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NWA Power results: By Any Means Necessary, part one

NWA Power By Any Means Necessary Part One

This week’s episode of NWA Power featured the first part of a special show they recently taped in Kentucky called By Any Means Necessary, and thus was longer than the usual episode.

Jax Dane opened the show with Kyle Davis as they announced a cage match between him and Crimson to settle their differences after they broke up as a tag team. Dane promised to destroy him, and blamed Crimson for everything that led to their break up.

The Pope came down to the ring for an interview with Joe Galli. Pope took the mic and hyped the crowd up for the show, but was cut off by Colby Corino, who came to ringside with The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky). Pope said that he was going to give Corino the whipping that his father Steve Corino should have given him.

Velvet Sky claimed that she had a shouting match with Austin Idol about store bought Rice Crispy Treats vs. homemade ones, and I found this amusing.

Pope defeated Colby Corino

The crowd was on fire for this match, and having a big audience makes a huge difference for these NWA shows. The crowd turned a decent opening match into a really fun one to watch, as they were with the wrestlers the entire way.

As the match started, Velvet Sky gave us a bit of background on Wrecking Ball Legursky, telling us he was trained by Matt Taven & Bully Ray. Pope beat Corino all around the ring in the opening moments, hitting punches, an inverted atomic drop, and a fist drop. Pope lit Corino up with chops in the corner, which made the crowd roar with approval.

Pope went for a Bionic Elbow, but Corino poked Pope in the eyes and then went for a double stomp, but he missed. Pope rolled Corino up, but was soon locked in a crossface, but Pope escaped and then ate a superkick. Pope managed to get to his feet and hit some forearms, including a flying one off the ropes.

Pope blocked an eye poke and then hit a big flying crossbody on Corino for a two-count. Pope hit a neckbreaker and then called for the Elijah Express. The Fixers got involved to distract the referee and Corino took advantage and hit the Corino Crash for a two-count. The Ill Begotten (Captain Yuma & Russ Freeman) came out to yell at Corino for cheating, and Pope countered an abdominal stretch into a cradle for a pinfall victory.

The Fixers got into the ring and challenged The Ill Begotten to an impromptu tag match.

The Fixers defeated The Ill Begotten

Good squash here to get The Fixers over as monsters.

Russ Freeman ate a cannonball in the corner from Legursky, and then they double teamed Yuma, with Legursky hitting a powerslam. The Fixers beat on Yuma for a bit, dominating the smaller man. Yuma managed to crawl to his corner and tag in Freeman after dodging a big boot.

Freeman tried to take it to both men at the same time, but paid for it when he went for a belly-to-belly on Bradley. Legursky no sold a jawbreaker and then The Fixers hit a tag team powerbomb/back suplex on Yuma and a double brainbuster on Freeman for the pinfall.

The Fixers grabbed a mic and said that they were in the NWA to take payment from the highest bidder and that they were going to take on anyone in their way. As they were talking, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett (The OGK) came out to challenge them! A second impromptu match began between The Fixers and the Kingdom.

The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeated The Fixers

This match was awesome. Taven and Bennett were fantastic here, and the Fixers were the right guys to keep the heat on them. I normally don’t like a lot of impromptu matches, but the way this was executed with The Fixers destroying The Ill Begotten really helped with this match. This was great.

Taven and Bennet ran down to the ring and immediately started fighting with the bigger men, but it wasn’t long before The Fixers had isolated Taven. Taven dodged a corner strike after Galli shouted out Ring of Honor, AEW, and Impact as partners with the NWA, which always makes me smile.

Taven hit a dropkick on Legursky and then hit a suicide dive on the other side of the ring taking out Bradley. Taven then hit a huge dive over the top rope to the floor on Legursky. Taven went to the top rope but was shoved off into Legursky who stood there like a wall, and Taven crashed to the mat.

The Fixers beat on Taven, getting the heat on him with some big man offence. Legursky chopped Taven at ringside as Sky and Austin Idol bickered on commentary to the point of annoyance. When both of them focus on the match, it is far better. Taven tried a sunset flip, but Legursky stopped it but missed a dropkick. Taven hit a PK and then tagged in Bennett, who ran wild.

Bennett went for a rolling elbow, but Legursky blocked it and went for a chokeslam. Bennett countered and hit a dropkick to the knee. Taven and Bennett superkicked Bradley and sent him to the floor before hitting a double superkick Legursky, but he no sold it and hit a double clothesline on both men. Bennett hit a big spear, and then Taven hit a frog splash for the pinfall on Legursky.

The Sinister Minster was with Judias, and he addressed Sal Rinauro challenging him for his shot at the NWA National Championship. He told Rinauro that he would grant him the match, but if he lost, he would have to give up challenging for the NWA National title for 18 months (6+6+6).

