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NWA Power results: Alwayz Ready go-home show

Nick Aldis took on Matt Cardona running mate Brian Myers.

NWA Power opened with Tyrus in the ring who was there for two reasons. The first was that he had a book signing that was sold out earlier, but a kid wasn’t able to get a book because he ran out. He brought the kid to ringside to offer him the book...for $1000 as Tyrus does nothing for free. The kid mouthed off to Tyrus so he had security take him away.

Tyrus then announced he was having a Tyrus Slam Challenge this week because, in his mind, Mims didn’t slam him and it was a hip toss and not a slam: the classic heel claim when the babyface slams the monster. Tyrus claimed he had a powerlifter who was distantly related to Andre the Giant that would be attempting to slam him tonight.

Nick Aldis defeated Brian Myers

Not a bad match here as Aldis and Myers told a basic story before Aldis won by out-wrestling Myers. This established that Aldis can beat a friend of Matt Cardona’s easily and helped drive forward what he was hoping to do to Cardona for the World title.

Myers attacked Aldis on the floor before the match started and they brawled around ringside until Aldis brought them into the ring for the match to officially start. Austin Idol called Joe Galli a pencil neck geek which made my day. Myers necked Aldis on the ropes and stomped him in the corner.

Myers hit a suplex and locked on a sleeper, getting the heat with similar holds for the next few minutes. When they came back from commercial break, Aldis was still in a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Aldis didn’t drop his hand a third time and started fighting back. He jumped over a drop down, but appeared to tweak his knee on the landing.

Aldis hit a superplex on Myers after cutting off the heat seeking elbow, but struggled to get to his feet afterward. Aldis hit the Michinoku driver on Myers for a two count, but got a thumb to the eyes and a spear from Myers for a two count soon thereafter. Myers called for a second spear, but Aldis got the knee up and hit a tombstone piledriver for another two count.

Myers shoved the referee into the ropes as Aldis went for a flying elbow and attempted to suplex Aldis, but Aldis shoved him off the ropes and hit a flying elbow for a near fall. Myers grabbed the ref and low blowed Aldis, but Aldis got his feet on the ropes. Myers yelled, “You screwed me and you suck!” to the ref and Aldis respectively, which Idol agreed with, but it was for naught as Aldis grabbed Myers and locked on the Kingsland Cloverleaf for the submission.

Kyle Davis entered the ring to interview Aldis who talked about how Matt Cardona disrespected the NWA, his wife, and the fans, and that he was going to take Cardona out to win the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship. This was recorded before Cardona was injured and had surgery for his bicep, but Cardona did indicate that he would be there regardless.

We are left wondering what is going to happen in the main event. While the graphics were clear during the opening match, they made no mention of this on commentary or backstage promo. Many people watching could be under the impression that Matt Cardona is still wrestling on the show. If so, they may order the PPV thinking that which is not something I’m a fan of. I would prefer them to tell us what is happening in the main event before the show.

- KC Roxx, who I thought was Enzo Amore at first, came out to try to slam Tyrus. He is quite tiny. Austin Idol claimed he was worried about this. Tyrus laughed at the attempt and then told the fans to support Roxx. Roxx did some push-ups to pump himself up. Tyrus shoved him off again. Roxx booted Tyrus low and got himself DQ’d. Tyrus hit the heart punch and went to squash Roxx, but Mims made his way back to the ring and dropped Tyrus with a shoulderblock. Mims went to slam Tyrus, but Tyrus cut him off and hit an armbreaker.

Cyon, the recently revealed son of Idol, came out and hit a death valley Driver on Mims. It seems that Cyon rejoined Idolmania Sports Management, hugging his dad and celebrating with Tyrus.

KiLynn King & Missa Kate defeated NWA Women's Champion Kamille & Kenzie Paige

This was an excellent match to close the show with the women working very hard to give a quality main event. I have said it before, but Paige is excellent and only getting better. King getting the win here further establishes her as a threat to Kamille ahead of their Alwayz Ready title match. This was very well booked.

Kate started the match with Paige who was able to out-wrestle Kate several times. When Kamille tagged in, King tagged in but got out quickly with Kate wanting to fight Kamille. This did not go well. Paige tagged in and Kate was able to turn it around by raking the eyes and getting the heat on Paige. King tagged in and used her superior strength and size to keep Paige on her side of the ring.

King nailed Paige with a roundhouse kick which sent her crashing to the mat. King refused to go for the cover which proved to be a mistake as it gave Paige time to recover and hit a code breaker on King. Paige tagged out and Kamille came in and destroyed Kate with stomps in the corner and an Oklahoma Stampede for a near fall.

Kate hit a roundhouse kick on Kamille, which caused her to fall backward into the corner and tag out to Paige. Paige hit the Kenzie Cutter on King which Kate broke up. Kamille hit Radio Silence on Kate, and Paige went to superkick King, but she ducked and Paige hit Kamille by accident. King then hit the Excalibuster on Paige for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts:

This was a short but focused episode of NWA Power that functioned as the go home show for NWA Alwayz Ready. The slightly shorter run time actually served them well as they kept the stories simple and got to the main point of the major matches they are promoting for the PPV: Nick Aldis vs. Matt Cardona, Tyrus vs. Mims, and Kamille vs. KyLynn King. Overall, this was a very good episode of NWA Power.