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NWA Power results: Crockett Cup fallout, Briscoes vs. The OGK

Two titles were on the line this week.

Joe Galli opened this week's show, announcing that the Briscoes were going to take on the OGK on this post-Crockett Cup episode of NWA Power.

The Cardonas came out to the podium to be interviewed by Kyle Davis. The fans chanted “You tapped out!” at NWA World Champion Matt Cardona after the happenings from last Sunday's main event against Nick Aldis.

He objected to Tim Storm and Mickie James getting involved in the match. Cardona also said that he was always ready, so he was still champion. Cardona claimed he didn’t tap out and was just trying to encourage the fans to chant for him. Cardona claimed the NWA belonged to him now and there was nothing Trevor Murdoch or Aldis could do about it.

- Jeff Jarrett was interviewed by Davis after the main event from the Crockett Cup. He talked about how refereeing a match is the hardest job in wrestling and that the low blow that led to the DQ was not Mickie James. But, it was what he thought at the time, and he was upset that he made a bad call. Jarrett said that he did the best he could, and Matt Cardona is champion. I liked this follow-up.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe) defeated The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

This was a fantastic opening match. The Briscoes and OGK have done this so many times that they just know where the other team is going to be, and we got a great ROH-style tag match here.

The feud between the two reignited here with Matt Taven and Jay Briscoe starting the match. The action spilled to the outside and Taven hit a dropkick through the middle rope on Jay, but Mark followed up with one of his own on Taven. Mark and Jay quickly isolated Bennett in the corner, hitting a big corner boot and a clothesline.

Bennett hit a rolling elbow on Mark and tagged out to Taven, who hit a dropkick off the middle rope. The Briscoes manage to pull it to the outside again with Mark Briscoe hitting a tope con giro over the top rope with an assist from a chair. Bennett hit a big boot on Jay and OGK started to get a little momentum. Bennett hit a spinout brain buster for a two count. Mark tagged in and did some redneck kung-fu with a Pele kick.

Mark suplexed and booted both OGK members all around the ring. Mark hit an Iconoclasm on Bennett for a near fall. Jay went for the Jay Driller, but Bennett fought out and tagged in Taven, who ran wild. Taven hit a twist and shout on Jay before Bennett hit a death valley driver. Mark and Bennett exchanged some hard strikes in the middle of the ring until Jay got an Oklahoma roll on Taven and pinned him out of nowhere.

- Tag Team Champions La Rebelion was backstage with May Valentine and talked about how they were ready for all challengers, including the Briscoes.

Trevor Murdoch defeated a local talent

This was an outright squash with Murdoch destroying whoever this was in less than two minutes. I didn't catch his name and they never displayed a graphic, Either way, Murdoch destroyed him and won with a piledriver quickly.

Afterward, he talked to Davis about how he had no more patience and was going to destroy everyone the NWA puts in front of him. The blood was going to be on the hands of the NWA if they kept feeding him hacks. Murdoch getting more violent is an interesting development for his character. I am still not sure if this is a heel turn, or just an edge being added, but I am intrigued.

- James and Aldis were interviewed by Davis after the main event of the Crockett Cup. James talked about how this was far from over and Aldis said that the NWA runs through his veins until his dying day, and he hated how things went down. He didn’t blame Jarrett and that he was still coming for the Cardona family. This makes me think that they are building to a mixed tag team match with James and Aldis against Cardona and Chelsea Green.

- Austin Idol was with TV Champion Tyrus at the podium. Davis asked about Idol’s big announcement which Idol took exception to as it was none of Davis’ business. Davis insisted and Idol got more flustered. Davis then indicated it was going to be a match or challenge of some sort for Tyrus, and he completely changed his tone. 

I really liked this, because it was a very subtle way of telling the audience he has something to say about Cyon’s parentage and he didn’t want to talk about it right now. Tyrus then announced that if anyone could bodyslam him, he’d let them challenge for the NWA Television Championship.

NWA Tag Team Champions The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) defeated Paola Blaze & Jennacide (w/ Taryn Terrell) to retain the titles

This was a perfectly acceptable match that served the purpose of getting to the end of the break-up of Blaze and Jennacide. A stipulation was made before the match for them to break up if they couldn’t win the titles, and with that ending, that is done and now, Jennacide can feud with both Terrell and Blaze.

Belle and Blaze started, but it didn’t take long for Kay and Jennacide to start exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Jennacide hit a spinebuster on Kay for a two count. Blaze hit a meteora in the corner. She and Jennacide started to get the heat on Kay for the next few minutes including Jennacide trying to break Kay’s pinky finger.

Jennacide put Kay in the tree of woe and kicked her a few times before tagging out to Blaze. Kay escaped the grasp of Blaze and tagged out to Marti Belle, who hit some forearms but was soon shutdown by Jennacide. Blaze tagged in blind and Jennacide hit a TKO, but Jennacide didn’t realize it. When she did, Blaze came in and was rolled up by Belle for the pin. Jennacide left, not wanting anything to do with either of her teammates.

- New National Champion Jax Dane was with May Valentine and talked about his Crockett Cup match with Anthony Mayweather and how he was now the champion while Mayweather is in the past and should be buried underground.

- Thom Latimer and Women's Champion Kamille were with Davis who said he heard a rumor backstage that Strictly Business was no longer in business. Latimer confirmed that it was over and said that the only person he needed was Kamille. Kamille said Chris Adonis was dead weight, that it was her and Latimer against everyone, and that they are taking over the NWA.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide defeated Austin Aries to retain the title

This was a great match between these two. Homicide is great as always, and Aries held up his end of the match as well. Both guys have worked so many matches with each other that it seemed effortless to have a good one here.

They exchanged some technical wrestling to open things up with each guy predicting each other’s moves. Aries went for the brain buster early on, but Homicide fought out, rolled him up for a two count, and then tossed Aries to the floor. Homicide put Aries on the top rope and went for a Koji cutter, but Aries shoved him off and hit a European uppercut off the middle rope.

Homicide missed a corner charge and hit what Aries has dubbed the side Ukrainian legsweep. The two bumped heads in the middle of the ring and collapsed. Aries hit the ropes and Homicide hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Homicide got his Koji cutter for a near fall and locked on an STF, but Aries got to the ropes.

Homicide went for the Cop Killa, but Aries floated out, hit a rolling elbow to the back of the head and then locked on the Last Chancery. Homicide barely made the ropes which really upset Aries. Aries hit a neckbreaker across the middle rope followed by a running dropkick and a brain buster on Homicide, but Homicide got his foot on the ropes.

Aries went for the 450, but Homicide cut him off and hit another Koji cutter from the top rope for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts:

What a great episode of NWA Power this week. We saw a new edge to Murdoch, Cardona continuing to be a great heel, and were given some subtle hints about Idol and Cyon. This is all I could ask for in an episode: solid wrestling, advancement of stories, and a clear direction following the recent pay-per-view.