Judias (with The Sinister Minister) defeated Sal Rinauro (with Danny Deals)

This is the best Judias has looked since he started in the NWA, with Rinauro bumping around like crazy to make him look good. Rinauro sold like crazy here, and while Judias isn’t that good, he at least looked good in this match.

Judias threw Rinauro across the ring and then hit some ugly looking punches in the corner. Rinauro went for a crossbody on Judias, but Judias caught him and hit a fall away slam. Judias did the Garvin stomps on Rinauro before hitting an elbow drop for a 2-count.

Judias continued his beating on Rinauro, but he kept kicking out. Rinauro dodged a corner charge and hit a handspring stunner, a superkick, and a flying clothesline on Judias for a two-count. Rinauro missed a second flying clothesline and ate a back suplex bomb. Judias then hit a Crucifix Bomb for the win.

The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay) defeated Tootie Lynn & Thunder Kitty to retain the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship

This was fine. Marti Belle did spend most of the match selling, but mistimed the finish slightly, falling a bit too late as Kay wheelbarrowed Thunder Kitty. I’m glad that they seem to be learning that Belle is best selling though, which improved this greatly.

Lynn started the match with Kay, with Kay hitting a side walk slam on Lynn and immediately isolating her from her corner. Thunder Kitty made the tag by slapping Lynn in the back of the head. Kitty used some cheating tactics, which Lynn was not happy about, yelling that she did whatever she wanted at her own partner.

Belle dodged a corner charge and rolled Kitty up, but Kitty rolled through and hit a punch. Kitty yelled at Lynn more as Lynn tagged in, and Sky informed us that she sensed tension between the two. You know, I think she might be right. Kay tagged in and hit a huge pump kick on Kitty, but Lynn made the save when The Hex went for Hex Marks the Spot. Belle kicked Lynn and then hit the Hexlaimation Point on Kitty for the pinfall.

Marti Belle and Allysin Kay claimed they were going to take the tag titles anywhere and defend against all challengers, so it’s possible we might see them showing up in some other promotions soon.

A hype video aired for Cyon and Tyrus over the NWA Television Championship. This was a well done video, summarizing their feud, and announcing their match on December 4th at NWA Hard Times II

Cyon defeated Mims

Holy cow, this was a good match. There was very little in terms of spectacular moves, but everything was paced well, and it drew the fans into what was happening very well. The NWA has something in Mims, and I hope they see it, because he was awesome in this one. Cyon held his own too. I didn’t expect to be into this as much as I was, but it was excellent.

Cyon must have been working out hard lately, as he was quite cut here compared to some of his other appearances. Mims and Cyon had a good back and forth early on, and I really liked how Cyon sold some headbutts from Mims. He tried to not sell it, but couldn’t after a few.

Mims hit a back suplex on the apron on Cyon, but Cyon was able to reverse an Irish whip at ringside and sent Mims crashing into the stairs. Cyon slammed Mims in the ring and hit a series of elbows to the chest. Cyon hit a back elbow that sent Mims to the mat.

Cyon took Mims over with a back drop that was almost like a Northern Lights suplex. The bickering between Sky and Idol really hurt this match, as they argued about Billy Corgan firing Idol. Poor Joe Galli tried to keep them on track, trying to focus on the match, but they just kept going.

Cyon hit a back suplex on Mims, but Mims rolled towards the ropes before a pin could be attempted. Cyon locked on some sort of arm submission, triangling the arm with his legs. Mims lifted Cyon right off the mat and powerbombed him, which the crowd popped huge for.

Mims nailed Cyon with a clothesline that sent him flipping backwards. Mims hit a Big Strong Slam on Cyon, but he got his foot on the ropes. Mims climbed to the top rope, but Cyon cut him off and hit a superplex for a 2-count. Cyon went back with the North/South elbows to the chest of Mims.

Cyon hit a Death Valley Driver on Mims, but he kicked out at two. As both men stood up, Mims rocked Cyon with a headbutt and went for a brainbuster, but Cyon grabbed the tope rope to block it, hit a twisting neckbreaker, and then locked on the Mask of Pain in the middle of the ring on Mims.

Mims fired up and tried to make the ropes, but Cyon stomped on the free hand with his foot and Mims ended up passing out in the hold.

Final Thoughts:

This was an excellent edition of NWA Power. If they could make more shows like this while maintaining quality promos, the show would be outstanding every week. The hot crowd really helped, and while this was a longer edition of the show, it was a very easy watch. I am really looking forward to part two of By Any Means Necessary, especially if we continue to get in ring action like this.