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NWA Power results: La Rebelion & Homicide vs. Jax Dane & The End

A six-man tag match headlined this week's NWA Power.

We opened up this week's show with May Valentine interviewing Mims who said that Mike Knox and Matt Cardona disrespected everyone in the NWA. He also said that while he lost to Knox last time, the result could be different the next time they face each other. Mims also said that others in the company are going to step up against Cardona and Knox as well and defend the NWA.

Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky were on commentary. 

The Rude Dudes (El Rudo & Jamie Stanley) promo

Kyle Davis interviewed El Rudo and Jamie Stanley before tonight's Junior Heavyweight title play-in match. Rudo said they are the future of tag team wrestling but tonight, Stanley will prove how good he is in singles competition. Stanley said that after he wins the NWA Junior Heavyweight title, he and Rudo will go back to "bashing nerds" and looking good doing it. 

Jamie Stanley defeated Miguel Robles, Jeremiah Plunkett and Alex Taylor in a fatal four-way NWA Junior Heavyweight title tournament play-in match

Stanley opened things up by walking toward each of his opponents and posing in front of them. Plunkett finally just hit him in the face and the action got started. Galli announced on commentary that the winner of this match will take on a "top tier" opponent next on NWA USA. Their opponent will be announced Saturday on the new NWA USA show on YouTube.

Stanley took every opportunity he could during the match to pose. After each competitor had been on offense for a period, Plunkett and Robles ended up in the ring together. Plunkett countered a diving attempt from Robles into a spinebuster, but was then tossed out of the ring by Stanley. "That Dude" Stanley then arrogantly pinned Robles with just one foot on his chest. Galli reiterated that Stanley will face a top tier opponent Saturday on NWA USA, but would not say who.

Aron Stevens and JR Kratos promo

Kyle Davis pointed out that ever since Stevens' personality change, he and Kratos have been getting along much better. Stevens was then interrupted by Dirty Dango and JTG, aka the Dirty Sexy Boys. JTG said the wrestling world wants to know why he and Dango are now a team. Those reasons are championships and fair competition, not like last time when Stevens and Kratos cheated to beat them. Stevens referred to them as the "Unclean Sexual Young Men," but Dango corrected him. Stevens and Kratos then left. 

To end the segment, Fandango said "Let's get weird" and JTG pulled out a banana and ate it. Davis asked what that meant, but Fandango just shushed him. This was bizarre but also oddly enjoyable.

-- A video package on Hawx Aerie aired as it was announced the two will face each other in the NWA Junior Heavyweight title tournament.

-- Austin Idol replaced Tim Storm on commentary. 

Jordan Clearwater and Marshe Rockett defeated Cyon in a 2-on-1 handicap match

Idol's surprise for Cyon was that he would have to take on two of his wrestlers in a handicap match to keep his hopes of a rematch with Tyrus alive. Cyon took to it to both guys to start the match, but the numbers advantage eventually led to Idol's team going on offense for an extended period. At one point, Rockett and Clearwater had Cyon in a double chinlock they call "The Bro Lock." 

Cyon managed to suplex Rockett to take him out of the match for a bit. The masked man then hit a series of bodyslams on Clearwater. He took out Rockett on the apron again and then hit a power bomb on Clearwater for a two count. As Clearwater kicked out, Cyon transitioned to a single-leg crab. Rockett came back in and broke up the submission, however. Cyon hit a death valley driver on Clearwater, but Rockett hit him with the Rocket Kick to get the pin. Idol then screamed "Bang! Zoom! Off to the moon! Idolmania Sports Management rules the world!" which was just a terrific thing to hear. 

Tyrus was interviewed after the match as the other members of Idolmania Sports Management celebrated in the ring. He said that if Cyon had won, he would have given him a title shot but he didn't so he won't.

After we came back from break, May Valentine was with Tyrus and Idol. Tyrus continued to say that Cyon agreed to an opportunity to prove he should face Tyrus again but he lost, and now he's at the back of the line for his title. Idol says this should be a learning experience for Cyon.

Kyle Davis interviews Kamille & Missa Kate

Kamille said she doesn't share the spotlight with anyone aside from Thom Latimer and isn't a tag team wrestler. She said that "Conspiracy" Corgan told her she had to wrestle and that's the only reason why she's teaming with Missa Kate later. Kate talked about being new to the promotion, but was looking forward to showing Kylie Rae who the real Chicagoan is. 

Tim Storm rejoined the commentary table. 

Kylie Rae & Tootie Lynn defeated Missa Kate & Kamille

Kate and Kylie started things off with a back-and-forth grappling display as Kamille looked unimpressed in the corner. When Kate went for the tag, Kamille didn't make much effort to reach out. Kamille did eventually tag in, but seemed entirely uninterested in facing Rae. She had an attitude that the whole thing was beneath her for the entirety of the match. 

