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NWA Power results: JTG vs. Fred Rosser vs. El Rudo


Trevor Murdoch joined Kyle Davis at the podium to open the show. He talked about how he went home and his wife pointed out that he had Nick Aldis beat at the When Our Shadows Falls pay-per-view. Aldis made it personal and Murdoch promised that he wasn’t done with him and he wouldn’t be done until he became the NWA World Champion. 

Austin Idol and Tyrus were with May Valentine and Idol was demanding a TV title match with The Pope because of how their match went at the PPV. Tyrus claimed the win was clean, but then Jordan Clearwater came in and asked for five minutes of their time, saying BLK Jeez sent him for a meeting in the conference room. Tyrus grabbed him by the throat and said he would meet him in the ring next week.

Melina defeated Jennacide and Kenzie Page in a three-way

This was a very quick match, but Melina didn’t look good. She was clearly behind the other two competitors.

Page and Melina tried to double team Jennacide, but it didn’t work out too well as Jennacide clotheslined both women. Jennacide was sent to the outside and Melina and Page then fought it out. Melina went for a headscissors from the corner, but Page countered and pulled Melina to the mat.

Jennacide made the save on the pin and hit a clothesline followed by a sharpshooter on Page. Melina put a sleeper on Jennacide, but got tossed. Page sent Jennacide into the corner post, but Melina rolled up Page to score the pinfall victory.

-- Women's champion Kamille was with Valentine and said she was angry at Melina ruining her coronation last week. She threatened her and gave her thoughts on Thom Latimer having to face Chris Adonis in the tournament for the National title. Also, she was looking elsewhere for her next opponent which is very interesting.

-- PJ Hawx, Sal Rinauro and Danny Deals were at the podium each talking about potentially becoming no. 1 contender to the TV title, but Colby Corino cut them him off. Rinauro said that he was a fan of Corino’s dad, but Corino called Rinauro a goof and said he deserved to be in contention. Rinauro pointed out that he didn’t make the match, but Corino saw Hawx and Rinauro in his way so it will be a triple threat for the TV title shot whenever the match happens.

Aron Stevens vs. PJ Hawx went to a no contest

The commentators put over Hawx for showing heart in defending his family against the verbal attacks of Corino earlier. Stevens stayed on top for a bit by using technical wrestling, but as soon as Hawx was able to get the better of him in a technical exchange, Stevens switched to power moves, which was a nice piece of storytelling.

The match was thrown out by the referee when Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf ran in and attacked both men. Luke Hawx attempted to make the safe, but La Rebelion laid him out with a power bomb into a backstabber (Mark of the Beast).

Bestia and Wolf then stormed the podium and said they didn’t come here to make friends and they are coming for everyone who holds gold in the NWA with Tag Team champions Stevens & JR Kratos as their next targets.

I really don’t like non-finishes like this. Why wait the five minutes before the DQ? The rest of the match seemed pointless because of the finish.

-- Slice Boogie & Marche Rockett interrupted a promo from the mysterious new masked man from last week, saying he found his mask in a garbage can and he didn’t belong in the NWA. The masked man looked on silently, not even moving his eyes to Boogie and Rockett.

-- Latimer, Adonis, and Parrow were at the podium and Parrow said that everything was changing in the NWA and he was going to win the National championship. Adonis and Latimer discussed Latimer laying down for Adonis as it keeps the title in the family. Parrow said he would make the other men respect him.

JTG defeated Fred Rosser and El Rudo in a NWA National Title tournament semifinal

JTG looked great here and overall, this was a really fun match even though I think I would have went with Rosser here.

Rudo tried to make an alliance with both men which failed. JTG and Rosser teamed up instead and started beating on Rudo. JTG did a phantom dropkick that missed Rosser. I am not sure if this was planned, but Rosser didn’t sell it which at least kept it from being a bad botch.

Rosser and JTG trash talked each other, but Rudo cut them off and did a ropewalk blockbuster which was awesome. Rosser hit a back body drop on Rudo and JTG sent him to the floor. Rosser hit a powerslam on JTG, but Rudo broke it up.

Rudo threw JTG into the apron and he and Rosser started an exchange. Rudo hit an STO, but JTG broke up the pin. JTG hit Rudo with a bulldog and Rosser broke it up. Rudo hit a snowplow on JTG for a near fall. JTG managed to hit Brooklyn’s Edge on Rudo to scored the pinfall to advance to the finals of the tournament.

JTG went to the podium and said he came to the NWA for one thing: gold. The show then went off the air with JTG leaving a final impression.

Final Thoughts:

This is two weeks in a row where NWA Power has been a much more well-rounded show. Nick Aldis didn’t even appear on this episode, showing that the new blood added at the PPV for these tapings are being trusted to carry the show forward.

The opening promo from Murdoch was a great one.

This show was far better than anything they did pre-PPV, but if the NWA continues going this way, they should return to the critical acclaim they had pre-pandemic in no time. I love seeing new names being put in top positions and we saw several of them this week.