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NWA Power results: Kamille vs. Jazmin Allure Women's title match

Thom Latimer and EC3 continued to have their issues this week.

Kyle Davis opened this week's NWA Power with Thom Latimer and EC3 in the ring in an empty arena. Latimer promised to beat up EC3 in an upcoming tag match. EC3 criticized the booker, saying that it is putting good guys and bad guys in a tag match to delay the payoff. I hated this so much. EC3’s promos and character sucks. He promised they would have their feud-ending match eventually. No buys.

Thom Latimer & Danny Flamingo defeated EC3 & Matt Lancie (w/ Hardy Body Harper)

This sucked, but it was only the fault of one man. EC3 is not good.

EC3 immediately tagged out to Lancie, who locked up with Latimer. Joe Galli informed us that Lancie won the Revolution Rumble, and that it would air on an upcoming episode of NWA USA which spoiled the result. Flamingo was over with the local audience when he tagged in and took it to Lancie.

EC3 ended up bleeding after colliding with Flamingo, so he decided to take out revenge by choking and beating on Flamingo in the corner. EC3 continued to use boring offense to keep control of Flamingo. EC3 did an STO with his arm behind the head of Flamingo instead of in front, and it looked as dumb as it sounds.

Flamingo hit a pump kick on Lacie and tagged out to Latimer, who hit a big spinning back suplex. Latimer demanded EC3 tag in, but he wouldn’t and EC3 hit an inverted STO which also looked bad. EC3 demanded Latimer finish him, and Latimer put Lacie in a crossface for the win.

EC3 then threw Hard Body Harper into the ring and Latimer put a crossface on him too.

- Danny Dealz did an ad for TV shirts with CJ, who he renamed Bubblegum. This was better than anything EC3 did on the show.

- Question Mark II opened a dojo backstage and taught strikes to four different trainees in Mongrovian karate. As he was teaching him, Question Mack and Marshe Rockett, wearing a mask, ran in and attacked while Aron Stevens yelled, “I never lie!” repeatedly. This was also not good. We’re three-for-three in bad segments so far. The ad for NWA merch with Danny Deals and CJ before this was the best thing on the show so far.

Wildkat Sports Revolution Champion Chuck Devine defeated Nate Bradley to retain

This was the best match thus far and that isn’t saying much as it was merely fine.

Bradley was smaller than Devine, but used his considerable speed to drive Devine all over the ring, hitting a running kick in the corner and suplex in the ring. Devine fought back and hit a fisherman’s buster on Bradley. Devine slowed it down, locking his legs in a figure four around the neck.

Bradley broke it by kicking backward over his own head, but Devine body slammed him and took the advantage again. Devine continued to get the heat for the next few minutes. Devine went to the top rope and Bradley jumped up from the mat, hitting a hurricanrana, a missile dropkick, and a standing shooting star press for a two count. Devine broke out of a full nelson and hit a DDT for the pinfall.

- We went to the back (~!) immediately after the match for an interview with Pope and JTG. Pope talked about his history with JTG back when he was getting started in WWE, and that they were going to be Gagz The Gimp on NWA USA.

NWA National Champion Cyon (w/ Austin Idol) defeated Thrillbilly Silas in a non-title match

This show was filled with nothing matches and this was another one. Beating Odinson at the PPV has had no bearing on either man’s story with Silas losing here and Odinson winning last week.

Silas threw Cyon outside the ring to start, but was soon being bitten by Cyon in the corner and beat on in the corner. Silas chopped Cyon hard, and hit a lariat and slam. It didn’t go much longer as Cyon pinned Silas after taking a Snake Eyes from him, but used a jackknife pin on Silas with his feet on the ropes to win.

- May Valentine interviewed Pretty Empowered and talked about how Kenzie Paige was going to be the special guest referee for one of Ella Envy’s upcoming matches.

- Danny Dealz did an ad with the newly renamed CJ (by him) as Bubblegum again. It was more entertaining than some of the matches again.

NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille defeated Jazmin Allure to retain

Kamille tried to give Allure a lot to help put her over in losing, but I’m not sure if this was the match to do that in. Either way, this was probably the best match on the card, but it was not very good.

This started slow until Allure hit a headscissors. Allure went for a second one off the middle rope, but Kamille stopped it and powerbombed her for a two count. Kamille hit two gutwrench suplexes for a two count. Kamille hit a Canadian backbreaker for a two count. Allure dodged a corner charge, but Kamille caught her on a crossbody and hit a powerslam for a two count.

Allure slipped out of an Oklahoma Stampede and hit a backstabber for a two count. Kamille responded with a pump kick and went for the Stampede again, but Allure floated over into a stunner. She went to the top rope but missed a double stomp and Kamille hit a spear to win and retain.

Like last week, this episode of Power felt largely pointless and missable. Nothing on it stood out, and nothing was very good. It's a bad show when the best thing is a merch ad with Dealz renaming CJ to Bubblegum.