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NWA Power results and video: Marty Scurll's counteroffer

NWA Power: Money Where Your Mouth Is

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It doesn’t take NWA Power to get into the action quickly, as Eli Drake joins Galli and Bennett on commentary.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) w/ Eddie Kingston defeated The Dawson (Dave & Zane Dawson) w/ The Pope

The crowd immediately started chanting “We want beer!” as Mr. Beer started the match with Zane Dawson. Zane and the Bruiser exchanged hard clothesline attempts, but the Beer City Bruiser was too strong and leveled Zane. Dave Dawson tagged in and exchanged chops with Milonas. Mr. Beer tagged in and did several punches with the crowd chanting “Beer!”

Zane tagged in and used some clubbing forearms on the Bruiser in the corner, likely bruising him, in an ironic cruel twist. Beer hit a double clothesline and managed to tag out to Milonas, who hit a running cross body on Zane Dawson, which was insane. Milonas hit a superplex on Zane soon thereafter, and The Bruiser hit a frog splash off the top rope for the 3.

James Storm and the Beer City Bruiser filled the Crockett Cup with beer and started to drink from it. Milonas, Beer, and Storm tried to get Drake to do it, but Drake faked in and drank his protein shake. That was quite hilarious. I love the Beer City Bruiser.


Tom Latimer came out with Kamille to be interviewed about his upcoming match with Tim Storm. Galli said that Latimer might be in line for a title match if he beat Storm, and Latimer brushed it off, as Aldis is his boss. Latimer also refused to talk about the tag team title scene, but cut a promo on the Rock n’ Roll Express. Kamille threatened to slap Galli, but she gently patted him on the face.

Tom Latimer defeated Tim Storm

Latimer attacked storm from behind and started working him over, but Storm clotheslined Latimer to the floor. Latimer landed on his feet, but he wasn’t happy. Both men locked up, but neither were able to get the advantage, so they exchanged shoulder blocks. Latimer indicated that he was going to go for another one, but tried a cheap shot, so Storm blocked it and hit a back body drop on Latimer.

Latimer threw an elbow pad to the ref, and as he did, he hit a throat strike on Storm and then a spear for the 2 count. Latimer continued to work over Storm with a few punches before Tim Storm made a brief comeback, but both men went down after a neckbreaker. Latimer went for a piledriver, but Storm hit a back body drop. He ran to the corner, but Latimer dodged, and he crashed into the ring post. Latimer hit an implant DDT for the win.

After the match, the fake Mama Storm from last week came out, and Tim Storm looked disgusted before leaving the area. I wonder if we will see the real Mama Storm at some point to put this fake one in its place? I'm not a fan of Tim Storm losing a relatively clean match here, but that is just my bias kicking in because I love Tim Storm as a babyface. I legitimately don't want to see him lose.


Trevor Murdoch cut a promo against Aron Stevens about how he wanted a title match again. He also trash talked Question Mark, and Question Mark came out, grabbed the mic, and began to sing the Mongrovian National Anthem to a applause from the crowd. He then said “Me! You! Karate!” to Murdoch, which I loved because it was so wacky.


Sean Mooney was there with the update from ROH Free Enterprise, as Marty Scurll made a counter offer after being in a match with him and PCO against Nick Aldis & Rush. Marty talked about becoming the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion. Marty made a counter offer, saying that he would personally write a cheque for $500,000 if Aldis beat him. Aldis accepted the counter offer.


NWA Television Championship: Ricky Starks went to a time limit draw with Matt Cross

Starks and Cross started the match with some technical wrestling, showing that neither man is limited to high flying wrestling. Starks was able to hit a dropkick to the face of Cross when he tried to do a backflip. Cross and Starks traded a few moves back and forth again, and Cross hit a pump kick and back elbow. Cross went for a suplex, but Starks blocked it.

Both men tried for it more than once, and went back and forth before Starks was able to hit a suplex. Starks hit a tornado DDT and got a 2 count. Cross hit the cross cutter and then went for the shooting star press, but the bell rang as he ran out of time. Starks had successfully defended his title due to time limit draw.

Zicky Dice came out and cut a promo about how Starks couldn’t get the job done, but that he finishes every time. Well then.

Honestly, I am not sure I would have done the draw here. I get that they wanted to establish two things: That Matt Cross is tough to beat, and that a draw still counts as a successful defence of the title. However, I think I would have saved the match with Matt Cross for further down the line, and if Starks gets all of the Lucky 7, Cross can say that he never really beat him, and move forward with that as Starks seeks a shot at the NWA World’s Championship.


Marti Belle cut a promo against Allysin Kay and how she didn’t care about her or the fans, and talked about how Melina was the only one that showed that she cared about her. Belle talked about how everything that Melina has predicted has come true. Kay came out and said that she absolutely cared about the fans.

Kay said that Melina was Jim Jones, and Marti Belle was drinking the kool-aid. She said that she was always going to be there for Marti Belle, and that she cared about her. Marti Belle left, angry.

Melina defeated Tasha Steelz

Melina immediately attacked Steelz, and Steelz sold so well for Melina’s offence here that even though parts of it looked weak, Melina looked like a monster compared to her. The match was messy in spots, but Steelz did her best to get a decent match before Melina hit a Primal Scream for the pinfall.

Melina cut a promo about being the best, and demanded a title shot next week against Thunder Rosa, her friend.


Nick Aldis & Royce Isaacs defeated The Rock n’ Roll Express

As the match was beginning, Sal Rinauro and May Valentine made their way down to ringside and sat down in the crowd. Robert Gibson rolled up Isaacs and got a 2 count as he was distracted by May sitting with Sal. Ricky Morton tagged in and they worked over the legs of Royce with a wishbone split. Morton and Gibson continued the work over the leg for a while until Isaacs gouged the eyes and tagged in Aldis.

Ricky Morton was tagged in soon thereafter as he hit a hurricanrana on Aldis. Morton was driven into the ring post on the floor by Isaacs and they got the heat on Morton for the next few minutes. Morton fired up and hit a few great punches before tagging out. Gibson tagged in and hit a suplex on Isaacs before throwing Aldis from the top rope.

Gibson went for a backslide on Isaacs, but Aldis broke it up. Isaacs hit the thumbs to the eyes of Gibson and rolled him up for the pinfall with the feet on the ropes. May Valentine came over and hugged May as Isaacs went on to argue with Sal. The crowd chanted Sal, as the show faded out into a hype video of Aldis and Scurll.

The NWA promised we would know the exact date and venue for the Crockett Cup next week.
This was a very solid episode of NWA Power. It wasn’t super exciting, and it didn’t have the promos of last week, but it was very good. They are slowly building their way to the PPV, and it’s excellent stuff.