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NWA Power results: The Dawsons vs. Eli Drake & Tim Storm

NWA Power

The show opened with a recap of the story with Aldis and Kamille. Joe Galli opened the show informing us that he was having a third interview with Aldis this week, but that he would keep the interview focused on the next challenger for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Eddie Kingston came out and talked about how he was angry that the Dawsons got involved in his match, and that he was happy the NWA didn’t take away their title shot, but he wants to take out the Dawsons. He said that before he took the tag titles, he wanted the Dawsons and him and Homicide wanted them now. He said he would do it anywhere – the parking lot, their house, the ring.

Marti Belle defeated Crystal Rose

Belle opened the match with a slightly botched headscissors, and a big forearm in the corner. Belle knocked Rose down and ran at the corner, but Rose dodged and hit some stomps and forearms before kneeing Belle in the face. Belle made a come back with two clotheslines and a forearm. Belle hit a running forearm and hit a running hip to the face of Rose before hitting the Pedigree for the pinfall.

The Dawsons came out and talked about how a mystery tag team was facing them tonight.

A hype video aired for Thunder Rosa.

Aron Stevens came out and demanded that the fans listen to him and not make eye contact. He wanted to promote his new movie, Tropical Pirates. The fans chanted “Captain Morgan” as he asked to show a clip from the film. He then said, “When it comes to acting, I have more chops than Ric Flair.” This was fantastic.

Caleb Konley defeated Dan Parker

Parker trashed talked a lot in the early portion of the match, but Konley used some speed and athleticism to stay ahead at every chance. Parker managed to switch it around by pulling Konley off the middle rope and hit a Kitchen Sink before looking on an abdominal stretch. Konley escaped with a hip toss and then an enziguri before Caleb hit a spinning backfist, a slam, and a springboard moonsault for the pinfall. This was a great squash.

Tim Storm came out and thanked Nick Aldis for giving him a shot at the title. He admitted that he lost, fair and square. There was a guy that said, “We love you Tim!” and Tim thanked them and said his mom still loved him. Storm said he had to make decisions about his career. Eli Drake came out said his mom was probably more worried about her son giving up, and that one loss wasn’t enough to take him off the list, the same list that Ric Flair, Steamboat, and Harley Race is on.

Drake said that maybe the ten pounds of gold isn’t in his immediate future, but maybe there is two titles in their future, as Drake asked him to be his tag partner. Storm said he would think about it.

Jocephus asked to make a public apology to James Storm and asked the shake his hand. Colt Cabana came out and he imitated James Storm, took the hat that was being offered, and a beer too. Jocephus threw powder into Cabana’s face and started to attack in the ring. James Storm came up behind him and superkicked him when he turned around. Cabana was about to eat a superkick from Storm, but Ken Anderson pulled him out of the ring.

Nick Aldis and Kamille came out to discuss the next challenger for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Aldis said that he was going to wait and see who steps up, and if he needs to, he will go to another promotion and see there. Galli asked about Kamille talking for herself again, and Aldis told him off again, and said that she could speak whenever she wanted. 

Galli asked what her motivation was for being the insurance policy for Aldis, and she refused to speak. Aldis said that she didn’t want to talk, and when she wanted to, Galli would be the first to know.

And ad aired with a Twitter account at the end saying “@QuestionTheNWA” It seems we have a mystery wrestler coming to the NWA.

Eli Drake came out. Tim Storm joined him, to the roar from the crowd.

The Dawsons defeated Eli Drake and Tim Storm

Dave Dawson started the match with Eli Drake. Drake hit the ropes hard and hit three big clotheslines and a spinning neckbreaker. Drake went for a suplex, but that didn’t work out and Zane Dawson tagged in. Drake hit a neckbreaker and tagged out to Storm. He hit a nice neckbreaker for a near fall. Storm tagged out to Drake and both men hit a double elbow to drop Dawson.

Zane charged at the corner, but Drake got his feet up and hit a bulldog. Dawson kicked out. Storm tagged in and hit a corner charge on Dawson. Storm and Drake manged quick tags as Storm hit some hard elbows. Zane locked on a bearhug on Storm and drove him back into the corner and tagged out to his brother. Dave Dawson went back to the bearhug and worked over Storm’s ribs.

Storm managed to escape and make the hot tag to Drake, and Drake ran wild, but he was soon driven into the corner ring post, and Storm was left alone. Storm tried his best to fight both men off, but the Dawsons hit a combo squash and powerslam for the pinfall.

The Dawsons continued beating on Storm after the match ended, but Kingston and Homicide made the save and drove them off. Nick Aldis came out to check on Storm with Drake, and the show closed. Excellent episode.