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NWA Power results: The fallout from Hard Times 2


The post-Hard Times 2 edition of NWA Power opened up with footage from the show-closing angle as we saw Matt Cardona’s surprise appearance after NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch defended against Mike Knox.

Cardona’s distraction allowed Knox to hit a low blow and running boot to the champion. Cardona then held up the 10 pounds of gold briefly before placing it on top of the lifeless Murdoch. 

Joe Galli, Trevor Storm, and Velvet Sky were on commentary.

Colby Corino and The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) defeated Victor Benjamin and OKG (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

Corino tagged out to Jay Bradley immediately to start the match. He then tagged himself back in after the Fixers had double-teamed Taven for a bit. Taven quickly regained control of the match by dropkicking Corino.

Taven and Bennett worked on Corino for a bit before Legursky made a blind tag. This allowed the Fixers to work Bennett for a period. When Bennett had been beaten up enough, Corino tagged back in. He got a two count after his Colby Crush senton. 

Bennett would later make a hot tag to Benjamin who delivered strikes and a suplex to Corino until the Fixers came in to rescue their teammate. They delivered a double power bomb to Benjamin before OKG came in and took them out. This left Benjamin and Corino alone in the ring together. Corino stomped on Benjamin’s foot before landing his Sunsetter finish for the win.

After defeating Doug Williams at Hard Times 2, that’s two big wins in a row for Corino. It definitely feels as though the NWA is getting behind him. 

Strictly Business promo

Thom Latimer said that while he lost the match to Nick Aldis at Hard Times 2, it was Aldis who was wincing in agony and pain after. He said he’s now in Aldis’ head. NWA Women's Champion Kamille complained about Melina’s tactics at Hard Times 2, specifically her biting her ear. Chris Adonis then talked about being the most active and greatest NWA National Champion of all time.

Jax Dane promo

Kyle Davis asked Dane about his loss to Mims on the pay-per-view. Dane complained about Anthony Mayweather distracting him at ringside. Dane then said he’s been granted a rematch against Mims, but he will have to put his Champions Series title shot on the line to do so.

Thom Latimer defeated Miguel Robles

Latimer went for the piledriver early when Miguel Robles countered into the same pinning combination Aldis used to beat him at Hard Times 2. This set Latimer off and he was really aggressive afterward. Latimer then hit a bunch of suplexes, other moves, and then his piledriver for the win.

Jennacide defeated Paola Blaze

These two were teammates in the fatal four-way tag team title match at Hard Times 2. Their manager Taryn Terrell was at ringside. Blaze evidently felt it wasn’t a good idea for Jennacide to cash in her Champions Series title shot at Hard Times 2. She wanted to wait for a different opportunity which is what led to this match. 

Blaze offered a handshake to start the match, but Jennacide clamped down hard on her hand and then delivered a couple of knees to her opponent’s midsection. She then pretty much dominated the rest of the way.

Terrell kept saying “we can use her” to Jennacide which I guess was in reference to Blaze. Jennacide hit a chokeslam and appeared to have the match won when Natalia Markova came out of nowhere and distracted the referee. Blaze then rolled up her opponent and got a two count. Jennacide then hit a big side slam for the victory. 

Jennacide is being built up strong. It seems likely she’ll be turning on Terrell pretty soon. 

The Hex, Homicide and La Rebellion promo

May Valentine was standing alongside Women's Tag Team Champions The Hex, Homicide, and Tag Team Champions La Rebellion. Homicide said he plans on winning the Junior Heavyweight title. La Rebellion said they feel great because they had one of the best matches of the night and retained. Allysin Kay then made several puns on The Hex name. She used the term “Hex-ellent” and said at Hard Times 2, they had to defend the titles against three other teams which was a little “Hex-essive”. Marti Belle said they were fighting champions. 

Tyrus, Austin Idol, Jordan Clearwater and BLK Jeez promo

TV Champion Tyrus talked a lot of trash about having defeated Cyon at Hard Times 2. Davis then told Tyrus that Cyon wanted a little bit of his time. The masked man came out and thanked Tyrus for allowing him to learn something about himself. 

Cyon then casually mentioned he is the son of a former NWA Champion, which drew a confused look from Idol. He said that his father never taught him lessons growing up and so instead, he sought them out by challenging guys like Tyrus. Cyon then asked for a rematch and Idol and Tyrus said they would get back to him. 

So, Cyon is the son of an NWA champion. The mystery deepens. Who is this masked man?

Nick Aldis, Mickie James and Doug Williams promo

Davis interviewed Mickie James and Aldis next. James thanked Kiera Hogan for her match at Hard Times 2 and everyone for being so supportive. 

Aldis then talked about wanting to conquer the tag team division in the NWA. He said he wants to reunite British Invasion to take on the great tag teams in the promotion. James unveiled a British Invasion jacket and Aldis brought out Doug Williams. Williams then accepted Aldis’ invitation to reform their former team. 

And with that, British Invasion will be entering the tag team division and perhaps, we’ll even see them compete in the Crockett Cup in 2022. This seems like a good way to keep Aldis in a prominent position and away from the NWA World title for a bit longer. 

Jax Dane defeated Mims

Anthony Mayweather was on commentary. Dane immediately turned his attention to Mayweather, showing he learned absolutely nothing from what happened on Saturday. This match then started off as pretty much the same match from the PPV. Dane got in all the offense, but kept being distracted with Mayweather. Mims started to make a comeback, but Dane raked the eyes and eventually hit his Pop the Trunk clothesline for the win. 

JTG & Dirty Dango interrupt Hawx Aerie

PJ and Luke Hawx were being interviewed in the back when JTG and Dirty Dango interrupted. JTG said they should be the ones facing British Invasion tonight. Luke said they should watch their match tonight and if they still want a piece after, they know where to find them. 

Trevor Murdoch promo

Murdoch complained that after every win, somebody always hits him from behind. He said if Matt Cardona wants a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, he should come to him directly. This brought out Aron Stevens for some reason. 

Stevens congratulated Murdoch on being a champion Harley Race would be proud of. He again reassured the crowd that he’s “never been better” and that his partner Kratos had helped him see the light. Stevens then just left. Evidently, that was all he wanted to say.

British Invasion (Nick Aldis & Doug Williams) defeated Hawx Aerie (PJ & Luke Hawx)

PJ and Williams started this match off with some technical grappling. Aldis and Luke then sped up the pace when they both entered. PJ tagged in shortly after, but British Invasion ended up isolating him for a period. 

PJ managed to suplex Williams and then tag out to his father. Luke came in and hit a series of moves on Aldis capped off by a spinning heel kick. Alids then tagged out to Williams and British Invasion hit a double neckbreaker on Luke for the near fall. They continued to work on Luke for a period until Aldis and PJ Hawx both ended up fighting on the outside. As that was happening, Williams hit Chaos Theory on Luke for the win.

An Update On Da Pope

Before the show ended, Joe Galli gave an update on Da Pope. He said Pope is recovering from a concussion and won’t be cleared for a few weeks. Galli then sent it to footage of Cardona throwing Pope into the steel steps at Hard Times 2. Although they didn’t actually show the moment when Pope hit the steel steps, they just showed a still shot followed by footage of the aftermath. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was a fun show. I expected a Cardona and Murdoch segment here, but instead we got Aron Stevens interrupting Murdoch’s promo instead. So, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting Cardona vs. Murdoch right away. Stevens appears to be going back to a type of character he portrayed pre-NWA as well.

The British Invasion reuniting should put emphasis on the tag team division as will JTG and Dirty Dango now working as a team. I think we’ll likely see some more new teams to form or debut.