch himself. The matches span the late 1960's through 1986. The library was stored in an air conditioned unit, and the quality and clarity of the audio and color is said to be amazing. Some of these matches have not been seen in over 40 years.

- The cost will be $8.99/mo which includes unlimited access to the library. A year's subscription will be reduced to $99.99 (basically 2 months free).

- 50 matches will be released in the first month with 30 new matches added monthly. NWA president Bruce Tharpe said they have enough vintage content to keep up that pace for years.

- Some of the matches included in the first month's release:

- Harley Race vs. Andre the Giant for the NWA World Title
- Butch Reed vs. Magnum TA
- NWA World Title Match – Ric Flair vs. Wahoo McDaniel
- Kevin Von Erich vs. Chris Adams
- Dory and Terry Funk vs. Mil Mascaras and Jose Lothario
- Gino Hernandez vs. Ivan Putski
- Butch Reed vs. Buddy Landell in a “Shoeshine Match"
- Ivan Putski vs. Abdullah the Butcher
- Brad Armstrong vs. One Man Gang
- NWA World Title Match – Ric Flair vs. Terry Taylor
- NWA World Title Match – Ric Flair vs. Butch Reed
- Nick Bockwinkel vs. Bruiser Brody
- $20,000 Two-Ring Battle Royal
- Early Shawn Michaels footage, the JYD, Jake “the Snake” Roberts, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, The Rock n’ Roll Express, and more.