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NWA Power results: Jax Dane vs. Slice Boogie falls count anywhere


Nick Aldis opened the show with Joe Galli and he was not pleased that Billy Corgan made a battle royal for the no. 1 contendership for the NWA World title. Aldis mocked it, saying that it was 14 nobodies in the ring and that he had to find it out from Galli insulted him.

Galli switched focus to the main event and asked about Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer taking on Aron Stevens and Kratos for the Tag Team titles. Aldis said it was only a matter of time before they held the Tag Team titles, the TV title, and the Women’s title as well. Strictly Business wanted all the gold.

Aldis noted that Corgan announced that no current champions could be in the battle royal. Aldis said that presented a problem for his men if they won the tag titles so he pulled Adonis and Latimer from the match, meaning at least Latimer could be in the battle royal which gave an advantage to Strictly Business.

I wasn’t too sure about the end of this promo, which was great up until that point. It implied that Adonis was going to be in it, but he’s a current champion so he can’t. If it ends up that only Latimer is in the match, it makes sense and Aldis just misspoke.

Matt Cross defeated Mims

This was a really solid and quick opener with Mims using his power to overwhelm Cross and Cross using his speed and high flying to try overwhelm Mims. Cross is so great. He sold like crazy and made him look like a million bucks in this match. 

Cross went to the middle rope and Mims tripped him, sending him back first into the top turnbuckle. Mims hit a giant spinebuster, but Cross managed to kick out. Mims sent Cross to the ropes, but he rebounded and hit a cutter for the pinfall.

-- Tim Storm mentioned the previous match left him out of breath and Galli immediately said “Speaking of out of breath..." as Austin Idol came out with Tyrus (which applies to Idol never losing breath as he speaks and Tyrus being gassed just looking at the ring).

Idol called out The Pope, who said that Idol always hid behind someone like Tyrus so he was surprised that he wanted to talk. Idol said that he really liked what Pope had been doing lately, noting that he was clutching the TV title for all he is worth.

Idol noted that Pope was only four wins away from the Lucky Seven which allows him to challenge for the NWA World title. Idol said he wanted to congratulate Pope in advance and shake his hand. Pope isn’t a dumb babyface, however, and simply nodded and walked away instead.

-- Aron Stevens was with May Valentine and spoke about Latimer & Adonis being pulled from the match. He said he needed to focus on whatever challengers step up and he intends to hold onto the tag titles as long as he can. He wants to finish his career in the NWA and to make the most of every chance he has. He admitted that he initially hired Kratos because he was a mercenary that does his job well. He doesn’t always agree with his methods, but he is a great wrestler. While they aren’t always on the same page, they are an effective tag team.

Kratos defeated Sal Rinauro

Before the match, Rinauro called out Kratos and wanted to stand up to "the bully" -- no matter what it meant.

Well, poor Sal got murdered in this match. Kratos absolutely destroyed him in less than two minutes in a glorious squash match. After getting beat down, Rinauro managed to slip out of a deadlift suplex and dodge a corner charge. He went for a springboard forearm, but Kratos jumped into the air and hit a huge flying knee, absolutely killing him. Kratos then hit a wheelbarrow suplex for the win.

-- Thunder Rosa and Kamille had a summit and Rosa gave a history lesson on women’s wrestling going back to Mildred Burke. This was excellent. Rosa is a superstar and she really carried herself well here, talking about the significance of being the NWA Women's Champion.

Kamille said she did consider those things, especially when she sees Rosa on another program like AEW Dynamite. She said she has been with the NWA since day one, and that Rosa was only in it for herself and not the good of the NWA women’s division.

Rosa made it clear that she was a person who had to fight for everything she had and was not impressed with the disrespect that Kamille has been showing her. If they faced off again, she would come out on top again.

Kamille said that Rosa always had to brag about how great she is, but Kamille only needed to stand there and people could see it. She said that she wanted perform some charity for Rosa, offering her a match that had to be 20 minutes long. When she loses, she has to give up every booking she has outside of the NWA and she would be forced to see Kamille take the title from Serena Deeb.

Rosa agreed, saying that she would win and continue to help women’s wrestling on a worldwide basis.

Slice Boogie defeated Jax Dane in a falls count anywhere match

Dane and Boogie brawled all over the studio. They exchanged chops, but Dane no sold them and chopped the crap out of Boogie which even made the production guys in the crowd scream in pain. Dane suplexed Boogie on the floor which resulted in several bleeps.

Boogie hit a stun gun on Dane into the bottom rope and apron before setting him up on a chair. Boogie ran at Dane, but Dane popped up and hit a Vader-style tackle and continued to beat on Boogie.

Boogie slammed Dane into the steps face first and went for a dive off the steps, but Dane caught him and drove him into the ringpost. Boogie managed to slip out of an attack and then sent Dane flying face first into the ringpost.

Boogie hit a knee that sent Dane back to the floor, followed by a flying cross body over the top rope that got a two count. Boogie grabbed another chair and smashed it over Dane’s back. As Dane was laying on the floor, Crimson walked out with what looked like a white towel.

Boogie hit another chair shot and Dane rolled into the ring. Boogie wrapped the chair around his head, but Crimson distracted him. Dane threw the chair down and ran at Boogie, but Boogie moved and Dane crashed into Crimson, sending him flying to the floor. Dane went to check on him and threw in the towel for himself, concerned with helping his friend to the back.

The finish was quite bizarre as the NWA seemed to have turned Dane babyface and now are pitching his concern for his tag team partner as the reason why he quit the match. It just felt weird. The match was good though, but I’m not sure about this finish but I want to see where it goes.

-- Galli announced that Stevens and Kratos were at the curtain, ready to defend their titles but Strictly Business had already left the building, so the promised main event was cancelled just as Aldis said it would be.

Final Thoughts

This was a good episode of NWA Power in terms of the in-ring action. I was confused about the finish of the main event, but otherwise, everything made sense in terms of where they were going. They kept the stipulation of Trevor Murdoch being off TV for 30 days so far, though I expect him to win the 14-man battle royal in two weeks under a mask as the Midnight Rider.

The promo work from Aldis was, again, excellent. Idol and Rosa were also fantastic in their promos and while I am concerned with a 20-minute match between Rosa and Kamille, it is interesting with the stipulation that Rosa must give up all outside bookings if she loses. I see this ending with Rosa winning, but I’m definitely interested in it.