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NWA Power results: Kylie Rae vs. Allysin Kay, Melina vs. Madi Wrenkowski


Cyon started this week's show by cutting a promo on Sal Rinauro, saying that he was going to show him what pro wrestling really is.

Matt Cardona and Mike Knox were then at the podium, insulting the NWA, saying that they were an amateur production for not playing his theme music on NWA Power, but Knox and he were the doctors that were going to fix it.

Trevor Murdoch came out defending the NWA, saying it’s 73 years of blood, sweat, and tears. He said that all you need is a ring and two people who want to fight, but Cardona and Knox wouldn’t take his spot. Cardona said that Murdoch needed to go through Knox to get to him, and asked Murdoch to put the title on the line. This was both a good promo from Murdoch and good heel work from Cardona.

Kylie Rae defeated Allysin Kay

This was a decent match with Kay looking stunned at the loss. Rae looked really good in her selling and offense. Kay is also quite good, so this was fun.

Velvet Sky asked if the title was on the line in this match and Joe Galli let her know that it was a singles match, so the Tag Team titles wouldn’t be on the line. She said, “You never know” which must be leftovers from her experience with Russo booking.

Kay locked on an armbar, leaving Rae struggling to get to the ropes. Before Rae could escape, Kay rolled it over into a pinfall for a two count. Rae rolled through after running the ropes, hanging onto Kay’s arm before kicking up over the downed Kay and hitting a superkick in a cool spot.

Kay blocked a crossface, hit a Samoan drop and then landed a kick for a two count. Rae countered an AK-47 attempt and rolled through into a sunset flip on Kay for the pinfall victory.

-- Kiera Hogan and Women's Champion Kamille were with May Valentine and Hogan claimed that she wanted the title. Kamille said that Hogan should be honored to face her that she was going to put Hogan's flame out.

-- Dango and JTG were with Kyle Davis and talked about wanting competition. Dango ate a candy cigarette. The Ill Begotten came out to challenge them when Dango accepted. Captain YUMA asked for a handshake. Dango pulled out baby oil and squirted the baby oil onto his hands for an uncomfortably long time while Yuma broke the fourth wall and turned to the camera. That was weird but I also laughed.

-- Homicide and Tag Team Champions La Rebelion were with May Valentine and Homicide said he didn’t care who were in front of them or what match it was. Bestia 666 said that Homicide had their back they’ll take on all comers. This was a good promo.

Madi Wrenkowski defeated Melina

Melina gave a lot to Wrenkowski in this one as this was designed to make her look strong in defeat. If the NWA wanted to, they could do something with this. The crowd got behind Wrenkowski.

She immediately took it to Melina, staying ahead with a submission and then a pinfall attempt which seemed to surprise Melina. Wrenkowski hit a knee and then drove Melina’s face to the mat for a two count. Melina countered with a neckbreaker and was so visibly upset at Wrenkowski's performance, she yanked Wrenkowski by the hair to take her to the mat before locking on a modified surfboard stretch.

Wrenkowski kicked out at one, which infuriated Melina more. Wrenkowski drove Melina’s face into the turnbuckles before they went into several pinfall attempts but Melina fired up and dared Wrenkowski to hit her. Melina countered after a few more attacks and was able to get the pinfall.

-- Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze and Jennacide were with May Valentine. Terrell claimed that she brokered peace between the both of them and then claimed she was going to create world peace and solve the climate crisis.

-- Tyrus and Idolmania Sports Management were with Kyle Davis. Tyrus claimed he was going to keep the TV title as long as he wanted and when he successfully defended it seven times, he was going to take the NWA World title from Trevor Murdoch, but he was going to do it on his time.

Tyrus also announced that Jordan Clearwater and Marche Rockett were going to take the tag titles. I actually enjoyed that promo. Austin Idol then cut an awesome promo to the camera while on commentary about how he was wearing camo because it was hunting season, and Idolmania was running all over the NWA.

The Ill Begotten (The Fixers & Rush Freeman) (w/ Captain Yuma & Alex Taylor) defeated DSB (Dango & TJG)

Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball (which is a name I love) surprised DSB (and Captain Yuma) as Yuma was sure he was competing in the match, but it seemed Freeman and Taylor went out and hired the Fixers. Bradley and Wrecking Ball got the heat on JTG in the early part of the match. After hitting a double brainbuster on Dango, Freeman paid the Fixers off and pinned Dango.

-- Rodney Mack and Anthony Mayweather were with Kyle Davis. Mack said that Jax Dane disrespected his wife Jazz and he was going to show Dane why he is the baddest man in the world.

Mayweather went on to talk about Dane when a lawyer served him with papers for a restraining order where Mayweather cannot be within a mile of Dane.

-- Galli announced a new match for the NWA called Team War with four trios teams in a fatal four-way with the winning team getting $30,000.

Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) defeated Idolmania Sports Management (Jordan Clearwater & Marche Rockett) (w/ BLK Jeez & Tyrus)

Clearwater claimed that Luke was not allowed to touch him, so he hit a forearm and drove Clearwater back into the corner. Clearwater tagged out in fear. PJ and Rockett exchanged some blows, sending Rockett back to the corner and Luke tagged back in. BLJ drove Luke into the apron behind the ref’s back and they moved into the heat.

BLK Jeez got on the apron so the ref missed the tag from Luke to his son, but it still wasn’t long before PJ tagged in and hit suplexes and strikes on everyone. Tyrus distracted PJ and the referee ejected BLK Jeez and Tyrus, but the damage was done and Marche Rockett dropped PJ. Rockett went for the Rockett Kick, but Luke moved, but Hawx Aerie hit a pop-up powerslam on Clearwater for the pinfall.

The show went off the air with Galli announcing that Trevor Murdoch would be defending the World title next week against Mike Knox.

Final Thoughts:

There was a lot to like on this episode of Power. I liked the growth of stables outside of Strictly Business with Idolmania Sports Management and attempting to highlight newer stars with Hawx Aerie and Madi Wrenkowski being showcased in particular. This was a good episode this week.