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NWA Power results: La Rebelion vs. Commonwealth Connection Tag Team title match

Matt Cardona also appeared to talk about his immediate NWA future.

Matt Cardona joined Kyle Davis in the ring as the announcers discussed how difficult it was for Cardona to vacate the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship. Davis asked Cardona for an update on his recovery, but Cardona didn’t answer and took the mic and introduced Davis as his guest.

Cardona asked who beat him at NWA Alwayz Ready, so he is the real World's champion. Davis asked if Cardona’s championship reign was forgettable because Trevor Murdoch, the man he beat, had the championship again. Cardona told him to keep the belt warm for him as he was coming to get it as soon as he was healthy.

Cardona then put over Chelsea Green, VSK, and Mike Knox, saying that they were going to take care of everyone while he was gone. Cardona said he was trusting William Corgan at his word and implied that Corgan told him he would have an immediate match for the title when he recovers. This was a good promo from Cardona to open the show.

Max the Impaler & Chelsea Green defeated Jennacide & Missa Kate

I am not sure about Max the Impaler. Everything Max did during the match looked stiff or a bit reckless. I will have to see more to decide, but I am concerned with how Max worked in this match. That said, the story of Green playing the overconfident heel while trying to control the monster was a good one.

Green immediately tagged in, which made Max angry. Green started the match with Kate, who nailed Green with a pump kick for a two count. Jennacide tagged in and hit a combo wheelbarrow splash with Kate before hitting a squatting powerslam on Green. Jennacide and Kate kept Green isolated until Green was able to rake Kate's eyes before sending her into the grip of Max who hit a headbutt.

Max tagged in and threw Green into Kate with a cannonball before hitting a curb stomp that looked a little dangerous. It was quite stiff, but Kate seemed okay and hit an enziguri on Max that caused Green to tag in. Jennacide nailed Green with a pump kick and then hit a stunner for a two count. Max broke it up and dragged Green back into the corner before tagging in.

Max and Jennacide exchanged strikes, driving Jennacide back to the corner so Kate tagged in. Max hit a few moves on Kate that looked a bit sloppy before hitting Welcome to the Wasteland for the three count.

- Rodney Mack was with May Valentine and talked about what it was like to go through rough times. He has a friend who motivated him lately, but wasn’t ready to reveal who it was yet.

PJ Hawx defeated Gustavo Aguilar & Sal the Pal in a three-way

I'm glad to see Hawx starting to get a push as the young man has a lot of potential, and it makes sense to start to move him up the card.

Sal the Pal was confused that James Mitchell was not outside the ring with him, but Mitchell had vowed to not accompany him due to his failures in the ring. Hawx used his wrestling experience to take down both men, including slamming and suplexing them all over the place. Aguilar nailed Sal with a kick before going for a monkey flip on Hawx, but Hawx put him on the top rope.

Aguilar hit a flying crossbody on both men, but Sal was able to get up quickly before hitting Bryan Danielson-like stomps on Aguilar. All three men then exchanged near falls before Aguilar hit a standing Sliced Bread on Hawx, but Sal broke it up. Sal hit a running flatliner on Aguilar, but sat rocking in the ring, leaving room for Hawx to back suplex him and lock on the Hawx Clutch for the win.

- La Rebelion were with May Valentine talking about their Tag Team title rematch in a lucha rules match. They said that the Commonwealth Connection were only keeping the belts warm for them.

Rodney Mack (w/ Aron Stevens) defeated Anthony Andrews

On the Alwayz Ready pre-show, Andrews had 2-0 on his tights and now had 3-0 despite losing on that show. Since he wasn’t pinned in the tag match, he claimed he was not defeated, so he added it as a win which is quite funny.

Mack’s motivator turned out to be Aron Stevens by the look of it, which is interesting as the announcers informed us that he did have a manager’s license. Mack used power to dominate Andrews, hitting a shoulderblock and a spinebuster, causing Andrews to crash to the mat. Andrews only had brief control before Mack was able to win with the Million Dollar Dream.

Post match, Stevens eyed Andrews with evil intent before walking off with Mack.

The Commonwealth Connection (Harry Smith & Doug Williams) defeated La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship in a lucha rules match

This was probably a few minutes too short, but it wasn’t bad for what it was.

La Rebelion hit suicide dives to the floor before the match started, taking out Smith before hitting a double team dropkick to Williams. Williams was able to get the advantage back with a gutwrench suplex once the referee got control of the match and had the non-legal men on the apron.

Smith hit a headbutt to the torso of Bestia before slamming him. Every time Bestia tried to get up, Williams would transition to a submission to keep him from getting back into the match. Mecha Wolf and Bestia were able to hit a double team hurricanrana when Mecha Wolf threw Bestia into it on Smith. 

They hit a double superkick on Williams before Mecha Wolf went low with Williams, but Smith was able to grab Bestia and hit a running powerslam for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts:

There weren't too many things to talk about coming out of this episode of NWA Power outside of Cardona’s promo. The rest of the show was perfectly fine, but relatively missable. Hawx getting the win in his match was also a nice change of pace.