As the match continued, Kylie managed to lock in a crossface on Kamille but the champion powered out of it. Both competitors tagged out and shortly after, Lynn locked Kate in an armbar before Kamille broke that up. Kylie then hit Kamille with a superkick that took her out of the ring. She then locked in a crossface on Kate to get the submission. 

Kamille and Kate argued after the match as Rae and Tootie celebrated. It seemed as though Rae was being booked to look like challenger to Kamille's title, but the commentary team also played up what a good team she and Tootie make. 

Mayweather, Nick Aldis, and Mickie James promo 

Nick Aldis said NWA USA will be a place for young talent to show up and make a name for themselves. He said he'll be an ambassador for the show and will be looking for new talent. 

Mickie James then spoke about teaming with Kiera Hogan recently. Although they showed dissension the last time they were in the ring together, James praised Hogan and said she's a star. James also took a shot at Kamille and said the champion should be worried about who is coming for her title. 

May Valentine asked Mayweather if there is an alliance between he, Aldis and James. Mayweather said that he's friends with the Aldis family but that's it. He also said that he'll be appearing on NWA USA as well.  

Colby Corino & The Fixers (Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky) & OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) promo segment

Corino was sitting atop the shoulders of the Fixers for this interview. Taven praised Corino's father and talked about knowing Colby since he was a boy but can't understand why he's aligned with some "melvins" like the Fixers. As he often does, Taven then made sure everyone knows that his name is Matt Taven. Taven and Corino then agreed that Taven would take on Legursky in an impromptu singles match.

Matt Taven defeated Wrecking Ball Legursky

After Taven started off hot, Legursky turned the tables and ended up on offense after a big headbutt. The big man then went on an extended period of offense and landed a bunch of power moves including an elbow drop and lariat. Taven then started to fight back and after Legursky missed a splash, Taven hit a running knee to the face for a near fall. Legursky then countered a sleeper hold into a side slam for a near fall. Shortly after, Taven hit a springboard moonsault for another near fall. Taven missed a frog splash and Legursky landed a powerslam for yet another near fall. Finally, Taven hit a sunset flip power bomb in the corner that got the pin. The series of near falls was pretty fun. 

Jennacide promo

Jennacide spoke about the dissension between she and Paola Blaze. She said that Paola is Taryn Terrell's problem now because she's done with her. 

Matt Cardona & Mike Knox promo

Kyle Davis spoke with Matt Cardona and Mike Knox. Cardona said he's always ready to compete in an NWA ring but that's not why he's here. Cardona said he's there to save the NWA. He said he found the NWA old, dated and boring 30 years ago and he still does now. Cardona said it's time for the NWA to change. He wants pyro for he and Knox, entrance music for everyone, and a big screen on the entrance ramp. 

Cardona then said that Trevor Murdoch bullied him when he was a rookie and Murdoch was already established. He ran down how many social media followers Murdoch has and continued to run down both Murdoch and the NWA before saying the fans should thank him. This was good as Cardona came off as a big time heel here. 

Natalia Markova defeated Paola Blaze (w/ Taryn Terrell)

Markova looked dominant over Blaze throughout basically the entire match. Blaze hadn't got in really any offense at all until she scored a series of near falls off pinning combinations. Markova then delivered a series of forearms and a facebuster to go back on offense. She then hit Beautiful Disaster in the corner to pick up the win. They must be building up Markova to really be something in the women's division. 

NWA National Champion Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer promo

May Valentine brought up that the National title will be the featured belt on NWA USA. Adonis and Latimer said the entire show should be about them. 

NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelión (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450) & Homicide defeated Jax Dane & The End (Parrow & Odinson)

Before the match officially began, Dane and the End hit a triple super collider power bomb on their opponents. Parrow then hit a big splash on Homicide in the corner. Finally, the bell rang to start the match with Homicide already in trouble. Dane and the End then tagged in and out, working over Homicide for quite a while as La Rebelion kept trying to get involved but were stopped by the referee.

Finally, Homicide made the hot tag to Mecha Wolf and La Rebelion took over. They hit a series of double team moves on Odinson and chopped down Parrow with a pair of double knees before tagging Homicide back in. All three then hit a triple superkick on Odinson. 

Dane then came in and picked up both members of La Rebelion into a Samoan drop. Homicide came back in and tossed Dane shoulder-first into the post. Parrow tagged in which left him and Homicide alone in the ring together. After not being able to get Parrow up for the Cop Killer, he landed a cutter to get the pin. 

Final thoughts:

This was fun. Matt Cardona's promo was really good and sets the stage for him to be the top heel in the promotion now that Aldis has gone babyface. Kamille's storyline is also interesting. They might be building to a match with Kylie Rae but ultimately, the big match is between Kamille and Mickie James. Dango and JTG also seem like they could be a very entertaining team in the promotion.