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NWA Power results: Cardona & Knox vs. Strictly Business vs. Storm & Murdoch


NWA Power opened with a promo from Melina saying that she should be the permanent number 1 contender because of her status as a legend. It's a heel line, but I think she's the babyface here. Babyfaces should be willing to work their way up the card, and Melina did not want to, so this was confusing to say the least.

That led into our first match.

Kiera Hogan defeated Jennacide (w/ Taryn Terrell), Kenzie Paige and Christi Jaynes to become the number 1 contender to the NWA Women's title

This was an excellent match from all four as they put on quite the show. You have to think places like AEW would want to fill out their women’s division with the talent seen here. Hogan has an AEW contract, but she would be a great get for any organization out there.

Everyone tried to take out Jennacide at the onset, including Kenzie Paige hitting a dive on her. Hogan hit a dropkick in the corner on Jaynes while Jennacide pulled Hogan to the floor. Hogan went for a wheelbarrow on Jennacide, but Jaynes ran in and hit a cutter on Hogan for the two count in a cool spot.

Jaynes chopped Jennacide, who no sold it and chopped her back before hitting a fall away into a DDT. Paige and Hogan hit double superkicks on Jennacide. Paige then hit Hogan with a superkick, followed by Jaynes hitting a palm strike and ushigoroshi on Paige. 

Jaynes hit a moonsault to the floor on all three women, but Hogan came back in and hit Face the Music (a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker) for the pinfall to earn the title shot.

-- The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) & Tag Team Champions La Rebelion were backstage with Homicide. Homicide bad-mouthed The OGK, asking why they were there. Bennett and Taven said they wanted a match against them for the titles, but La Rebelion said that they weren’t worthy. Bennett told Homicide to keep his boys in line and a brawl almost broke out.

-- Jax Dane was with Kyle Davis and continued to talk about Anthony Mayweather (Crimson). Dane claimed that he set up Mayweather’s match against Mims tonight. Mims is the student of Mayweather, so he wanted to see how bad Mayweather wanted another match against him, going through his student.

Dane started bad-mouthing the NWA legends and Rodney Mack, the husband of Jazz, decided that was disrespectful and took him out to end the segment.

Anthony Mayweather defeated Mims by countout

This was an interesting way to book the match, but in this case, I think the finish served the story. Mims didn’t want Mayweather to play into the hands of Dane. Mayweather understood it as business and wanted his trainee to wrestle. Mims, in the end, was the one manipulated. If it goes somewhere, it’s interesting.

Mayweather and Mims exchanged some offense, but Mims kept letting up on him every time he had the advantage. Mims said he couldn’t do it and that Dane was manipulating both of them. Mayweather said it was just business and they should fight. Mims laid down for the pin, and Mayweather said that there was no honor in winning that way, so give him a fight. 

Both men left the ring and Mayweather told him that this was part of his training, but Mims threw Mayweather into the ring before they could both get counted out, giving the teacher the win by countout.

-- Cyon was with May Valentine and spoke about how his past doesn’t matter despite Valentine asking about his former NWA champion father. He chose to wore a mask because the past doesn’t matter and was going to continue to fight and prove himself, because Tyrus showed him what he needed to do to get to the top.

DSB (JTG and Dirty Dango) defeated The Rude Dudes (El Rudo & Jamie Stanley)

I like all four guys, but this wasn’t very good. Stanley and JTG, in particular, seemed to struggle, but I have seen far worse.

JTG started with El Rudo. Dango and JTG showed some good tag team offense in the early part with a few double teams on El Rudo. Rudo and Stanley kept the heat up for a few minutes until Dango hit a back suplex before making the tag to JTG. 

JTG and Stanley had a bit of a miscommunication when JTG tried to wrap Stanley’s arm around his head and hit a neckbreaker, but it just didn’t come together. JTG got a uranage on Stanley before Dango hit the guillotine leg drop off the top rope for the finish.

NWA Television Champion Tyrus (w/ BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater & Marche Rockett) defeated Jaden Roller to retain

This match sucked. Tyrus is so lazy in the ring that he barely moved while doing anything. This was one of the most boring three-minute matches I have ever seen.

Roller hit Tyrus with a jawbreaker after Tyrus lazily shoved Roller to the mat. Roller attacked the knee and kept attacking until hitting a flying clothesline to drop Tyrus. Roller hit an Axe Kick on Tyrus for a two-count. 

Tyrus couldn’t get up in time to hit Roller with a punch to the stomach, so Roller just stopped and sold it like Tyrus headbutted him. Wow, Tyrus is bad. Tyrus hit a corner splash and a heart punch for the win. This was horrible.

Cyon defeated Judias (w/ Sinister Minister) via DQ

This also sucked. Judias wasn’t over. I like Cyon, but Judias is terrible.

Judias controlled the early parts of the match with slow, awful offense. Sal Rinauro came out as he is still trying to join Sinister Minister. Judias then threw Rinauro at Cyon for the DQ. Rinauro then asked the Minister if he did good.

Matt Cardona & Mike Knox defeated Strictly Business (Thom Latimer & NWA National Champion Chris Adonis) & NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch & Tim Storm in a three-way

This was a fine tag match, but was nothing too special.

Knox, Cardona, and Strictly Business seemed to agree that working together to beat on Storm and Murdoch made the most sense. Cardona entered the match when Murdoch was being beat on, but tagged out as soon as Murdoch showed any offense.

Cardona missed a boot scrape and Storm ran wild on Knox and Cardona. Cardona was able to steal the win after everyone exchanged finishers until Cardona hit Radio Silence on Storm.

Final Thoughts:

The opening match was the best on the show with the non-finishes hurting the show a bit. Judias and Tyrus being in featured matches and storylines suck the life out of Power, and the crowd usually responds with silence. I wish anyone else in Idol’s group would wrestle, but Tyrus wrestles the most for them. 

The main event was a perfectly fine tag match, but Cardona vs. Murdoch needs to be heated up soon with more promos and angles.